Pictures of Miraflores in Lima, Peru

Pictures of the most happenin’ and upscale neighborhood in the heart of Lima: Miraflores. Included are Kennedy Park, Avenida Larco, Larcomar, Malecon and the coastline, Parque del Amor, residential areas, parks and gardens, and more.

For easier viewing see the Miraflores, Lima album on the Expat Chronicles FB page.

Check out Lima City of Kings, a city guide and blog for Lima.

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  1. Hey Colin!

    Long time no see – hope everything is ok on your side!

    Nice pics BTW; generally will have to catch up on some previous and missed articles…

    Incidently, was just having dinner, when a great multi-part travel documentary came on TV. The journey began in Alaska and ended in “Tierra del Fuego”. The traveler also passed trough Peru – still haven`t gave up my dream to see SA!

    Thats all for now,
    All the best & greets



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