Trump Train in Peru

I’m riding my bicycle within a bike path, with the boy in the child’s seat, stopped at a red light. Another cyclist pulls up alongside and starts a conversation in English.

“Do you want to know how to make your child to do everything you ever say?”

He told me the secret was in a book called To Train Up a Child by Michael Pearl. He added that spanking is the only way to get children to be obedient, and that the book is especially useful for parents with daughters.

I told him that I am aware of how spanking is falling out of favor in Gringolandia, but my family does spank. Although at this stage it’s more slaps on the wrist, and only for the three-year-old.


I had never heard of Michael Pearl, so I didn’t know where this conversation was going. The next questions were, “Are you American?” and “Are you Christian?”

By “Christian” he meant Catholic or Protestant, as opposed to the Spanish word “cristiano,” which means Protestant. As the conversation went on, it became clear he wanted to know if I were Jewish or Atheist.

The light turned green, and we proceeded down the avenue. We’re riding slowly in order to talk.

And then: “Are you a Republican?”

“Well I don’t like Trump,” I replied. I tried changing the subject. “Where did you learn English?”

He lived in the United States for over a decade. The places were not big cities like Chicago or Atlanta, nor medium cities like St. Louis or Detroit. They were small cities.

“Why don’t you like Trump?” he asked.

I replied that my overarching political issue is economics, and Trump is a marked departure from classic economic theory and what has come to be known as orthodox economics. I said that while some of his economic policies make sense, his trade policies in particular are insane. A trade war, which looks more likely every day, could prove disastrous for the United States.

Maybe he was looking for common ground. He agreed there may be an economic crisis under Trump. He pointed out that all the banks are controlled by Jews and Freemasons, and the Jew-Mason alliance hates Trump. They will probably engineer some kind of economic crash during his term to discredit him.

He went on for a long time about Jews and Freemasons, and their history in determining the world’s trajectory. He pointed out that the Jews allied with the Muslims in the Moors’ conquest of Spain.

He said that the Catholic Church is independent of this Jew-Mason alliance, but that they often cooperate. He said Pope Francis is a communist, but Lima Archbishop Juan Luis Cipriani is staying true to the Church.

He said he likes Trump because he is going to ally with Russia. Russia’s government is embracing the Orthodox Church, and an alliance between the United States (a country with historically fewer Freemasons in government compared to the rest of the world, he says) and Russia would serve as a counterweight to the influence of the Jew-Mason alliance. He does not want to see the United States go to war with Russia, two of the world’s most important Christian nations.

He said that if he were American, he would appreciate Trump’s efforts to clamp down on immigration, “so that the United States doesn’t become a third-world country.”

Maybe I tried again to change the subject at this point, or maybe I just couldn’t help myself.

“What newspapers do you read?” I asked.

He reads news almost exclusively in English, and all online. His preferred site is Breitbart.

I asked about El Comercio. He said that while the paper isn’t run by Jews, the family behind El Comercio is very liberal, so liberal they might as well be Jews.

He talked at least five times as much as I did, if not 10 times, dominating about 90% of the exchange. He urged me to attend church more often. I assured him that all my children were baptized, and they would all be confirmed.

The Kicker

Everything so far was maybe worthy of mention, or maybe none of it. But the real kicker came at the end. When I reached my destination, I initiated the goodbye. And he departed with:

“You have a beautiful son. Please have many children. We need more white people in Peru.”



  1. My son is 19 now and I never spanked him. How did that work out? He has never talked back to me or been impatient with me or disobedient. I couldn’t ask for a better son. I love him and I admire him for his self control. He was a much better son that I was. I laid down rules when he was a child and he obeyed. If you can’t get a child to obey your commands, then maybe you need to spank them.


  2. Steve,

    I was surprised to see the anti-spank thing coming from the APA, which lends more credibility. I would’ve thought it was a PC thing.

    Either way, we’re not brutal. Weeks go by without a wrist slap. But sometimes there’s just no reasoning with a three-year-old.


  3. Some kids you dont have to spank. Others kids need to be thumped occasionaly or they will spin out of control . I used to get swats in middle and high school if I got out of control. It only hurt for a few minutes. It teaches respect for authority.


  4. He’s right about the immigration thing. Unless you want first World countries to become shit holes, limiting immigration from third World dumps is the right way to go.


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