2012 Murals in Chapinero, Bogota

Take a Graffiti Tour in Bogota.

Bogota street artists update their work every couple years. You can see Chapinero murals from 2009 in the previous post, Chapinero in Pictures. Few of those remain. Below are the new editions.

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  1. Artists are starting to incorporate natural images. Lots of frogs and jungle. I like it.
  2. More and more, corporate acts are getting involved in Bogota street art. Most notable is Sprite, also Immortals (film) and Alcatraz (show).
  3. On Calle 57 west of Caracas (technically Teusaquillo, not Chapinero) is a huge Free Palestine mural by Toxicomano, Bogota’s most famous artists.
  4. Nature, corporate sponsors, Palestine, and large murals are grouped together.
  5. The image of a police officer on Calle 55 just east of Caracas (also known as the Mariachi block) is a new edition on what once was the top dope street in Chapinero. The coke spots shut down and the cop mural went up.
  6. One of the nature murals features an Indian shooting a blowgun – bad ass.
  7. I got the fresh Calle 53 mural in progress, with the artist. They’re starting to put out “Apoya Arte” (Support Art) cans for donations while they work, plus email addresses in their works.
For easier pic viewing, see the 2012 Chapinero Murals album on the Expat Chronicles FB page.



  1. Nice pics, I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago, great reading! I’ve been in Bogota for two months now.

    I happen to be living in Chapinero as well and I agree that it is also the best neighborhood in Bogota, I also ran into a few deported Colombians at a barber shop on calle 55.

    My facebook is full of graffiti pics, many the same ones that you posted, the one with the pumpkins on calle 69 is right beside my Spanish school. Keep up the good work


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