Pictures of Barranco in Lima, Peru

Pictures of Barranco, the artsy, bohemian neighborhood just south of Miraflores in Lima, Peru. Included are Bajada de BaƱos, San Francisco plaza, El Ermito church, Puente de Suspiros, murals, the coastline, residential areas, parks, etc.

For easier viewing see the Barranco, Lima album on the Expat Chronicles FB page. See Barranco murals or see Lima City of Kings, a city guide and culture blog for Lima, Peru.



  1. yeah walk during the day time, if you dress up or look foreigner and walk late after 10PM be ready to be mugged…unless you look like a poor hippie from the 70’s or achorado (tough poor guy) you should be OK. Lima is one of the most danger cities in Latin America.


  2. I am missing the rest of Barranco, where is Av. Grau, where the Metro super market plays a central role, opposoite it is a crazy antique “castle”, where are all the 1930s villas mostly in ruins and not-looked after ( SAn MArtin and near coast) , where is the Bolognesi with the fab metro-bus , and the countless run-down car shops , etc., AND IN THE TOURISTY SPHERE, how about a view at the ocean from the Malecon , rich mans blvd, fine indeed. Nevertheless, the pics you did makeare GREAT indeed.


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