Vanity and Colombian Women

There’s something different about Colombian women. They take extraordinary pride in their beauty.

colombian-cupid-buttonDon’t get me wrong, most beautiful women are vain. I almost married a gringa five years ago. This beautiful gringa had a gang of hot gringa friends, and their favorite time of the night was picture-taking. They knew how to pose and smile. Then they’d all clamor to look at the pictures, and I knew each one was clamoring to look at herself.

Vanity is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.

Latinas are a more feminine breed and they take picture-taking to a new level. Colombianas are the worst, maybe because of the model industry in their country. Any day of the week, check out the Colombia Reports Lite page. The entire celebrity gossip scene in Colombia is about models. Their beauty pageants make national news. The pageant winners are household names. People worship these silly bitches.

In America beauty pageant winners are largely a joke. They’re morons. In Colombia they’re glorified. Unfortunately, normal Colombian girls aspire to be models.

I have Facebook friends who have albums of themselves. Not just photos, albums. Each album may have 20 – 50 photos, and some have a dozen or so albums. Some even create Facebook fan pages for themselves! Their albums feature photos of them sitting or standing in the exact same place. They’re holding their camera out, changing position or smile, and snapping off dozens and dozens of shots of themselves with slight tweaks to their eyes, smiles, etc. I’ve never seen such vanity in my life.

Vanity is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.

I didn’t realize this until I was in Medellin one night and a paisa chick, trying to flirt, asked me for my camera. She said she loves photos. She proceeded to take shots of herself. She changed angles, smiles, her eyes. She didn’t change them, she merely tweaked them, for dozens of shots. Dozens. By the time she gave the camera back, she’d deleted all except her favorite. That was the moment I realized the vanity in Colombian women.

There was another Colombian girl with whom I had a very brief affair. She was proud to be a part of a model agency. She was cute, but certainly no model. I almost wanted to tell her, “Honey, you’re great, but stop this model nonsense. You’ll never be a model.” She was one of these models that worked as a brand girl in Centromayor or whatever, selling laundry detergent or what have you.

In Colombia there’s this unhealthy glorification of models and immaculate beauty. It’s fucked up.

I also think it’s a reason why Colombia has such a VAST PROSTITUTION INDUSTRY. And why Colombian women have so much power over their men. Shit, in almost every gringo-colombiana couple I know, the woman has all the power in the relationship.

To the men, let’s put these silly bitches in their place. They might be fine, but as a wise man once told me, “No matter how fine she seems, keep in mind that some guy is tired of fucking her.”

If in doubt of what I’m saying, go through your Facebook female friends from Colombia. See how many of them have ALBUMS and ALBUMS of themselves, nobody else, themselves in the same spot, with dozens and dozens of photos of themselves in the same spot, slightly tweaked. They get off on themselves. It’s quasi-gay if you ask me.

UPDATE: I’ve been FB deleted by at least two people because of this article 🙂

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  1. Yes Colombian girls are quite vain but most of the posts here why much of the rest of the ex pat population of Bogota know that The Ugly American is not just a bar there but also not a bad comment at all on a certain type of arrogant misogynistic Yank assclown


  2. ps quasi-gay? lol. The US may have economic power but sadly not a few Yanks were at the back of the queue when charm and manners were given out – some lovely people there, but overall the rudest most officious and boorish country i have visited


  3. though having read the comments of Pedro he proves that there are assclowns in Europe too. Push off back to Spain Pedro, if thats how you feel. I am sure Colombia wont miss you. As a country probably now got more going for it that almost bankrupt Spain (and I have quite a few Spanish friends so no disrespect to the population in general)


  4. I have to agree, First off I am Latin American half Costa Rican with long full hair, small waist quite curvy.Born in the US. I am married to an amazing, educated & hot white man. I speak from, experience colombian women are the most vain, conceited & competitive I have ever came across. I had a gf who was colombian she was so competitive & jealous with me she would try to take any gorgeous guys mostly white ] that liked me first and there was many.They ended up ignoring her and still hitting on me. I have heard many people & friends, gf’s say that Colombian think & act like they are the most beautiful and sexiest than any other Latin American country. I have seen many from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica that are much prettier than any women from Colombia. I agree they are very vain & arrogant. There is tons of plastic surgery there too.


  5. These comments are spot on. You will absolutely love this story… Although it’s difficult to paint them all with one brush, I would say the paisa region is notably the worst for its vanity and lack of morality… My experience with some of them was extremely good, but I wasn’t as close with those ones as the others. On the other hand, I dealt with a bunch that was mindbendingly painful… Literally kill with kindness, biggest group of lying cheating women you will ever encounter in your life. Smoking hot physically, with fake everything, and I mean fucking everything… Fake breasts, fake butt, fake stomach, basically a brand new human being after the surgeries are completed… Pretty interesting actually, for the very low price of $5,000 USD and some bj’s, they will give you a fake personality, attitude and life to boot… They are very street-savvy, raised to hustle any and everyone they come across. Not smart about it at all though, it’s actually comical. when my ex, who one could say caused this bitter response would ask for money, I would send her maybe on average $125 a month, for about a month period, and share the begging “corazon, usted no entender, neccesita dinero por _____”, message with my friends who would all laugh.. Then I’d send her the money, because at worst, I would be able to enjoy colombia, have a good looking chick by my side who knows the country, and a woman I could have sex with; legit tradeoff. This money would cover her phone bill that she facetimed me from everyday, and her rides to her business wear she sold knock-off clothes… If they are from a lower strata, the generational poverty mindset accompanied by the displacement in the country and severe competitive dog eat dog mentality there has created a pervasive culture that eats itself alive. Morality is out of the question, Que Dios Bendigo, which they say all the time, is anything but carried out… The men and women are Absolutely not faithful. The minute my ex turned her back, her hot cousin who wasn’t filled with plastic and was a normal woman told me the absolute truth about her, of which I suspected in due time, she’s a prepaga (callgirl, escort for those who don’t know)… Will even go to lengths to fuck their first cousins that are male, if he buys them knockoff reeboks. Lol… Instead of going to school, having dignity, integrity, self-respect, accountability to your community (you know things that create and maintain 1st world countries and differentiate them from 3rd world countries) I have encountered extreme vanity, and a general lack of morality, even though they know right from wrong… Which makes sense. How in the fuck could you live in paradise with an abundance of resources from a perfect harvesting climate and be rich in oil, gas, coal, gold, other precious metals, (fucking emeralds are mined there for crying out loud) and still have such poverty that creates such a mentality of desperation where every person outside of your culture you come across is prey… The lies are compounding, and God forbid you call them out on it, they will rarely admit and if they do, expect an excuse to accompany the lie, no apology, and possibly never talking to them again… Pretty fucking cool and normal right? No… Not at all… Then they’ll scheme a visa through chain migration (the diasporas in Orlando, Miami and NYC are notorious for this) save the money you sent them for a one way plane ticket to one of those three cities or the biggest armpit in America known as New Jersey (also a massive Colombian diaspora Elizabeth NJ, and the surrounding communities), and sell their body on backpge. 1/3 of their earnings will go to their expenses (food, rent, beauty supplies, summers eve, more bootleg clothes to bring back and sell at store or friends store in hometown of Colombia), 1/3rd will go to driver who assists in advertising on backpage, and 1/3 they keep themselves. They turn an average of 5 tricks a day at 150 a pop, about 20 days out of the month. So they make roughly $5,000 a month take home after they pay out the other 2/3rds (tax-free obviously), but bring back roughly $2,000 a month, and then they will leave a month before their tourist visa expires after 5 months, and plan a trip back to the USA. Or if their visa is denied for whatever shady shit they were semi or fully involved with, they’ll just go to Panama or Aruba, and sell sex for money to tourists, gringos, ten to fifteen years older, smelly, out of shape, on viagra.

    However, empathatically put yourself in their shoes… Practically all the men are unfaithful in this culture, so dog eat dog is created. Vengeance is at a high when it comes to the damage a nice man will encounter because of shit an ex has done to them. Higher education, if you can afford it and are from a strata where you have a reliable network to get yourself a job that contributes and assists the society, rarely pays it dividends for at least a 10 year period. Which is precisely why they go the plastic surgery/prepaga route, which coincidentally can assist them in gaining an education because now they can pay for it… Trust, all time low, corruption although being fought at the forefront now more than ever, has permeated the culture to the point where they would eat their own dogs food and lie to its face afterwards… It’s actually really sad. Because although they are friendly, welcoming and kind, the truth behind their character can be so deceiving that it will turn you off from their culture completely.

    Take it or leave it, America isn’t perfect, I’d take one of these broads unknowingly signing a pre-nup over a mega-arrogant gringa who hates you and wants to suck your wallet dry any day of the week.


  6. All of this ranting about Colombiana’s supposedly being the most beautiful women on the planet.Wake up men it’s a myth.All foreign men need to understand any women from 3rd world country’s need and want recognition and that covers all of South America.I’ve lived in Colombia 18 years and yes I’m a western gringo with beautiful baby blue eyes,Whoopi so what.South America women crave attention in general.The majority live with family all of their lives just like their loser boyfriends ie husbands live with family,how productive is that? I could care less about these hoe’s especially when the majority wear hand me down clothes from other family members,news flash men.Yes women hit on me alot however unlike other ignorant foreigners I never pay them.

    @ getout – Facts are facts tell Colombians to get out of the U S there’s only 5 million of them here but only 23,000 western Americans in Colombia that rarely stay long for obvious reasons.Tell the president of Colombia to quit begging for money.The U S only gIves Colombia 450 million each year which they never repay the U S taxpayers,figure it out puta.

    @ cela – There’s nothing exotic about high maintenance puta Colombiana’s that lives with family for life.

    @ Catalina – Catalina hum? Sounds like the name of cheap salad dressing I’ve never tried obviously.Tell your president to stop begging for money each year from the U S. over 450 million to be exact each year that’s never paid back to U S taxpayers.I wouldn’t fuck you with your dick CATTY.

    @ Peruvian gal – All Peruviana’s look like pigmey’s truth be known.Sawed off at 5 foot even or less for the most part.Marriage match makers are more prevelant in Peru than any Latin American country for this reason.It’s hard to match throw away Peruviana’s.A cross between Chinese and African I’d say,the missing link,to say the least.Peruviana’s heads are good for one thing and one thing only.TO SET MY BEER ON,because inside of their heads is nothingness.If you hear something that sounds like a rattle it’s just a Peruviana walking.

    @ Colombian Girl – All foreigners know Colombiana’s are opportunists living in a 3rd world country.Hum family is so so important in Colombia? It’s obvious as to why that’s the case.Colombiana’s are coached by their mothers to bring home the bacon to her ie money,just like momma did before.It’s a family tradition.Colombiano’s are the same living with family for life.Football and drinking heavily is Colombian life with both gendres.I’m far too intelligent to allow any Colombiana to try and catch me with her womanly wilds.I sit in my penthouse in Colombia and watch the hamsters go round and round on the wheel far below.Its entertaining to throw 100 usd in quarters from the 23rd floor and watch the maggots scramble for change.


  7. “Well” ? Well, you’re most likely the OP using another email. It all comes down to money, which you don’t have and don’t actually live in a penthouse, anywhere.
    But it all does come down to money. Talk about money? Uh Panama canal was stolen by the us in a deal, it belonged to Colombia til Nixon decided to make it. The US made a shit ton of cash with the coke, and helped set up the crackhead prison system that’s in play in the US, which is a money machine, and control.
    You’re pretty much a person who was uninteresting and became a victim to women. Now all you can do is blog about it.
    The racist chick that went on about her deficient DNA, guess what, everyone has blue eyes, some people just create pigment over theirs, little pigment means green. You’re deficient and our inferior DNA will get taken over if we mate with someone darker, making darker people actually genetically superior.
    Just admit it though all you guys who posted, you wanted some free easy sex with attractive women, fell in love, and weren’t good enough, now you’re mad. You all fell in love but couldn’t make those women love you back, because you’re pathetic for taking such a route, pathetic from the start and they knew it.
    They know you’re trash in your own society and nothing to the women here, so went there and got used.
    But on top of it, there’s nowhere else for you to go exploit women’s bodies and economic condition. You wouldn’t last as a colombian and they know that, and don’t respect you for it. You can’t win someone’s heart when your heart can’t even beat in their world.
    You hide behind money and think you’re better, but you were just born luckier, and still had to go mess with people less lucky than you because you’re not desirable back home.
    Come on Mr “well” please respond to this so I can rip you apart proper.


  8. Oh and for the record I live in New York. Here you need 5000 USD per month just to be considered by a woman, and not an attractive one. Maybe thats why some of you feel the need to go exploit women from other countries. I mean why would you go through all that trouble when there’s women in America too, even Colombians. Well, we know why. Because you can’t, you need an edge, something to give them incentive to mess with you. And once they use you like you use them, you get hurt and hold a grudge. You got no business talking about women who exist in conditions you wouldn’t have the balls to live in.
    They know how weak you are, and they would never actually take you seriously in their world.


  9. Buster, please stop making an ass of yourself with your unfounded criticism. Some of us, me, didn’t go out of our way to Colombia to get laid or meet women or engage in any vices. Quite the opposite, we went to explore the good things about your country and ignored the critics before we visited. However, what we encountered were experiences that perpetuate the negative stereotypes… Listen to your mindset, “here you need at least 5k a month to even be considered by a good looking woman.” Ive been to NYC plenty of times making far less than that and hooked up with dimes on merit. So how do you respond to that? And I’m from the Chi, not shithole smelly ass 3rd world replica NYC… Did it ever occur to you that maybe we hadn’t experienced poverty like such over there and felt so damn sorry for them that lending them money to help them seemed like a good hearted gift? It’s not like I met some chick on-line dude. I met some girl at a Colombian wedding who persistently called me in front of her family every day for damn near a year until I went to visit her… So yeah, I got played a fool and I was naive. Who wouldn’t be? I don’t see dudes from other countries coming here by themselves and making their way in white communities not knowing the language and nailing dimes off the bat. So don’t act like you’re superior when the shoe is on the other foot.. Most of y’all marry the ugliest gringa you can get and tote her around like some fucking trophy. If you’re wondering who the free beers are from whenever you go to the bar with the hog you found out in the cornfield that was getting tag-teamed, it’s us Gringos, thanking your dumbass.


  10. Hehe all I get from this post and some of the previous comments is that you all match the ‘gringo’ stereotype too well -idiots who think they’re the center of the world while at the same time wouldn’t be able to pinpoint “America” in a map if they were asked to. The reason why you all end up dating these women is because in the end, you’re just as hollow as them and no decent woman would ever date you. Waching some of you refer to the “1st world” and the “3rd world” just makes me crack and reveals how ignorant you are. @Well, instead of sitting down in your penthouse you should just jump off the window. You’re not intelligent… you’re just an unlovable asshole.


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