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An American Prison Rape

The most visited article of all time has nothing to do with Latin America. A true story told by a friend who did three years in a southern prison.

The Mick’s Prison Murder

The most sensational chapter from Mad Outta Me Head, a memoir about Christopher “The Mick” Kavanagh, about his participation in the murder of a fellow inmate.

Ten Things to Eat in Bogota

Colombian food is the worst on the continent. These are the few good items to eat. Make sure you write them down!


Scopolamine in Colombia

When I heard about this drug after arriving in Colombia, and learned it was true, I quit drinking for six months.


Ten Things to Do in Lima

Top tourist activities in the “City of Kings” including the Magic Water Circuit, La Punta del Callao, Miraflores, Barranco, paragliding, downtown walking tour and more.

Most Commented

There was some overlap with pageviews, so some of these should be in the list above. Many of the most inflammatory pieces I published circa 2011 to 2012 have been taken down, so these are the chaps left standing.

All Colombian Women Cheat

With 200+ comments and counting, this is the article that won’t go away. My article itself isn’t much, but the personal anecdotes and colorful language in the comments perpetuate themselves.


Colombian Food: Worst of the Worst

With 100+ comments and counting, this explains why eating in Colombia is not meant to be enjoyed, only to sustain the human organism.


Colombia vs. Peru for Expats

While I ultimately chose Peru, most of the comments are actually Peruvians who take issue with my portrayal of Peru as less developed.


Peruvian Food: The Best in Latin America

The best plates in the country with the best food on the continent including ceviche, causa, tacu tacu, seco de cordero and more.


The Murder of Noah Goldberg AKA ‘Medellin Paisa’

Noah Goldberg was an American offering services to sex tourists in Medellin, Colombia, and his way of doing business led to his downfall.


These could fall under categories like “ugly American” or “politically incorrect.”

Does Sex Tourism Save Lives?

Response to a Colombia Reports op-ed alleging that sex tourism in a country is merely a function of poverty.


Why You Should NOT Work Abroad

Point-by-point response to a popular blog article by Mark Manson recommending that young people work overseas.


Never Underestimate the Feet Vote

Explaining the importance of the “feet vote” and how it manifests in Latin America and beyond. Different ways to view how actions speak louder than words.


Expats > Regular Gringos

My thoughts on why, in time, expats in Latin America may come to prefer the company of other expats in Latin America over non-expat gringos.


Is Soccer a Gay Sport?

Discussing the pros and cons of soccer and its growing popularity in the United States. For more brilliant soccer-bashing see all articles on the soccer tag.

Colin’s Faves

Under construction. For now I have mostly crime features.

Deported Colombians from America

A gritty feature on the community of deported Colombians who grew up and did time in the United States before coming back to adapt to a foreign land.

South London Gangster in Colombia

Excerpt from “Mad Outta Me Head” on John Rowley, a British gangster who lived fast and died young in Colombia after fleeing the aftermath of the Brinks-Mat heist.

Two Gringo Killers of Peruvian Women

The stories of Joran van der Sloot and  William Tricket Smith III, two gringos who were found guilty of the high-profile murders of two Peruvian women in Lima.

Our Big Pregnancy Scare

Describing my wife’s latest pregnancy scare after having three children in just over three years. And what it’s like to be the father in a family of five.


Kingdom of Thieves in Bogota

An excerpt from Mad Outta Me Head about the old El Cartucho district of Bogota, which was a un-policed, gated area of illegal drugs and addiction controlled by gangs.

Book Reviews

I don’t really do these anymore because it’s a tremendous amount of work. These are the most popular, see the books tag for more.

Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden

Definitive post on Pablo Escobar, cocaine kingpin who terrorized Colombia in the 1980s and 1990s. This post was published before “Narcos” and “Patron del Mal.”

Rafael Trujillo’s Dominican Republic

The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa looks at the Dominican Republic’s brutal 30-year dictatorship under Rafael Trujillo and the fascinating conspiracy that toppled him.

Henry Miller’s Expat Exploits in Tropic of Cancer 

Tropic of Cancer, the signature novel by fellow degenerate expat and ugly American Henry Miller. The Expat Chronicles of the Lost Generation based in postwar France.

Gringo Mule in Bolivian Prison

Marching Powder by Rusty Young looks at San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia from the point of view of Thomas McFadden, who did four years for drug trafficking.

Banana Gringo Runs Central America

The Fish that Ate the Whale by Rich Cohen follows the life of Sam Zemurray, a Jewish immigrant to New Orleans who built a banana empire which ultimately inspired coups in Guatemala and Nicaragua, among other adventures.