Socialist Graffiti at Colombia’s National University

La Universidad Nacional de Colombia AKA “La Nacho” is the largest university in the country. It’s also a hotbed for extreme political views. While UPN may have more riots (my 1st time tear gassed), La Nacho’s riots are bigger (my 2nd time tear gassed).

Pictures include tributes to FARC terrorist and kidnapping innovator Mono Jojoy, and FARC figurehead Manuel Marulanda. Other graffiti supports Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, the ELN, and the Basque-Spanish separatists, ETA. The first shot of Che Guevara is a signature image of Bogota. One hot political topic at the time I got the pics were the planned US military bases in Colombia, which was ruled unconstitutional. Hence the ‘Yanquis Out’ and ‘No Gringo Bases’.

It’s only fair to note that these extreme political views – advocating history’s worst economic idea that was defeated in the public realm 20 years ago – and graffiti are perpetuated by a tiny minority of La Nacho students. I’ve met students who HATE those extremists and what they do to their school. So despite its overwhelming presence on campus, it doesn’t represent even a common opinion. Former Universidad Nacional dean and Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus once mooned a group of disorderly students, and his public support skyrocketed, propelling him to mayor of Bogota.

I took these pics in January 2011 and forgot to publish until now, so many have changed. Most pictures are written messages, but there are also non-political murals. For easier viewing of pictures, see the La Nacho Graffiti album on the Expat Chronicles FB page.



  1. In all fairness the Colombian political system isnt the most competent or responsive. The lack of development and extreme poverty naturally lead to extreme political expressions.


  2. I hear if you can get a chica from FARC JUVENTUD out to a dinner and a movie, the chances for carnal knowledge are pretty good.

    Did not see anything in praise of Chavez and his Bolivarian Circles?


  3. Darin – I believe most of the rioters come from good families. I’d guess they do it because they enjoy the drama.

    Jimmy – I didn’t catch that. A couple Bolivarian mentions but NO HUGO LOVE. Interesting.


  4. Well I think that Hugo Chavez isn’t there because everybody tends to identify him as a clown; he hasn’t the allure or personality of Che or Allende (which were also extremists and kind of crazy).
    I hate when there are protests in downtown because all the walls end up with the same non-sense; I wonder if they really believe in what the write or are just trying to fit in some groups…


  5. Every successful revolutionary I can think of came from a “good family” Think Che, Allende, Arbenz, etc….all came from financially stable, educated families. Hell, even the original American revolutionaries (Washington, Jefferson, Franklin) came from bourgeois families.


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