Colas! The Mullets of Medellin

Mullets are common in Colombia, and the nucleus of mullet power is in Medellin. The paisas go crazy for what they call colas – tails.

Once in a while I’ll be drinking with a mulleted Colombian, and I’ll feel like having a laugh so I’ll tell him how much of a joke the haircut is in the States. The joke was largely in vogue ten years ago, but mullets still carry such a stigma for white trash and rednecks so most Americans wouldn’t be seen rocking one. The Colombians never take offense even if I rub it in real good. They just say ‘No, not here’. And they’re right.

One reason paisa mullets are more palatable than gringo mullets is the Colombians take good care of them. Paisas especially spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance. Their mullets don’t get messy or uncombed. They get their hair cut often.

Below’s the gallery I collected over a long weekend in Medellin. You can view the pics easier at the Mullets of Medellin album on the Expat Chronicles Facebook page. I only got eleven shots (it’s not that easy approaching dudes to ask for a picture of their hair), but I’d like this to be a growing piece. If you have pics of sweet paisa mullets, please email me and I’ll add them. Thanks!

To see the Medellin mullets for yourself, check out luxury apartments in Medellin.



  1. G-R-O-S-S! They were stylish when I was in Montevideo years ago and apparently they’re quite popular in Puerto Rico now because I see tons of PR guys sporting them. They’re soooooooooooo ugly.


  2. the return of photos, i love it man!!!! hey if you could do me a favor and take my e mail of that comment I did a couple entries back bro, thanks…never did hear from Maria but met some Rolos over the weekend out here and got some good contacts…any info on a private college called Universidad EAN cra 11 or something?……..


  3. these are an even more questionable hair choice than the “faux-hawk”


    I have a hairstyle right now I pretty much plan to keep until my death. It is most certainly not a mullet. Every culture and generation, though, needs one of those fashion periods they can eventually look back on and say “what were we thinking????”

    Looks like they will have theirs too.


  4. the standard medellin uniform: super tapered acid washed jeans with pockets in entirely illogical places (like the front of your thigh). either big hi-top sneakers like high top dunks, or some quasi soccer inspired horror of a sneaker, tight fitting t-shirt (non-sensical english writing a plus), or Medellin Nacional jersey, and the mullet, aka the Medellin Special. out of control.


  5. These badboys are not to be confused with the original ‘campesino mullet’ The paisa is in fact a modern hybrid of the campesino mullet which is often complimented with a thick moustache and a towel over the shoulder. Many of these classic mullets are left over from the 80s. I’ll try to get some examples, I feel this subject may warrant a dedicated colombian mullets webpage. Nice work!


  6. What a horrible haircut!!
    Im a paisa living in NC and I went to visit Medellin last Oct for the first time after 7 years, I found a beautiful city with a great improvement on almost every aspect but seeing every guy with the same ugly haircut was a disappointment, for a second I felt like I was in redneckland! Im goin back this Oct and Im hoping they didnt change the aguardiente for moonshine lol


  7. Hey Colin, you’re still a ‘tard – mulletted or not. Nice prose, you silly ?man? LOL!


  8. Conin, you are worthy of an ahmrican swithc kick in your Conan Briano. You silly twitt! lmao, you cia dork wannabe!


  9. Mullets should have died in the 80’s! … Sorry Alex, I totally forgot. I think I had a Colin sighting today in la Zona T … was going to say HI but I wasn’t really sure…


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