Succession S4 E3 Alternate Ending: ‘Relief’

This is an alternate ending to HBO series Succession’s episode, “Connor’s Wedding” (fourth season, third episode. Highly recommended series. If you’re not watching, catch up. Spoilers follow.

The plane has not landed. Frank, Karl, Karolina and Tom have just finished drafting a statement about Logan.

Photo credit: The Ringer

Tom looks at their faces. They’re exhausted. Everybody needs a break. He guesses Frank will sink in a chair and read the Times. Karl will knock back another scotch and line up an escort for New York. Karolina will draft guidance for the social media team. Hard worker.

“I’m going to see how she’s doing,” Tom said.

“I’ll email you the statement draft,” Karolina said.

“Don’t bother,” Tom said. “I’ll handle.”

Tom stood up and walked toward the aisle at the back of the conference area, toward the cabins. He closed the curtain behind him as he gave a salutary nod to nobody. He eyed Kerry’s door and knocked softly. He tried the knob, didn’t wait. It was unlocked. He entered the room and found a surprised Kerry at the desk, working on her laptop. She closed out an Outlook window.

“Tom, you scared me,” Kerry said.

“You looked pretty relieved back there,” Tom smiled. “You should smile like that on the news hour.”

Kerry’s eyes widened. A deer in headlights. Tom lifted his eyebrows and leaned in, as if letting her in on a secret. Like best of friends.

“I’d be relieved too …” he said, then whispered, “If I didn’t have to fuck an 80-year-old anymore.”

Her jaw dropped, eyes still wide. He grinned and waved it off.

“I’m kidding,” he said, resuming a normal voice of an executive. “You’re in a bit of a bind now though. You’ve lost your patron. Your benefactor.”

He took off his jacket and hung it on the doorknob.

“Do you know Roman is taking over ATN?” he asked. “Have you spoken to him?”

Kerry sat in her chair, frozen.

“What do you think he’d say if he heard about that shining smile back there, that you’ve been holding out on us?”

Kerry trembled slightly as Tom approached her. He let the tension sit, then laughed out loud. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell!”

Kerry’s eyes followed Tom’s hands as he unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor. Then his underwear. He pointed his hard dick at her face.

“Suck my dick,” he instructed.

Kerry looked at his dick, took it in her hand. She took it in her mouth and started sucking. Tom looked up and exhaled . He unbuttoned his shirt and opened it up so he could see her unobstructed. Her eyes were closed.

“Suck it like your job depends on it,” he said. Her eyes looked up at him. She took it out of her mouth and touched the tip of her tongue to his tip, then glided her tongue down the right side of his shaft to the base. Then back to the tip. She did the same down the left side and back, then the bottom. Then she took his balls in her mouth for a moment, clutched them in her hand and went back to sucking.

Tom pondered what he would do with her. Probably a week before the funeral, then what? Take her back to the house? Too intimate. Not just the two of them. He’d bring Greg. They’d both fuck her. Maybe get her hopped up on coke. He’ll have Greg get one of those eightballs he gets for Kendall. On second thought, Tom decided against fucking her. He’d have Greg fuck her, and he’d just watch. Maybe capture some of it on his phone.

“Let’s hurry it up,” Tom said. Kerry started sucking faster and Tom closed his eyes. He imagined Greg fucking Kerry on his couch doggystyle. Tom pulling her hair up and feeding her a key bump of coke. He’d put a bump on Greg’s dick, probably eight inches of dick, and have her snort and suck it off. His minions fucking each other, getting off on each other. Team Tom. The idea stirred the orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum. Suck it all out,” Tom said. Kerry kept sucking as he climaxed. He was careful not to groan. Don’t want the C-suite to find out.

“Swallow it,” Tom commanded. Kerry swallowed.

Tom buttoned his trousers and shirt, then put his suit jacket back on. Kerry held her hand to her mouth and moved for the bed.

“I’m going to check on the team,” Tom said. “Good talk.” He closed the door behind him and returned to the lounge.

Frank, Karl and Karolina had migrated to their own couches. Karl was nursing a new drink. Everybody turned their attention from their devices to him.

“She doesn’t need to see the statement,” Tom announced. “She’s still absorbing. Let’s just leave her alone.”

Tom passed through the lounge to the front cabin. His father in law, the old war horse, was still on the floor, covered in a sheet. Still dead.

Even dead, what a force. Only a force of nature could bring on the coming storm. The coming war. Go Team Tom.

This is one of my first attempts at fiction. I am a needy bitch desperate for affirmation. If you’d like me to continue this kind of writing, leave a comment. Here are suggestions.

  • Good = Keep it up!
  • OK = Don’t quit your day job.
  • Bad = [no comment]

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