Jardin, Antioquia in Colombia’s Coffee Region

After holing up in our Medellin luxury apartment for a week, wifey and I had to see the Eje Cafetero, or Colombia’s coffee region. I’d never been, and it’s among the top destinations for clean, family fun in Colombia. So we escaped Medellin for a day to see a traditional, paisa, coffee town: Jardin, Antioquia.

Mototaxi Tour

We jumped in a mototaxi, motorcycles with benches and tarps built over to make taxis, for a 30-minute tour. The town’s so small I believe we saw all there is to see.

Curuba Farms

Jardin is a major producer of curuba, one of the many exotic fruits in Colombia. It also produces granadilla, tomate de arbol, and some other goodies I don’t recall. And coffee obviously. The big farms with tarps over them are curuba, and also featured are shots of green and red coffee beans.

Cable Car

The tour took us by two different cable cars, cable aereas. The town has two deep ravines / gorges on each side of it. And on the other sides of those deep plunges are mountains with miradores, looking sites to enjoy the view. If I had enough time I’d have done both. But we only did one. Pics below.

Amazing Coffee

Finally, despite Colombia’s being the undisputed global champ in producing the best quality coffee beans, it’s a well-known fact inside the country that all the best beans are exported to hardcore coffee-drinking countries like France, Italy, and Argentina where they fetch more money. I always knew this, but also reasoned that even the cheapest tienda coffee in Colombia is still pretty good. You never suffer bad coffee in Colombia.

In Jardin, however, they serve delicious coffee unlike anything I’d had in Colombia. It was so good I was drinking it for the taste, not just the caffeine. Imagine a coffee so good you keep ordering them because it tastes good, not because you need to stay awake. That’s what it was like. I accidentally got jittery on Antioqueño coffee.

Lovely Pueblo

Of all the little villages I’ve seen in Colombia, Jardin was the most pleasant. I’d rate it a little higher than Villa de Leyva because it wasn’t cold. And I’d go further than that in saying, aside from San Andres, Jardin is the closest I’ve found to paradise on Earth (paradise with no coast). See the pictures of this beautiful town below.

For slideshow viewing, see the El Jardin, Antioquia album on the Expat Chronicles FB page.



  1. I spent a full weekend there it was great, what is even greater is along the moutains there is a walk that covers 3 peaks and a unreal gorge with waterfall a local farmer took us there and it was worth a day long hike starting at 8 am and ending at 4pm


  2. Great pics! I lived for almost 2 years in Andes near Jardín developing sustainable coffee tourism project. You can stay overnight al local coffee farm and learn more about coffee production. Check out my blog, you will find a contact there (in case you would like to visit us in Jardín or Andes).
    Cheers 🙂


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