An Extended Profile of Peru’s PPK

I recently contributed an extended profile of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, one of Peru’s candidates in today’s runoff election, for Caracas Chronicles.

See the article here:

PPK: The Peruvian Antidote to Populism?

Contributing for Caracas Chronicles is a huge honor for me as it is one of the best blogs in Latin America. And it has entertained me for literally hundreds of hours since I started reading almost a decade ago.

I reviewed Blogging the Revolution, the book by blog founders Francisco Toro and Juan Cristobal Nagel, here:

RIP: My Hugo Chavez Rant

I finished the book in just over a day. Like the blog, it’s such fun reading because it features wonky economics written in humor from bicultural guys — Venezuelan first — who know Latin culture. Absolutely hilarious.

So I am thrilled to contribute. Here’s that link again:

PPK: The Peruvian Antidote to Populism?

The piece I wrote is about Peru’s investor-favorite candidate son of European immigrants. At 5 p.m. in Peru, it looks like he’s going to edge Keiko Fujimori, the longtime favorite. Catch up on all the election news and drama that had been developing on Peru Reports 2016 elections coverage.

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