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Articles with the most pageviews as of July 2012.


  1. 10 Things to Eat in Bogota
  2. Fruit in Colombia
  3. Vanity and Colombian Women
  4. Photo Exhibit in Bogota
  5. Paisas vs. Rolos, Medellin vs. Bogota


  1. Peruvian Food: The Best in Latin America
  2. The Final Word on Bricheras
  3. Pictures of Arequipa, Peru
  4. Cholos, Cholas, Cholo Power, and Cholita Brown
  5. Taxis in Colombia vs. Peru


  1. An American Prison Rape
  2. Scopolamine in Colombia
  3. South London Gangster in Colombia
  4. Deported Colombians from America
  5. Two Gringo Killers of Peruvian Women


  1. Economics of a Bogota Drug Dealer
  2. The MIA Incident
  3. Lame Ass Visit to Villa de Leyva
  4. My War on Drugs Rant
  5. Yaje / Ayahuasca in Colombia

Contributed Stories

  1. Bus Blow Job in Venezuela
  2. Private Man’s Vasectomy Venture
  3. Chasing Women in China
  4. Roosh V’s Colombian Virgin
  5. Locked Up in Arequipa, Peru


  1. Medellin’s Parque Lleras
  2. Bogota’s Zona Rosa
  3. Lima’s Miraflores
  4. Lima’s Barranco
  5. Bogota’s Galerias

Book Reviews

  1. Colombia Bang by Roosh V
  2. Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden
  3. The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa
  4. Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
  5. The Fish that Ate the Whale by Rich Cohen

Most Commented

  1. Dedicated to My Haters
  2. All Colombian Women Cheat
  3. The Murder of Noah Goldberg AKA ‘Medellin Paisa’
  4. We’re Not All Americans, You Dumb Asses
  5. Censorship and the Image of Colombia

Colin’s Favorites

  1. The Mick’s Prison Murder
  2. Does Sex Tourism Save Lives?
  3. A Gringo’s Guide to Salsa
  4. Weightlifting in Latin America
  5. My First KO in Peru


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