Anapoima in Pictures

Anapoima is a clean, upscale pueblo south of Bogota. As in all of the Colombian countryside, the views are spectacular. I went with The Mick and his two friends.

Anapoima is an upper-class getaway, so it was dead for years because of widespread kidnappings. The 90s were safe enough in the protected parts of Bogota, but people with money didn’t leave the city, especially not for an upscale destination.

There are also pictures of a parade. They held a festival to celebrate Colombian culture. I got in a flour and paint fight with some brats – they won. I thought the Carnaval de Negros was interesting. In America, racial issues are sensitive. You wouldn’t see parents painting their kids in black face to represent Black History Month, especially in a small town with no black people.


See the Anapoima, Colombia album on the Expat Chronicles FB page for easier viewing..


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