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Thinking of taking the plunge into Latin America? Do you have questions? Curious about the viability of different businesses? Looking for an expert but also a guy like you to advise where you should go, and how to get set up?

Schedule a one-on-one Skype call with me on For just $1 per minute, get personalized answers to all your private questions. I’ll follow up with a lengthy email covering everything we went over as well as ideas that occurred to me after our consultation.

In addition to having gotten established in a few different cities, leverage my experience with import/export, food and dietary supplements, selling on Amazon, blogging, writing, publishing, Peru, Lima, Colombia or Bogota.

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Peruvian Naturals

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Peruvian Naturals is my line of herbal supplements and natural foods. Keeping this alive, my main business, ensures I’m independent and uninhibited to blog in a politically-incorrect fashion.

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