Colombian Painter Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero is Colombia’s most famous painter. He’s from Medellin and paints people fat to give them “sensuality.”

Botero is still alive and painting. He was horrified at the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal. You can see his depictions with a Google Image search of ‘Botero Abu Ghraib’. Lately he’s been doing a lot of Jesus.

I’d never heard of Botero before moving to Colombia, but became very familiar with his style afterwards. Once I knew, I was surprised one time visiting St. Louis to see a Botero sculpture right there in my hometown. Just south of downtown Clayton, there’s a man on horse statue at the intersection Hanley of Wydown. I must’ve passed that sculpture 100 times without seeing it.

Below’s a  comprehensive collection of his best works from both the Bogota and Medellin museums. For better viewing of each pic, see the Botero album on the Expat Chronicles Facebook page.



  1. I requires big talent in order to paint a fat orange! just think about it and he isn’t just painting fat people but a fat universe. I’m not a big fan of Botero but I recognize he’s real good (and one of the most reknowned and rich alive painters in the world).


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