Peru’s President Embarrasses Venezuela Regime

I was featured again on Caracas Chronicles, the web’s best place to watch the battle for Venezuela. In Why Peru’s calls for change are the loudest, I was given a little speculative freedom to explain why Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has emerged as the leading voice in calling for regime change.

In other words, as opposed to my last piece on Caracas Chronicles, this one is more Expat Chronicles voice than Peru Reports voice.

They asked for a piece after Kuczynski gave a speech at his Princeton University on politics in Latin America. Watch his response to a Venezuela question below:

Apparently Kuczynski telling Venezuela’s foreign minister and one of regime’s top psychos, Delcy Rodriguez, that her government was “unsustainable” was hilarious to Caracas Chronicles founder Francisco Toro. So he asked for a piece just as the news started to escalate and, during the production process, culminated in PPK recalling Peru’s ambassador to Venezuela.

Here’s the article kicker:

What I mean, though, is that Venezuela is no longer just something Peruvians learn about through the media. When Kuczynski warned that “you’re going to have boat people going to Curacao, you’re going to have people marching into Colombia, you’re going to have planes arriving in relatively nice places like Peru,” that’s not some wild projection about the future. It’s already happening, and no amount of Telesur headlines about how “Venezuela rejects Kuczynski’s insults against Latin America” is going to change that.

And here’s an exclusive peak inside the sausage making. The Caracas Chronicles team made a dozen or so minor edits to my original draft, all of which made it read better. But let’s look at one edit for content:

Kuczynski was already Venezuela’s leading critic, until the Vatican-sponsored dialogue took the wind out of his sails. But with dialogue failed and elections on ice, Kuczynski has resumed taking his shots. Last month he unveiled a special visa to allow 6,000 Venezuelans to study, work and receive health services in Peru.

I had originally written “But with dialogue failed and elections cancelled …” That was changed by the CC team to “elections on ice.”

Caracas Chronicles is a big, important website with many times the traffic of Expat Chronicles, and even more influence. So I understand their need to be careful, especially when it comes to current negotiations.

But I just wanted to say somewhere, that elections in Venezuela were fucking CANCELLED.

Go read the full article at


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