Zorreros: How to Move in Bogota

April 30 I moved out of my Chapinero apartment. I paid a zorrero, a guy who manages a big cart, to load up my stuff and run it to where I was going. I paid him 20,000 pesos ($10) for what took 2 trips, just over an hour of work.

This particular zorrero lives (most of the time) in the park outside Bogota’s Teatro Libre, around the corner from my place. As I understand it, he’s a former bazucero. He’s never asked me for change. The Mick and I woke him and the family up (they sleep in the cart) around 7am and we got to work.

The images of my moving everything I own this way should be interesting. Most were taken along a beautiful stretch of Carrera 9. Also on display is the extreme wealth disparity between the zorrero and the most expensive property in Colombia. Latin American countries have most of the world’s highest Gini coefficients, which measure income inequality.

The sorrero‘s second trip was interrupted at the Teatro Libre by a couple giant buses letting kids out for a field trip. Don’t like viewing my pics on my site? Add me on Facebook for easier viewing. By the way, I took most of these while riding my bike – mad skills!



  1. Hey Colin. I thik it’s spelled zorreros, because their cart is a zorra: any cart made of wood pieces, usually with four wheels. Four wheels that are, also usually, truck bearings.


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