Sucker Free

Are you facing prison and nervous about your prospects?

Or are you tired of walking out of your way to avoid the neighborhood bullies beating you up?

Are you a father whose son faces these situations?

If so, I wrote Sucker Free just for you.

Sucker Free is an actionable program to build the skills to fight anybody, and to stop being afraid.

After almost 20 years of trial and error in different sports and training programs, I have identified the fastest and most efficient path to becoming truly “bully-proof.”

My Story

It doesn’t matter why, but too many times I didn’t fight back out of fear or not knowing how.

I knew what it was like to be the class clown and I couldn’t stand being at the bottom of the pecking order. So I tried to compensate by hanging out with troubled boys. “Wiggers” and “burnouts” were some of the terms back in the 90s.

I started smoking cigarettes, stealing, and committing vandalism. Later came drugs and alcohol. I made friends with boys who had been in juvenile detention and others who were in gangs.

When I was 18 I was arrested for two felonies. Change didn’t happen right away, but looking back I see that night in jail was a turning point in my life. The other inmates were big black guys and brawny trailer park types – all grown men. Physically, I was still a boy.

I realized that if I were locked up long-term in an environment like that, I would have to resist grown men trying to take advantage of me or push me around.

I received a suspended sentence of three years contingent on five years of probation.

I cleaned up my act. I went to college and got good grades. But for all of those five years, the threat of prison loomed.

I did not simply wait and hope to get through probation without any violations. I started my physical education. I started training.

My journey was born out of a fear of prison. I just wanted to be physically tough enough not to be targeted. But over the years the goals morphed. From amateur boxer to powerlifter, I forgot about the threat of jail. I enjoyed sports and physical education for their own sake.

Since my journey began, I am a different man. I can’t imagine anybody knocking books out of my hands or hitting me in the face.

I don’t look for trouble, but I have been in several fights in the street and in bars. Every incident went the same way. Regardless of who threw the first punch, the fight was over as soon as I started punching.