Arequipa Travel Guide

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yanahuara-plaza arequipa peruArequipa Travel Guide is the best source of information on the market for visiting the White City (La Ciudad Blanca). The book’s tourism recommendations include all the must-see destinations and off-the-beaten-path¬†options, plus a downtown walking tour with detailed instructions and links to the route on Google Maps.

An entire chapter is devoted to Arequipa’s gastronomy, which is hard to find in Lima or anywhere else in Peru outside Arequipa. The book includes profiles of the top local dishes and reviews of the best restaurants in Arequipa.

doble-rocoto-relleno-pastel-papa-chicharron-soltero-queso arequipa peruThe guide also includes detailed information about how to take public buses and private taxi cabs. Written by an expat who publishes leading websites about life in Peru, Arequipa Travel Guide is packed with useful tips including weather and what to wear, festivals and events, visas, money, safety, neighborhoods, hotels, nightlife, museums and recreation.

toro-arequipeno-pelea-sabandia-molino arequipa peruWhether you stay in Arequipa for one day or one year, you will find this guide enhances your stay in Peru’s White City.

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