‘Is My Colombian Webcam Girl a Prostitute?’

A reader by the name of “Lowrider” left a comment about his Colombian internet girlfriend after reading the obnoxiously popular article, All Colombian Women Cheat. In a nutshell, he wants to know if his webcammer is simply doing whatever she can to overcome her circumstances, or if she is just using him.

Lowrider’s lightly edited comment:

I wish found this website two months ago, before going through all the emotional stress and feeling humiliated. I come from a country where honesty is very important, where words are kept and people normally tell the truth, sometimes bluntly. My country is one of the least corrupt in the world, and hearing about a culture where lying is a national sport scares the heck out of me.

I am dating a Colombiana via email. I met her on a webcam site, and we came to chat there for two hours. She didn’t want to go on, she felt dirty, used, a piece of flesh, and her mother threatened to throw her out of the house. She didn’t ask for my email address, but I gave it to her because I wanted to hear more about her story. Never thought she would write, but she did.

We have exchanged 25 emails by now, almost every night. She writes long mails, three or four pages, using a Spanish-English translator. She is interested about my country and has read a lot about it. That impressed me.

As she doesn’t know English I offered her to pay for English classes, which is about $100  per month. She didn’t ask for the money. I said I could pay.

She works as a dental assistant in Pereira, and she goes to college to study psychology. She needs her job to pay for school. It was not enough, so she started webcamming to get quick money. Many girls do that, she says, and it seems to be true according to the bios on the webcam site.

She asked me to send her a computer so that she doesn’t have to go to an internet cafe. It was way too much money. I haven’t sent one and will not.

When wiring her the support for the first month the Colombian bank required the recipient’s full name, address and birth dates. She was hesitant giving it to me as she said I could spread pictures from her webcam life, and if it went public she would get fired and never find another job. But she finally gave me the info and I sent the money. She said the bank were thieves and deducted fees, so she cancelled the account right after. She wants to use Western Union in the future.

Her father was diagnosed with cancer and then he got a heart attack. She showed selfies from the intensive care station with a male person in the bed behind, hooked up to all sorts of equipment. It could definitely be her father.

I fall in love easily, but it needs to be supported by honesty. This story feels too good to be true. We talked about her moving here after finishing her studies. She said she probably will not be able to due to language, cultural and climate barriers. To see each other outside Colombia is too expensive.

I cannot limit her life and prohibit her from seeing men in Colombia. But she says, Why does she need a Colombian man? She wants to get educated, get out of the misery, and live a normal life. Any man right now would just be a hindrance, get her pregnant and leave her.

Her parents are fighting, so she has decided to move away from home to a small room. The extra costs don’t allow her to go to English classes. And now she cannot pay her college bill this month. She says it’s the last time she will ask me for money, but she needs $180 or she will be kicked out of school. I got angry before because she talks about money. Am I just a bank to her?

The problem is that I am brought up to be honest, caring, helping and understanding. I feel perfectly alright helping a poor girl in a poor country to get out of her misery. I hate being used, though.

After reading these comments, I feel I am being used. She would have to be a very good faker though, I don’t know how she manages to get together a story supported by pictures which doesn’t fall apart. Did she use a friend’s account at the bank? And did she sneak into a hospital and take a picture of some other dude?

Just cut it off, you’ll say, but I cannot cut off anything until I find out it is a lie, and I haven’t.

What can I do?

My reply via email:

I read all the way through … fun read but I’m sorry man, you gotta face reality.

Your internet girlfriend is a prostitute. She doesn’t just finger herself online, she also has sex with paying clients at a brothel or three in her hometown. She may study at a university, maybe not. I doubt it. I bet she’s a full-time prostitute and webcammer.

She’s from Pereira, which is the setting of “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso.” Have you seen it?

Lowrider’s response:

Thanks, but I must honestly say that I cannot tell from what she wrote me so far that she is a prostitute. I read everything she wrote me so far, all 25-28 mails, and her story has no weak points, no obvious ones. What she told me in the beginning she has kept telling me all the way, the dates are correct (some deadlines for paying the college for instance).

If you are right, and you probably are, I cannot believe how someone can be so low. I questioned her several times with my uncertainties. She says many Colombian men want to go out with her and just have sex, and she wants to work herself out of her current miserable situation by getting a good education. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, she says that many Colombian girls are working as prostitutes, but she hates the reputation her country has gotten because of it. And if you are right, she is such a person herself? I would not ever be able to lie like that, I would not be capable.

So you mean she is just squeezing money out of me? That’s her only goal? You mean she tries it as long as possible, and then she will not write to me anymore? I have no idea how much a prostitute gets, but she has not received much from me so far, why is it worth all the long mails every night for two months? I would find it to be a lot of effort for very little.

I do not really have a problem closing down the connection as such, I just need to get angry enough, but in order to get angry enough I need proof of a lie first. I was brought up to be honest and believe people are telling the truth until the opposite is proven. I would not have suspected dishonest about her story, her family and her plans.

There’s just one thing that could confirm your suspicion: she was quite advanced on that webcam site. She was not a shy little girl “just fingering herself,” she did much more advanced things. And I wonder, why would you feel comfortable doing it, and how did you learn all of it during just a couple of months on a webcam site?

In two weeks I am going on vacation. I don’t want this story to be hanging over me.

My reply

In 2011 working girls in Bogota charged from $25 to $100 depending on the neighborhood of the establishment. That was before the collapse of the peso and the influx of Venezuelans, so current prices are certainly lower now, and even lower still for a shithole like Pereira.

Your girl was a good webcammer because she is a prostitute. There may be a webcammer or two who is not a prostitute, but I think they’re one in the same.

Why go through all the work? Because her ultimate dream is for you to marry her and bring her to your country, or to bring your money to her country where you will promptly be supporting her family and picking up the tab for big lunches and dinners with extended family.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do … I’ll turn your story into a blog post and we’ll see what the readers say. Many many many gringos in Colombia — maybe even one in Pereira but I don’t know — will know what to tell you better than I do.



  1. Well first will say drop the hammer on this bitch….If you want a decent Latina go LIVE in the country…deception is a science in Colombia and your a Gringo so dont think anyone there will have pity on you (court systems,police etc.). Your chic is banging a guy every day at least and has a guy that stuffs all three holes and unloads on the holidays after taking her out and dancing w her all night…this is not just a problem in the lower stratas is all across the board. Do your self a favor either dont get emotionally involed or walk away when you finish reading this


  2. I was in the same boat. I met a beautiful girl in Peru who is now my wife and didn’t know what to do. I had a lot of doubts and I read the article here about bricheras and factored that into my thinking (THANKS COLIN… ). We talked for months on Skype until I felt more comfortable. We went to Mexico and I visited Peru and met her family. DO NOT make a move unless you do it in a way you feel comfortable. You definitely don’t want to get used but what is this relationship worth to you? Is it worth a certain amount for you to find the love of your life? Make the investment in time and money if you think she is the right person for you. You’ll never know unless you try…


  3. If you were my friend I would tell you that she is using you. At a certain level, we have all been there in your situation. In thailand the classic case is the “sick buffalo” which the whole family depends on for its’ livelihood. But dude you have to have some self-respect. I have been living in the Medellin for 4 years now, and I have seen and heard it all, but there is an expression which the respectable people believe in, “mejor estar solo que mala acompanado,” which translates roughly as “better to be alone than to be with a bad partner.”


  4. I have had a relationship with one Latino in Medellin. He never asked me for money. I offered to pay for a new bicycle when he was trying to doctor up a used piece of junk. He refused. I wanted to buy him a Christmas present or a birthday present. He would have none of it. Just before he was going to come visit me in the United States… I called American Express and they delivered him a platinum card in his name to Medellin. I put a $2,000 limit on the card. He never used the card. I just wanted to be certain that when he was traveling he could handle any emergencies. We eventually broke up over other disagreements. But he never try to take a dime from me. This is not the general rule. I have found that far too many Colombians will try to give you one sob story or another. These people have little else sometimes. What can you expect. Beware. I think the girl you are talking about we’ll find another reason to ask for more money.


    1. This type of girl in Colombia doesn’t understand the word truth. I don’t know if poverty breeds sociopath ic behavior or what. But save yourself from more suffering because a Colombiana will lie on her death bed . Colombia for the most part is a tourist scam as well there are filthy poor and dangerous cities . Maybe some scenic countryside but there is as much danger there. The webcam models in Colombia are hustlers of the highest level . Don’t let the cute smile in braces fool you she will lie through those tisel teeth to the end.


  5. Hahahahah I consider myself an expert on the subject because my second wife was a webcammer. And a ho. The difference was we were swingers the whole time.

    Do all.webcam girls ho? No, not by a long shot. But this one does beyond a shadow of a doubt. Feign poverty and watch what happens.


  6. Guys, thanks a lot.
    It’s a magnificent cultural clash here. I come from a part of Europe where honesty is put high. I was prepared for all sorts of fake stories – like “you don’t love me if you don’t send me this and that”, “in Colombia a guy has to treat a woman good to get her full affection”, etc.

    I was all the time aware of that she could be cheating. I asked her right out several times. She was not angry but sad about these questions. She said that if she put herself into my situation she understood my worries. She would even understand if I did not want to write to her again.

    She even mentioned how impossible it would be for her to come to my country, due to language, culture, climate and to be away from her family. She could instead have put more pressure on me to get her over here. She also said she could not promise me to stay single for 3-4 years until her college education was finished. Therefore I dropped this case a week ago, was quite frank that this will never happen.

    You see, all of these discussions made her trustworthy, it was not the desperate outcry for money from a prostitute. Still don’t understand how she put so much efforts in me, maybe she sent me 50-60 full pages of mails since early May. Why bother so much? When she would get much more by banging one or two more local dudes?

    How hard it is for me to accept that I was tricked out. How hard to accept that there are people out there with not one molecule of respect for other people’s feeling. I feel terrible today. I must be very careful now so that I will not start to hate the whole female race,

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    1. Hey, you’ve got to realize there’s no black and white. You talk as if she would be a different species if she turned out to be a prostitute. Maybe she is (or maybe just occasionally), but is there really such a difference between selling virtual sex on webcam or selling the real thing? And what’s the difference between a prostitute and a woman who has sex with lots of men because she likes it? You might be safer with the prostitute because at least she probably uses condoms. You can be sure her emails are genuine, why would a prostitute go to so much effort when she can make much easier money by opening her legs? She is undoubtedly flattered by your attention, but is she ready to put all her eggs in your basket if you are reluctant to commit? I’m sorry to say you are very naieve. All human interaction is based on limited, conditional trust. The only people you can really trust are your two parents and even then, not always! Be more pragmatic, the world is far from perfect and so is she. Are you?


  7. Lowrider, your gf is a whore. If she charges 100 dollars to write long love letters every week how much do you think she charges for ten minutes of anal? She has snorted coke of a guy’s cock at narco-orgies but do you think she smokes basuco with the neros from her neighborhood during their orgies? I bet she has done narco-orgy porn and smoked a bit of basuco off camera.


  8. Big Ben, I offered her 100 dollars a month to learn English. Now she dropped that because she said she will move to her own room and leave her parent’s house.

    I am not saying you are wrong, just that this girl couldn’t know when she started to write to me that I would give any money at all. Half the the time we had contact she did not get any money, but still wrote long mails.

    Now I cancelled the money she needed for her college bill end of July, I was her only resource she said, it was the last time she would ask for money, she said.

    In my opinion, but this business seem less and less logical, she should not reply now. I will not pay anything and she should therefore not continue writing me long love letters. Let’s see if that is the case.

    I have seen many pictures of her, I doubt she is on drugs, those girls look different, at least if they used drugs for a longer period of time. But what do I know.


  9. It actually depends on your perspective. I actually like the whores of Colombia. They can be some of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. They are usually incredible fun to be with. Yes, they can be flaky, they might even steal from you (just be very careful). I actually know some that I trust explicitly.

    I have already done the wife and kids thing so I am not looking for a “soul mate” any more. So, being with Colombian whores is my first choice. Maybe someday I will meet a nice girl, but for now I prefer my Colombian ho’s.


    1. Fist of all this lie about Colombian women being so beautiful is B.S. like anywhere else some are beautiful some are naf. But when you calculate in the percentage of hustlers you are far better off with a girl from your native land. I have seen hustler mentally inbred to women like in Colombia. Poverty runs deep all the love and money in the world doesn’t change this type woman.


  10. This is even funnier than the bloke in the Peru Expats group who married a girl he met on pizza st! You’re being played for a fool, Captain Save a Ho, it’s just that your naivety and unwillingness to admit you made a mistake is blinding you to the truth.

    Here’s the thing, women in the sex industry don’t make the bulk of their money from one off clients, they make it from regulars, and they cultivate them by making a human connection with the client, leading him to believe that there’s something special there, that he’s different from all the other Johns, etc., etc. Done skillfully, it’s the kind of long con that can result in the girl making thousands of dollars, or if she’s really lucky, marriage and a ticket to the US or Europe.

    Look at all the emails again, and read them with a critical eye. Are you sure they were written for you and you alone? They couldn’t be slightly modified here and there, so they’d work equally well on another poor sucker in your or another developed country? I hate to tell you this (not really) but the themes of being a nice girl down on her luck, working her way through school, having a sick family member, are tired old classics. A bit shopworn (like her ass), but effective when it comes to pulling punters in.


  11. Judith, thanks. Great that you have fun reading. I need the other side of the picture. And I get it here from you guys. First I read the mail from my girl, next I go here and get a full dosis of disappointment. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

    Absolutely, why should I belong to the 0,5% of mankind that saves a whore out of her situation? But keeping to facts: that she really is a whore is so far just speculations coming from this site. It is very likely that it is true, but it’s not verified.

    Judith, I checked randomly some of the older mails. A few of them could be taken as duplicates sent to many recipients. But she has to scroll them and change my name all over the place, as she uses it in many phrases. Why that effort? The majority of the mails concerns our discussions to meet somewhere, discussions how likely it is that she will move to my country one day, discussions about my country’s cultural and political situation. Those cannot be duplicates. That is impossible.

    I stopped sending money to her. I offered to cut our contact. She says the contact has nothing to do with money, but with heart, so she will go on.

    I asked her to prove that she is the owner of the bank account to which I sent money. I wanted to have a copy of a photo id-card. She was a bit upset that I never seem to believe her. Today I received an attached photo of her Colombian personal identity card, of her university registration card, of her bank card. The name of the recipient when I sent her money is correct and the picture of these id-cards is correct. These are no fakes. I have already the address to her house, I have the address to her work. She even offered me the pincode to her bank account so that I could myself print a transaction report and see that her salary comes there and my one-time support money. I refused that. Receiving that code would actually mean I could remove money from her bank account to myself. That’s a bit too much..

    Chances are limited that I will marry her and she comes to my country. She is not a superbeauty and longterm planning of this kind can never be guaranteed. And she decided for herself that it will not happen, the first chance is in 3-4 years.

    If I find one single lie in her mails I will confront her and break the contact. I have not found any lie yet. I need that to break. I cannot bring up speculations which I read about here. I need facts to break.

    How much patience can someone have? She gets nothing out of me. For what use does she keep the contact? I don’t get any erotic pictures, we don’t use Skype. It’s pure text, it never is about sex. That’s so inefficient. Use that time she spends on me and go fuck a dude, collect the money and have fun. Much easer, much faster, much more efficient.

    To me it is a friendly mail conversation with some overtones of love and affection. A mail conversation I have with many different persons I met during my life.

    You must all agree that for the time being I am safe. No money. No invitations. No marriage plans. No plans to meet. Instead I have her verified identity.


  12. Even though chances are great that you are beeing played this shouldn’t be your main concern. Getting emocionally involved with a person that you can’t see for at least 3-4 years is bringing you way to much pain much greater than the not so likely pay off. I assume you are young, finish your education or whatever you are doing and haul your ass to LatAm. Get to know Colombia or any other country for that matter in real life and not through e-mail. Learn spanish, fall inlove or just have a blast you won’t regrett it.

    Don’t feel bad for the money youve sent she probably had way more marginal benefit of those dollars than you did prosti o no. See it as a lesson and just move on.


  13. My message to Lowrider: You haven’t met her in person, therefore, your whole message is absurd. You don’t have a girlfriend. You don’t have a relationship. What you have is a dream. That’s all you have until if and when you have her in your arms. Get real. You can’t expect anything from a woman you haven’t met in person. Please don’t send her any money. You will only increase the cost of real women for the real men who meet them. Go back to masturbating over porn until you get enough money to travel to Colombia. If this story is true you are a sad case. Get some game.


  14. Lowrider, I’m going to retire next year and I’m planning to visit Pereira. If I see your girl I’ll say Hi for you.


  15. Luis just hit it on the head. You’re barking up the wrong tree her. Trying to low key catch her in some lie or another is a stupid game. Eventually of course you will always find SOMETHING.

    I have no idea what country you are from, but honestly when it comes to relationships, those standards of honesty and loyalty are largely bullshit and will never be fulfilled no matter where you are.

    This chick is offering you a beautiful fantasy. Accept it for just what it is. Somebody in the neighborhood you grew up in would also be offering you a fantasy, just with a different flavor.

    The smartest thing to do in situations like these is to be a mirror; string the chick along with empty promises, make up stories about why you are actually almost as rich as Carlos Fucking Slim but your money is tied up right now. Beat the bitch at her own game. Not to offend, but I suspect that you lack the emotional intelligence and intestinal fortitude to play at that level.


  16. If you feel serious about her, and if you want to work out if she’s genuine or not… couldn’t you just go out and visit her? I’ve just returned from visiting my ex boyfriend in Colombia – we went to Pereira, which is a lovely town! The area is beautiful. Take her to nearby Salento where you can go horse riding to a nearby waterfall. The flight isn’t cheap but once you’re there, your money will go a long way. Just go and visit her, then you’ll find out whether she’s been stringing you along or not! And if she has.. then there are plenty other very beautiful señoritas to choose from!


  17. Most women in colombia are actually conservative, a woman that is able to get naked in front of a camera is comfortable working in a whore house. You just don’t make those women your girlfriend they want money. Also colombia is not as poor as you think..
    the really poor have free health insurance, its the middle class thats screwed if they get sick.


  18. Truth among Colombian camgirls is as we used to say in the military a fungible commodity. That means very little of what they tell you is true including name, where they live, student status etc. I got this info from a very nice camgirl herself who is getting older (late 30s) and who is now a friend. We can talk and talk and she demands nothing. She said that at my age I should understand that you are paying with cash or tokens for a fantasy…….nothing more. Her example; on her own profile she claims to be interested in men, women, transgender and so on. In truth she lures customers that way. She is married and has a child. She says and I tend to believe that she has never performed a sex act with a woman finding it abhorrent. She gave what good advice she could: pay for tokens and enjoy the show.

    As far as the girls all being prostitutes, well no, although the show they deliver is one tiny centimeter short of prostitution. Maybe half will have sex for money. The other half are hard up for income and willing to violate conservative Latino sexual taboos to get it by masturbating in front of strangers online. Worse yet in front of gringos. You can’t get much lower.

    Many are actually very nice sweet young ladies. If they are hitting you up for cash they are not technically whores but con men and women.


  19. One final word on relationships in general and particularly with Colombianas.

    1. Learn their language. Have a good working knowledge of Spanish before going on to #2
    2. Go to Colombia to meet her. Become friends before becoming lovers
    3. Take nothing for granted when your relationship crosses cultures. She may value feeding her kids more than telling the truth. You may think the truth is vital.
    4. Find at least one thing you have in common. Love of family comes to mind. Most Latinas are big on family

    Finally , understand that you are different people from different cultures.

    Colombian cam girls may be sluts by US standards but many are sweet young ladies. Gringos may be sex crazed and rich pampered jerks by world standards. The difference is actually the good part.


  20. Hi mate i dont think you should look at what shes doing. but forget her its not going anywere so look closer too home for a girlfreind.ive been there im from the uk been to that city 30 times nice chicks the just want money mate she not the right women for you if shes flashing her tits on web cams …your looking for love in the wrong places


  21. Bravo Paul! Right on the money.

    That is not to say there are Colombian cam girls who are very nice, great in bed and beautiful. Overall the ones I know tend to, well, a rather low IQ. Their only source of income is showing their “private parts” doing exotic things. That doesn’t take much in the way of personality, brains or talent.

    One cam girl, age 26 and a good mother, who is an old friend told me recently that the 21-24 cam girls are borderline mentally retarded.

    A 21 year old cam girl I ran into told me a truly stupid life story. She met online three thirty something “eurotrash” gay men her first day working. None had any money, tokens or anything to call their own. All, remarkably, lived jobless with their mothers. They signed on when mom went to work on mom’s computer. Nobody but the 21 year old cam girl followed them as they masturbated for hours on end on camera. She thought they were “just the most talented people I ever met”. All seemed a step up from homeless. She looked at them as geniuses as they stared around the room while beating off.

    What does that tell you about her?


  22. Hi guys I am in the same situation you are in i meet this cam girl a year and a half ago she has a child she told me her ex husband left her without anything I felt I had to help her so I have been she never ask for money i just give because of her little girl I am crazy about her we were going to meet but things happened beyond my control ever since then we still share photos and messages but it is not the same she is becoming more and more distant everyday I still money to help her she tells me she hates what she does but has to do something to provide for her little one I ask her about visiting but she will not tell it is ok where as before we had made plans she tried for a visa but got denied i fear she is doing prostitution she is no longer doing webcam I ask her what she does for money she avoids my questions even the simple ones I ask where as before there were no issues it is a shame because she is so much more then what I fear she has become what should do I love her daughter like she was my own


  23. Do not send her any money at least until you have met. She may or may not be a prostitute. She is certainly living in a third world country with few choices in the face of poverty.

    You will never “fix” all the attractive cam girls in Colombia. Most are poor and living in a corrupt failed democracy. Sorry

    If you are really serious you need to meet her in Colombia. A prostitute, possibly. a con artist, more possible. Just a girl taking financial advice from a friend is likely. Dishonesty is a growth industry in Colombia and many of the women are drop dead gorgeous.

    Good luck


  24. Bro listen…. I’m sorry this had to happen to you but he is right, you need to face reality. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and I’m sorry if this is just reopening the wounds, but the truth is that your Colombian girlfriend is dependent on your money, and she does this by raking in tips by stripping as a webcam model. I respect, and want to believe, the fact that you have this great relationship with her but that’s what she’s selling to you, “the client”, the relationship which I’ll call a “fantasy”, given not just to you but to maybe some two or three other clients that are high paying clients that you wouldn’t even know about unless you have been paying attention to the people she has talked to on her shows. Why? Because that’s the job of a webcam model. After reading the first part of your story I noticed some red flags too, one was that she is webcam modeling in order to pay for her college, one of the most common made-up stories really since nearly 80% of all the Colombian women profiles I researched had that same story. Even several of which they said that they were paying for a college in New York when they are really in Colombia. Another was the photo of her father diagnosed with cancer, interesting because I see no flaws to this but how can you be sure that this really IS her father, for all I know she or someone else could have photoshopped the picture or she could have just taken a selfie with some random dude in a hospital bed. The point I am trying to make is that until you yourself have seen what she is talking about first hand, you need to assume that it’s a lie. Even if she comes from a webcam modeling website, trust your instincts because if you feel that this story of hers is too good to be true, you’re probably right. In fact, I read an article about webcam modeling in Colombia and I was surprised. Here is the link to the article if you want to take a look at it: https://splinternews.com/hi-bb-hru-wana-have-fun-inside-colombias-camgirl-ca-1793848853

    but long story short, the girl you have been chatting up with might not be the ACTUAL girl you are talking to but maybe someone else with the charisma to squeeze every last dollar out of you. In fact, if you go to this link: http://www.ajestudios.com/en/

    you will be slapped with a video of what webcam studios do which you can probably see what you are up against, I even made some timestamps for you!

    00:03- The other part of the room they don’t want you to see

    00:04- Who’s that chatting with the model in the upper-right? Probably the moderator

    00:29- Who are those people? The moderator, the ones looking over the model and giving them directions and feedback, and probably the ones you are actually talking to.

    00:35- Close up shot at what those moderators do.

    00:47- Look at them…. Raking in the dough….

    00:48- Another close up shot at what they do.

    00:53- Hey look! Someone using photoshop!

    There is also a news documentary about Colombian webcam modeling that I highly recommend you or anybody else reading this take a look at. It’s in Spanish but if you understand it, you’ll get the big picture:

    I was intrigued by this because I had a friend who was kind of going through a similar situation like yours, so I wanted to conduct an experiment. I’m made this up as I went along but it took some sacrifice (a little bit of dignity and $25 or so) but I basically ask these webcam models some random but thought-provoking questions about them hoping to get to know them a little better and put them against what my friend’s favorite webcam model had to say. I’ve kept it strictly to Colombian models to be as accurate to your situation as possible and I am guessing (or at least expecting) that the responses when comparing to my friend’s favorite model’s responses will be different but here are some of the top unacceptable answers I’ve gotten:

    1. If you could be anywhere right now, where do you want to be?

    “On Mars, do you want to play with me?”
    “At a nudist beach”
    “In a place that only smokes weed”
    “You and me in private”

    2. What’s the first thing you would do if you were invisible?

    This one was basically a 50/50 mix between “I don’t know” and “Rob a bank” but there was one I liked “Go and travel
    the world”

    3. What would you do every day before the sun rises?

    “Motivate me to respond”
    “F**k, then drink some mananeros!!”
    “Give you a blowjob, very rich”
    “I don’t know, what would you do?”
    “F**k me”

    4. If you see someone drop a million-dollar check on the floor, what would you do

    “Don’t ask me questions, let’s just play”
    “Ha Ha Ha! What kind of question is that? You don’t have that kind of money!”

    Well…. That was kind of embarrassing…. But you could kind of see what they are looking for. I don’t think ill use this question anymore.

    Now for my friend’s favorite webcam model, I am going to score her answers with a 1,2, or 3 and total them up with 3 being the lowest score (she’s just using you for money) and 9 being the highest score (she might actually possibly does have this connection with you). Here’s what she had to say:

    1. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

    “In my country there are these places called fincas maybe one where its in front of rivers”

    A finca is like this rural estate overlooking valleys and lands like holiday homes. Interesting since this gives me the idea that she is looking to go away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into a more scenic place. Friend’s Score: 3

    2. What’s the first thing you would do if you were invisible?

    “Well, I don’t know, there are a lot of things that I would do if I were invisible. Maybe rob a bank and then spend the money on stuff…”

    *Sigh*, pretty much another typical response like anyone else would typically answer. This is the most common response to a question like this. There was an experiment proving this but I forgot the name of it, but almost everyone answered “Rob a bank”, I was looking for something else a bit more creative. Friend’s Score: 1

    3. What would you do every day before the sun rises?

    “There is a lot of places I know in my country, there is a place called “Los Llanos” where you can see the sea.”

    Okay! So, this gives me a vibe that she is some kind of an adventurous person and it also supports the idea that she prefers living in a rural place than the city. Friend’s Score: 3

    Final Score: 7. So this is pretty much of a “on-the-fence” kind of thing with it slightly being on the good side, but unfortunately, she just barely falls short of the mark with what responses my friend was looking for. So how my friend and this model were to get along if they met in person is questionable. Again, this is an experiment I made up, but if you liked it, try this out on the model you have been talking to, you can even use my unacceptable answers as reference. But basically, for scoring, if you score a 3 or 4, cut the connection off, its not worth it. 5,6, or 7 is like a maybe, give her a couple of day or maybe 2 weeks at most and if she shows no activity towards you then you can cut the connection or continue chatting with her at your own risk, but it’s better for you to just cut the connection. 8 or 9 is like seeing some possibility of her ACTUALY getting to like chatting with you so its safe to continue but again proceed with caution and ALWAYS trust your instincts.

    I know that breaking the connection is hard, in fact I think the hardest part about it is actually doing it, but like I said you have to face reality. It’s better for you to have loved and never loved in return than to love and be treated like some kind of bank. I understand that you like to help this girl which is something that you have my respect for but you have to be careful about the people you give it to, some will be grateful for you while other will just take advantage of you. Really, I’m not so much of a big fan of stuff like this or any kind of “online dating” because for me it doesn’t really work. I think the most trust you can get from her is if you actually talk with her in person, but what are the odds of that?

    I know its something that you don’t want to believe, none of us do, but behind the scenes its just business. The studio hires the girls, the girls provide the body, the website provides the eyes, and the guys provide the tips for her, its as simple as that. In fact, the model will possibly earn less of what you give to her since she has to cut it between the studio and/or the website or what have you.

    All I’m saying is, stop dropping your hard-earned money on her and just move on. Its tough, but its in the best for you. I hope this all works out for you. And sorry this comment was so long, I had A LOT to say.


  25. A sad fact that makes becoming a “cam girl” attractive is the female unemployment rate in Colombia. Women between ages 18-35 are, according to CIA Factbook statistics 37% unemployed. A large percent are underemployed; below poverty levels. That leaves prostitution as a viable option for a young mother or any twenty something. The only other option would be finding a man to support her. Good luck finding an eligible lawyer or surgeon in Bogota looking for a poor but attractive and poorly educated wife.

    This leaves gringos who don’t even speak the language , Aussies etc. When it comes down to feeding the baby or going hungry the woman will tell you anything ANYTHING you want to hear. You are so handsome. She is instantly in love with a 65 year old overweight US truck driver with heart disease. Love is blind after all.

    I emphasize that many are actually nice girls discarded in a failed democracy. They are doing what you would do in their situation. Feed the kids. Pay the rent.

    One final thought. When you are told that a cam girl cannot “make her META” it means she has not collected the tokens expected of her over a shift. The bulk of the META goes to the “jefes”, “duenos” “mods” etc. the woman earns very little. But a threat of losing her job hangs over her head.

    Sexual slavery? Well, sort of.


  26. Now a real strange discovery. While asking 24 potential medical patients (cam girls all) a few standard questions regarding loss if virginity (remember virgins?) i got some shocking answers. “My dance instructor had sex with me. I was 16.” All doctors know that really means she was actually 13 or 14. I had sex with a classroom teacher. UGH! probably in the classroom itself. He was probably 45 she was, again, a child.

    These are the honest answers as well as I can sort them out.

    As close as I can tell pedophiles are everywhere and any cute girl is fair game. Its no wonder that masturbating on the internet for all the world to see seems ok. They were raped. Many repeatedly. In a conservative Catholic country…….what!

    In third world countries this is common. It is also wrong and in most places illegal. But these women’s sexual future has been tainted. I found this most distressing. A cam girl likely sees herself as damaged goods.


  27. Keep in mind a few things. Unemployment for Colombian women is 37% between ages 18-35. Would you jerk off on the internet if your income potential were near zero? Finding a job that doesn’t involve sex should bring in $5,000 US per year.

    Colombian economy is headed down not up with immigration from Venezuela making things worse.

    The now liquidated drug cartels at least offered employment even it it was dangerous. They had a business plan.

    The history of sexual slavery or at least sexual domination by males. Money went to the men running things. Leftovers were given to women.

    women being women and just as clever as their male counterparts, made adjustments to make ends meet. Prostitution is not as common as a simple con job. “Te Amo” is in the script book of all the cam girl studios. Say it every five minutes and even you will start believing the impossible love story.


  28. Lowrider,

    Sorry to hear of your situation.

    Everything Jim mentions in his comments are true. The economy in Colombia sucks, the average income is about $250.000 ($80-100 US) a week, IF you can find a job. Venezuelans are pouring over the border and people are desperate to survive.

    With that said…….I travel there frequently and here are my comments.

    I met a woman webcam model online three years ago when she was working in a “studio” in Colombia. We are now happily married and we have two children. I travel to Colombia every 3 months (as my work allows) to spend time with them while we work on the documents for them to join me in my country.

    The key is to understand the culture and go in with the mentality that everything is to be questioned, HEAD UP, EYES OPEN.

    In the Latin countries, poverty and the cost of living drive many “good” women to do what is needed to support themselves and in some cases their children. This alone does not make them prostitutes, it makes them desperate.

    I was also a very trusting person and the first thing you need to learn quickly is that the “vetting” process on your part has to be rather rigorous, you have to assume that everything is a “story” until proven otherwise. It goes against your nature, but it is in your best interest.

    Latin women by nature do not trust men. They are used to Latin men, a great many of whom have the morals and ethics of a horny lizard and will lie constantly without any remorse or feeling of obligation, responsibility or ethics.

    Communication is First-
    So she is willing to speak to you via webcam when working and your buying tokens, that is nice, doesn’t mean shit, but it’s nice.

    The true measure is how much of her “free” time is she willing to spend talking to you via Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or other readily available social media platforms.

    All webcam girls have two personalities, the camera face and the real person. Their “Camera Face” is fake, it is what her personality is when online. It is flat, one dimensional and she is not going to tell you about her real situation, family, or other personal information that would allow you to track her down. For all she knows your an axe murder who likes to wear the Freddy mask from Friday the 13th.

    If she is willing to put in her personal time to speak to you “outside” of work, then maybe, just maybe you got a shot. You still need to verify everything she says. Look for inconsistencies in what is said from one day to the next. Does the “story” change? Does the sick aunt suddenly become an uncle? If she says she went to the market and you see photos of her at the club on Facebook? Basic “Trust but Verify” stuff.

    Financial Support –
    Start small and set limits on how far you are willing to go.
    I went in with the attitude that “YOLO” you only live once and this was a step outside of my comfort zone. if nothing else a life experience to be remembered in old age with a smile.

    My wife refused my initial offers to assist. She had borrowed money from the “studio” when her son was hospitalized (the story) and once that paper was signed, the “studio” dictated her life, work schedule and terms of how she could pay off the debt.

    “TRUST BUT VERIFY”. I asked her to send me a copies of the hospital bills and of her studio pay statement to verify that indeed the money was being withdrawn to repay a debt, it was.

    If you can establish communication first and then a mutual level of respect and trust, only then can you take another step forward.


  29. Some added thoughts…..
    Ronnie and Jims comments above are spot on.

    Meeting “REAL”
    If you think you are comfortable that you know enough to meet her, for god’s sake do it where there are a lot of people and security (POLICE). You DO NOT want to be catfished, robbed, kidnapped or killed.

    For me, that was at Cartagena, inside the airport, I arrived before her plane arrived. I knew which door she would exit from and what she would be wearing.

    Watch from a distance to see if she has contact with anyone else arriving. Let her stand there for 20 minutes and wait, see what happens, watch the other people that arrived, is anyone lingering around and not going to baggage or to a taxi. Only after your comfortable that she was alone do you approach.

    Do your homework……
    Remember this is the first date.
    Stay at a hotel that has good security, keep your stuff in the safe and locked. book her into a separate room and no outside doors to your room.


  30. lowrider, I’ve had a fair amount of experience meeting Colombian camgirls. I’ve met four in the last several years. Zero regrets. Nothing but great times. I stay in touch with all of them although I only see two on a regular basis (they don’t know about each other).

    Is your girl a prostitute? Maybe. If she’s working in a studio it’s more likely. If she’s working from home, maybe not. Overall, I’d guess that about 1/3 of Colombian camgirls are prostitutes on the side. A lot of these girls are willing to earn less by “just” camming because they don’t want to fuck strangers. However, 75% of them are working multiple foreign dudes like yourself to get extra income on the side.

    Without visiting this girl, you have no idea what’s going on. She could be a prostitute, might not be a pro but might be married, might be a lesbian, etc. If you meet her and meet her family and friends, etc and all goes well, then she’s probably not a prostitute. If she won’t meet you, or tells you to come to Colombia and spends 10 minutes with you because she’s “really busy,” then she’s playing you. But, again, you won’t have a decent idea unless you go there. My guess is she’s probably playing you, but… it’s possible that she’s not. Personally, I’ve had very good luck with these girls but I know it’s a bit of a crap shoot. Either way, good luck.


  31. lowrider, I will advise that you plan a trip. Meet her, meet her family. She may be thinking you have other relationships as well. I have met the woman of my dreams, a webcam model. I have visited her home many times now. We have taken trips together. I have paid, and she has paid too. We are getting married in 2019, and I am very happy. I’ll admit that it doesn’t happen this way very often, but it can happen.
    Try it out.

    Good luck Brother


  32. By all means lean to speak and understand Spanish with a working knowledge of Español. Next don’t let on that you understand every lie that comes out of her mouth. Pretend that you only know a few words. If they can be dishonest you have a right to spie on their conversations, lies laid bare.

    Again be warned of cultural differences. Being “serious” means one thing to you. It’s completely different to the Colombiana. If she has sex with you (a stranger) she is willing to have sex with any random gringo.. An illustration of this: visit the Chaturbate rooms of ten beautiful Colombianas over one evening. Each will say she loves you, sight unseen. Translation: if you travel to Medellin and bring gifts she will fuck you all night in your nice hotel room. She certainly has a boyfriend and is possibly married. To her you are an ATM. Sex is the password.

    I was involved with a gorgeous Colombiana for around a year. I was informed that she lived with her “baby daddy” . She claimed they lived in different parts of the house and he was actually living with his mother. WTF? I’m not as dumb as I look. She was very good in bed………as if she had plenty of practice.

    Love them. Screw them. But never ever get serious. Their version of love carries an agenda. Being loyal to you is not included.


  33. Listen man, she is taking you for a ride. Everything that they do is deceiving. Seems like you need emotional support and looking for a true love. Go to a local place, meet women…go out…let them know. And be strong and go to a support group.


  34. I have met a few Colombian, Jamaican and African cam models. the all want money. they work for a brothel that sets them up in a small room. this campus is called a university.
    but I have detected via conniving them to open up more about their situation. I have seen a different girl in the same room. they operate on a schedule and are given different rewards according to their token sales, such as more amenities… ex: larger rooms, better cameras, newer computers, decor, etc. the always where you are from(hopefully the USA.
    They think all Americans are stupid with pockets full of gold($$$).
    yes, I had to spend some money to gain this knowledge, repetition from the cam models. they are all scripted(trained) too and curiosity eventually caused my suspicions. it fits the pattern of something illicit was taking place.
    I am not being biased in my next findings. the American cam models all show a strong presence of independence and autonomy. they are acting on their own accord, for themselves. they aren’t being pimped or prostituted to profit someone else’s pockets, either.


  35. It was a shame that he asked you for money how many times he was talking to you. Or she is a prostitute, or she has so many financial problems that she trusts you and hopes to help her. Did he give you some money back?


  36. Hi, I thought I would add my two cents in here. I am in a somewhat different but similar situation. I had someone try to scam me on Facebook and, long story short, ended up on a webcam site. I met a young woman there. I am not a young man. I am 68. She is 21. She was different than the other cam girls I talked to and that is what attracted me originally. Plus she is smart, nice, encouraging and gorgeous. As near as I can tell she was on the cam sites for about four to six months total.
    She left the studio where she was working and decided to go off on her own. She also moved out of the home she shared with her mother and grandmother for obvious reasons. She was a lousy business person. I offered to pay her expenses finally.
    She is a university student which I verified by an internet search that yielded a paper she published in her chosen field of study, psychology, which happens to match my profession. She also volunteers at a place that takes in people who are homeless, mostly children (she has sent me pictures of her with the kids). She wants to work with kids. I have verified as much as I can and things have checked out.
    For about six months, we texted on WhatsApp everyday and did Skype once a week. We often talked about what she is learning in school and by volunteering. Then she said her mother moved in with her and that was the end of the daily texts and the Skype meetings. Now the messages are once or twice a week. There was a transformation in her after that I believe is due to mom, a very conservative Christian (not Catholic) living with her. I also think, and she sort of confirmed, that when she moved out it caused a rift with her family, and especially her mother. Now her mother is back in her life. She assumed that when this happened I would no longer support her since she would not webcam much anymore or have as much contact. I decided to continue my support.
    I still support her because I care about her and I can afford to do so. She is extremely bright and has a dream about working with special needs kids. I do have feelings for her but the reality is I am old and she is young. But I do like the idea that I am helping her to finish school and not have to cam. I believe continuing to cam would eventually lead to issues that would destroy her chance to achieve her dream. There is no way she is ever going to reciprocate but I do believe she cares for me in her own, very young, way.
    The moral of all of this is that, if it makes you feel good to support her then do so. But if you are supporting her with the idea that she is going to reciprocate you need to really examine your motives. The reality is that people will do and say almost anything for survival and in Colombia, where she is from, there aren’t nearly as many opportunities as here.
    I have had to question my motives a number of times and it is difficult to do. It requires self- awareness and honesty. And the realization that comes from it can be really painful. I believe my friend has been mostly honest with me, and I believe she considers me a good and special friend, but that is all I am going to get. So I take what she is willing to give and try to be happy with that. Sometimes it is difficult because I sometimes want something more. But it seems to me that is the best way to do it. Anything else leads to a lot of problems and potential heartbreak.


  37. Jake, if it makes you happy to send her money as a charity case I guess there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you understand that she is probably seeing other men and only considers you to be a job. Would she still be your “friend” if you weren’t sending her money? I doubt it. Some men chat with these women they have never met and they think it is a real “relationship”. It’s not.


  38. Steve hit the nail on the head. Colombian women do whatever is necessary to pay the bills and put food on the table. They are culturally different than you and live in a poor third world country. She may like you in her own way. But surviving comes first. Just do not judge her and hope she returns the favor. You don’t sound like a stupid rich gringo only interested in getting sex. She may or may not have sex for money. Go to Colombia and meet her. Learn Spanish; its critical. Understand that she and you lived your lives differently. Adjust and have fun. She may be very nice. Just remember that Colombians and gringos have totally different views regarding sex. Good luck my friend.


  39. This man with his webcam girl friend is probably from the Netherlands. For Dutch people it is really easy to take a flight to Colombia. KLM has relatively cheap direct flights and Air Europe has cheap offers as well. No visa required. Where is he waiting for?

    BTW: talking with a Colombiana about the political situation in the Netherlands??? No young in Colombia girl is interested in that. I really wonder what kind of compatibility exists between this man from ‘the low countries’ and that web cam girl.


  40. Going back to the original post made so long ago I just noticed that Lowrider’s webcam “girlfriend” is going to university studying “psychology”. Many or nearly all web cam girls I have met over the years claim to be studying “psychology” in a university. All are from Colombia.

    I have worked with psychologists often over the years. One married my nephew. Educated in the US Clinical Psychology is a long tough course of study and difficult by design. One or two of the future Colombian psychologists I know of are beautiful and dumber than a sack full of hammers.

    The point is that saying you are studying to become a psychologist must be part of the training script given to any and all cam girls. They are unable to pass easily learned basic English but they are in some university studying Psychology? How many beautiful and sexy “Psychologists” are needed in Colombia anyway?

    Lies are spread all over the cam girl industry like fertilizer. The girls transmit the lies easily and quickly.


  41. Here’s a story on the opposite spectrum. From a wife’s perspective. Obviously, I’ve changed my name to protect what’s left of the innocent—me.

    I just found out today, that my husband of 25 years, has been going to these sites for the past 8 months, possible longer. I had my suspicions, but when I asked, he vehemently denied having an account. Made me feel like I was in the wrong for even asking such a proposteroust question. And I asked more than once. Several
    times to be exact. Deny. Deny. Deny.

    He won’t reveal the amount of money he’s given, but from what I gather, it’s in the low thousands. One “girl” in particular, he ended up in one-on-one chat, which I have no idea how they did it unless he gave her his email. She sang a similar story to him about how she hates doing this, and wants to stop so she can live a better life. She then threatened suicide. She had him hooked. He was giving her money every few days via PayPal. Then he sent her more money to fix her broken computer. That’s how I discovered his betrayal. Yes, I view it as a betrayal. He cheated. Plain and simple.

    These girls are whores, prostitites, scam artist, etc… I’m so angry I physically feel pain. It’s one thing to watch porn. It’s entirely different when it’s live action, and then you actually talk with them. Not okay. He’s been deleting emails like crazy the past couple of days.

    I don’t know if our marriage
    will survive this or not. There have been more lies which have come to light concerning this. They seem never ending like clowns getting out of a car. We are separating per his request, not mine. We are also expats, so I’m being sent back to our own country, while he stays in our adoptive country. Not sure how a reconciliation will
    work being so far apart but that’s how the tip jar, jingles.

    So to answer your delima, yes, you are being taken for a ride. Too bad it’s not the type of pleasurable ride you probably daydream about.

    Look inward. You already know the truth. I wish you luck.


  42. Amaze Starr

    Thanks for posting your story. I have never seen one like this before, but I’m sure they happen often enough. It sounds like the two of you retired to a foreign country and he started to see what options he might have there and he decided to trade you in for a “newer model” as they say. I’m sorry for the way he treated you, but I don’t put much hope in saving your marriage. The fact that he wants a separation is very telling. He’s not trying to reconcile with you; it appears that he wants to take some of the younger women where he lives out for a “test drive”.

    Not all men who chat with foreign women are cheating on their wives. I started down this road when my marriage ended, but there was no cheating. We had separated and we were divorcing or maybe the divorce was even final. Then I met a young woman online, travelled to meet her in person, and then married her a few months later. It didn’t last, but it was fun. Anyway, it would be interesting to hear more details about your story, or what happens next. As I say I doubt that he will try to get back together with you, but hopefully you will get a fair divorce settlement and move on to a happier life.



  43. Lowrider I do not know if you still read these and I don’t know if you still maintain contact with her but people here that say you are being played are just guessing. Only you will know. Try and talk to her on the phone. That’s a step in the right direction. If those emails are lengthy as you said and you have that many then she may be telling the truth especially if she sent you copies of what you asked for.


  44. I was given the following advice by a web cam girl who has been in the business as long as it has existed. Due to her age and declining health she goes online on a random basis, and seldom.

    “Jim, if you like a beautiful Colombiana , especially one active as a web cam girl and you get serious about her just stop it. She is paid for your fantasy just like you pay for it. Even though you lived with and among latinos and latinas you do not understand Colombians culturally. Have sex with her, sure. Give her small gifts and take her out to dinner, why not? Then exit so she can hunt down her next horny gringo with cash.”

    Colombia is a conservative Catholic country where sex is an industry. Colombians are obsessive about external beauty. A national genetic study would probably show that many Colombians are simply born to be beautiful as well.

    Given Colombia’s status as a third world country it’s easy to see how a young woman with shaky economic prospects simply masturbates on the internet while her customer does the same. She sees herself in a sexually oriented business no different from selling condoms in a shop.

    As a rule my friend’s expert advice has always held true, at least in my experience. Colombia is to a middle aged gringo what Walt Disney World was to my kids. Just know where the exit is and use it when it is time to go.

    A final thought. Typically you can believe 50% of what this beautiful Colombiana tells you. Dishonesty is another thing gringos may never get used to. If telling lies were an Olympic sport Colombianas would win gold, silver and bronze every time.

    I have lived in Latin America most of my life and visit beautiful Colombia every year. I speak fluent Spanish but always pretend, at first, to speak English only. That way I hear what is being said about me, as well as the truth, in what the speaker thinks is her secret code.


  45. I wonder if this thread is still alive.
    And I wonder about this “PapaSmurf” guy…
    He says he is “married” and has 2 kids with the Colombia WebCam girl
    Yet he only sees here once every 3 months “when his work allows”
    Are they his kids, or hers left around by a couple barrio boys who humped and dumped her?
    He mentions that she has a “son” from a previous marriage.
    I may be wrong, but looks like he is paying the same suckers game as the Original OP “Low Rider”
    Marriage is nothing to Colombians..most Colombians dont get married…they just live “Union Libre”.
    Many Colombianas just use it as a way to “hook” a naive or lonely foreigner to think he is obligated to support her , buy her a house and car, or get here a green card.
    A stupid piece of paper is absolutely NO guarantee she is not gonna be scamming him financially , lieing, stealing and/or screwing around with her local barrio boy novio (possibly buying him gifts with money her foreign “husband” sends her)
    I wouldnt be posting this if it wasnt for the fact a.) Espescially-he met her as a WebCam girl and B.) It is a long distance relation and he only sees her once every 3 months
    I could be wrong and the 2 kids may be his own..but….even then..I knew a woman from the comunas in Medellin who got knocked up by 4 foreigners and rich Colombianos just so she could get child support payments form them (true story)..she was pretty good at telling and picking the ones that were “responsible”

    Me..I would NEVER consider a woman who was a webcam model or even considered being one as a serious relationship candidate. Morals are morals no matter how poor you are. Once a girl does that, cheats on her novio, or prostitutes herself, she is permanent “Damaged Goods”..punto cerrado


  46. I sort of enjoyed this post as well as the reactions to it – many are a bit rough but often funny. My own take on this is that I think Lowrider should question his own motives more thoroughly, since most of the reactions seem to question that of the girl involved. In his original post his motives are hidden behind words as honesty and caring, but he was certainly not looking for love when he visited a webcam site and bought tokens. Secondly, the question arises who actually cheats whom and who is using the other? Because whereas this rich fellow has potentially many options to make a living and find love in his own country or other part of the world, this Colombian girl because of her circumstances has probably not that luxury. She cannot refuse the ‘generous’ love from this Western lad on her own terms like a self-reliant woman in a developed country could and she herself would in different circumstances without poverty and a repressive machismo society. Of course the girl is not flawless, probably she lies in order to extract money, but she is in a much more vulnerable position in the end. Meeting this Colombian girl in the sex industry context I think means a true relationship between two really consenting partners is very hard to achieve if not impossible. There are two ethical ways out for Lowrider: either he accepts being a source of income without expecting anything from her – and see how this develops – with or without a visit, or get the hell out of this virtual relation: when he explains his reasons honestly she will understand. Poor women who are driven to prostitution or the lighter variant are not as stupid as some of us believe.

    Do not see this as a moralistic reproach. I and many others above have been in a somewhat similar situation as single guys travelling across the world and going on the internet during the lonely hours, which also explains for the long thread.

    Take care.


  47. Damn, I don’t even know how to start. How about….. I DATED a Colombiana webcam model. I will take the time to write out a ton of advice because I don’t want people to waste their time and money. I wish someone would have given me pointers you know.

    I’ve met a couple others after that girl. I’m not super old (sub 40), I’m physically fit and a fairly attractive guy. This is a big factor guys, I mean come on. The less you match up with the girl physically, the more likely she’s playing you. That’s life everywhere no?

    If you ask why I choose to meet women on a cam site vs where I live its simple. The attractive women here have very high expectations and everything is much more expensive. So I can basically have 3-4 even 5 GFs there for the effort and money it would cost to have 1 here and I can also have better looking women. I am Latino and white women don’t find me nearly as attractive as Latinas do. And I don’t mind the distance, I don’t like spending every weekend with a woman. The flights pay for themselves with the money I save not going out with one here

    Anyway, I doubt lowrider still reads this so this is for anyone else who likes a cam model. Yes, Colombia is a very poor country. I went on a date there with a girl there who couldn’t even afford the cab ride so I paid, just a few dollars but it shows you how poor they are. If the girls tells you sob stories or you hear pretty consistently how they’re stressed over money OR she shows you things she wants like clothes, shoe’s etc, she’s letting you know so you can offer to help/buy!! This does Not mean she’s just a gold digger but it certainly means ONE OF THE BIGGEST reasons she values you is for financial help. Accept that! You can believe that she’s actually interested in you, you can believe she has feelings for you, whatever you think is true but do not ignore WHY she values you. And if she’s bringing that stuff up, that type of help is a big reason she values you.

    I personally run out the door when I see a girl talking about these things with the exception of one girl who is incredibly attractive. There’s a trip planned to go see her and I only helped her twice, first time $75 worth, $50 the second time and that was a gift for the holidays. When she first brought these things up I ignored them. I wanted to see if she’d lose interest talking to me. She did not. The quality of all our interactions remained high. She stopped talking about money issues but a few weeks later I sent her the 75 simply because we have a good friendship. She’s good to me, always a good convo and is a cool chick overall. Yeah she’s beautiful but interaction is very important to me. Anyway, she brought up stress over money one more time but its because she got into an accident on a motorcycle. She sent me pictures of her in the hospital and I also saw the bruising on her leg when she went back to work. Hard cold FACTS guys. It was not makeup, her leg was swollen, limping all that. The week of the accident she brought up how she’s worried about losing time at work, I ignored it, did not even talk about that. A week or so later I decided to ask if I could see her. I had already asked playing around but this time it was a serious question. She said she’d love it 🙂

    Shortly after we started having virtual sex off her cam page. READ: off the page, not paid. I mean come on guys, if you aren’t having this at some point within a month or two with your girl, is she really into you?? Now, where did the $50 come in? Christmas time baby. The girl is a 9/10, just stunning! So since she was giving me what I want, I didn’t mind giving her a Xmas gift. She never brought up gifts in any way. Nothing else was sent to her and if I send her anything again it would be to buy lingerie for when I see her. I ask for pics or order it myself the few times I do this for a girl 😀

    That ties in to the best advice I can give: Don’t spend a lot of money on her. So do not offer to help her when she brings up her problems. If she sees you aren’t going to help, she’ll slowly show less interest. Colombian women might be good liars but they are very bad at acting interested for a longer period of time. I continue to talk to cam girls and Colombian women because its easy to see when they are just acting interested, they do it poorly. How do they react when you go into their page to say hi? A REAL smile or just something kind of forced or very short? Most of them can’t even fake being excited to see you. Big big hint right there.

    Another piece of great advice is not to get attached. Meet her first, see how your relationship is in person. If you guys have something real, you will know it. Don’t lie to yourself. I’ve lied to myself like any man chasing a beautiful woman. We all give ourselves hope. I’ve gone after 10/10s and failed of course. So if you’re a average guy, 4, 5, 6 don’t expect a pretty 8 or beautiful 9 to really be interested in you. Yeah yeah looks aren’t everything but these girls aren’t robots, they matter. So much more advice I can give but I have shit to do lol

    I currently have 4 girls in Colombia. All of them are beautiful, fit bodies. 2 of which who are down to have threesome. Its so hard to get a threesome in the US =( I spend very little on them, never talk about my income. If I decide to talk to a new girl I spend a little bit like $10-40 on her page and then tell her I can’t spend anymore for whatever reason. Don’t get suckered in! It took a while for me to learn how to get these girls. If you are questioning if she’s truly into you, SHES NOT. That’s the shortest advice I can give


    1. I forgot to mention that the Latina women there find me more attractive than the Latinas here. Must be the culture or something but I love having 7s and 8s and my 9/10 instead of working my ass off for a 7 here.


      1. 1 more thing! haha I have a girl here in the US. She’s hot. We have a casual but good relationship. I sound like I’m living the life but it took a lot of work to have all these women. I’ve lost a few because I just can’t dedicate time to talk to any one of them too often. And there were times where I did spend too much money. Like I said, I wish someone would have given me pointers before. Just follow my advice! I hope it helps someone


  48. For me the fact she asked for a computer is the give away, That smacks of ‘she is scamming’ you. If she is studying psychology for real she has all the tools she needs to manipulate you. Your offering to pay for various things will have convinced her you have money and the computer question was a test to see how far she can push you. Walk away, it’s not worth the trouble… at best a broken heart… at worst a broken body thanks to her drug cartel masters…


    1. Dude, trust me she scammed you. They don’t ask for money at first. They hook you on the sob and guilt story. Run like he’ll. Delete everything you can with this girl. You will find that situation with 99% percent of all south american cam girls. The work all angles, cams, streetwalker, bars, the mall. Anywhere they can turn a peso.


    2. 95 % of gringos can not get a regular girl in Colombia.. they get scammed and fall for a pre pago or cam girl. And get taken to the bank.. I don’t blame these woman. They have to survive… so they should get every penny they can out if these idiots lol I love Colombia. 😻


  49. Quite simply a scam. Sorry it is. I was in the same position with a Romanian Cam lady. We got talking like the OP and eventually we started chatting off site. I saw her most nights online. I gave her my number and we WhatsApp’d via message and call most days. She said she was poor going through college at law school. Then came the requests for money first small ohh I can’t pay the water bill this month can you lend me $300 dollars. Me being nice and nieve lent it to her. To me it wasn’t a big amount and thought I was helping. Then it became ohh I am short this month etc… In total over 18 months then I probably spent close to $10000. We even met twice I think they call this the convincer to the scam. Nothing happened as I am actually a gentleman. So one day I got a message saying that her Grandmother in the country was sick and she wouldn’t have any coverage or didn’t know when she would be back. After speaking to some good friends female and male explaining some of this the penny finally dropped. Yes a little slow but finally. Eventually found 12 months later that I had financed her and her boyfriend moving to Norway. And found out she was earning at least $5000 a month. My advice don’t look for a girlfriend on cam sites don’t give personal information. The girls are only there for one reason and one alone. To earn money and they will do that anyway they can. I wouldn’t call them
    Thieves or liars as per say it’s just how they get food on the table or escape the shit lives of Columbia or Romania for the US or Western Europe.


  50. I got caught up with a beautiful Colombian Mistress. She and Her studio were able to work me into paying $5,000 for her school. I got so addicted to this Woman that i would beg to pay maximum rate per minute plus beg Her to pick a gift every few minutes. I craved pleasing Her. I sent the $5,000 willingly via Western U. She posed for a picture with the correspondence and another giving it to a studio boss. I felt used. i was so desperate to please Her. it cost me a marriage. I still hear from Her every once in a while. I seek Her out once or twice a month because She was so beautiful, i could not let go…Prettyjacke She is a Goddess to me. Is it wrong to have half a regret?


    1. Hi everybody, I fell in Love with a camgirl too. I Met her after Bering scammed by another clolumbian women. How stupid can one ne. Ehe seemed to be so different. She listened to me Made me feel so Special. She Manager to Bring me away from CB and we talked all the time on WhatsApp. She told me, that the father of her son died a few years ago. She did not ask for money. But I sent her a few hundred EUR every month and tipped a lot on CB as well. We hat online dates every. After a few month we decided to meet in a Hotel in Medellin, were she lives. I took the risk of getting Covid in the flight. We had a really nice week. I did send her money before i started the trip. I finished it now after 9 month and 10000 EUR. She told me more and more stories. I did not believe them anymore. The last one was interesting: All of a sudden she went to get a tattoo. She wanted to have my name in a heart on her back. She wanted to proof my love and forced me to agree… At the end i realized she had a heart , but not my name in it. They wrote my name in it with a black pen..
      I believe now she would do anything for Money. Thank you for opening my eyes..


  51. sounds like you are telling my story as to what i just had happen, just had my heart ripped out when i found out she lied to me
    cam girl i would have married her and made her life great, now feel like going to show her what she missed by scaming me
    think we all should get together and post names and website of known scammers


    1. Same with me brother i’m in make a website and let’s name these scammers. It would sound lame but deep inside i’m still connected to her …


  52. I hope this fool didn’t get fleeced too badly. This girl doesn’t, or didn’t, care about you. At all. It’s a job. They make money from regulars, and they want to keep you coming back.


  53. I don’t know if anyone is still contributing to this debate but I will add my two cents worth anyway. I too like many men visited a webcam site and fell in love with the young Colombian model that smiled sweetly and opened parts of her body to my ever widening gaze. Later after weeks of exchanged messages a small part of her heart also opened and I got to know something about her life and she mine. I’m 71 and she’s 25 and there are a number of labels you could attach to this relationship. And I’m not that besotted to realise that none of them would include the possibility of the kind of union that forsakes all others and leads to loves ultimate alter.
    But whose to judge?
    I was happy enough to float in the gap between reality and fantasy and chat as well as contribute to her welfare via the website. I am also writing a series of short stories for a book that explores the relationship between older men and much younger girls, and talking to her helped me understand her background and feelings.
    I’ve stopped now as I would have to write a best selling book to cover the increasing cost of the on-line communication. I also have two daughters the same age and don’t know if they would totally believe me if I told them my interest was ‘just research.’
    It’s just an opinion but I would suggest worrying over whose scamming who is less appealing than recognising the flicker in love’s heart that reminds us all why we are alive.


  54. I am glad I read this story and all the comments thank you my brothers. My story is the same, but I sent the computer ROTFL. Oh well something to laugh about on my death bed. I could view this as getting scammed, played, used, worked or i was just a job. But it’s not her fault they do what they need to do for survival. It’s my fault for seeking it. My fault believing that won’t be me. I could see the trap and wow her with my street smarts.
    But foolish me no matter what I tell myself i was starving for Human connection we all desire it. I’m married I shouldn’t need it another opening in my armor I didn’t omit. 9 months I have been talking to this Columbia camgirl, sending weekly money and gifts while we talked and went deeper into the connection. Lately I have been breaking off my connection not feeling comfortable anymore. The hardest was turning off the whatsapp chat and ignoring the responses, I would like to say I ignored the calls but there wasn’t any, that should be proof enough. It was easy for her to ask why, claim the end of the world,, then to accept it as if it was my loss. I liked her it felt real and deep. But I knew what it was at the end. Is it normal to feel like a fool, to wish for the fantasy, to hope for a deeper connection, to feel alive? To anyone else who reads this no matter how old you are, keep your money spend it on yourself you deserve it more. A poor man has a better chance to find love, Fantasies belong books and their world is not your world.


  55. The reality TV franchise ’90 Day Fiance’ has a new loser named Mike Berk who met a web cam girl in Colombia. They joined the cast of the show as he tried to bring her to the USA on a fiance visa. This loser was paying for her apartment and sending her more money until she could come to the USA and she wouldn’t even profess her love to him. She finally broke off the relationship or he would probably still be sending her money. Now he is probably looking for a new web cam girl to give his money to. Here is one of many web pages dedicated to the story of this loser. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/90-day-fiance-mikes-attempts-humiliate-manipulate-ximena-backfires.html/


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