Maca Nitro for Going HAM

Alternate Title: Training Videos for Peruvian Naturals Marketing

I video-recorded a few sets from Monday’s workout for a Peruvian Naturals blog article pushing Maca Nitro for Power and Sports Performance. I published the article for a new distributor in Brazil who is focused on the sports and fitness market. They’re selling Maca 800mg tablets and Maca Nitro, so I decided to throw them some linkage and publicity.

I remember from two things about Portuguese my one-week visit to Brazil in 2007:

  1. Obrigado means “thank you.”
  2. Portuguese speakers understand Spanish, but Spanish speakers don’t understand Portuguese.

Hence I make the pitch in Spanish after English. Although in hindsight I wish I would have scripted something, instead of shooting from the hip while breathing hard.

I personally designed Maca Nitro, it wasn’t a pre-existing product. I used to take a product in Colombia called CafeTab, made of ground coffee and some B-Vitamins. They weren’t very strong, but I liked the more natural ingredients than your standard pre-workout mix. Over the years I played with the idea of launching an all-natural caffeine / energy pill under the Peruvian Naturals brand.

Last year I did just that, combining 500mg of green coffee and 300mg of Maca. It’s nowhere near as strong as the chemical pre-workout options, but that’s the idea. I’m going to be 40 next year, and I’m more conscious of longevity. I’m not sure ingesting those whacked-out energy blends three to four times a week for 30 years has a net-positive effect on your life span. So the idea is to take something natural. Enter green coffee and maca.

But it’s not as strong, so I pop quite a few capsules before getting down on my hardcore, macho-que-se-respeta training sessions. I’ll take three when I leave the house, and then three more after I’m warmed up and ready to do my first work sets.

For more info on how Maca Nitro helps power through intense workouts, see Maca Nitro: Organic Caffeine for Power, Performance, Sports. Below are the training videos.

Wife doing 60 kg, second set I believe. Notice the dickhead trying to grab a plate right behind her.

I actually got on his head a little after the video stopped. I said a few times, “Cuidado, ella tiene 60 kilos en su espalda,” to which he looked a little dumbfounded. “Eso te mata si se cae,” I added in a veiled reference to his being a weak anciano.

Nothing against being an anciano of course, and he’s probably not even weak for the average Peruvian that age. But he is completely oblivious to the nature of a 55-kilo woman squatting 60 kilos with no rack to catch the bar. Yes, she is in control of the weight, but that doesn’t mean you go dicking around with plates right behind her.

It’s an unnecessary distraction which could be harmful to the set, and I wanted to let the dickhead know that his behavior is out of bounds. If this were a typical Latin gym where nobody is strong nor does weight like that, I’d understand. But there is a bit of a powerlifting at this new gym I found and even a bit of Olympic lifting, so this dickhead should know better. I made him uncomfortable. The community would thank me if they knew.

My first set of squats with 140 kg (309 lb). This is actually a lot of weight for me. Not historically as I’m sure I’ve gotten 315 for a tenner at some stage of the game. But I’ll be 40 next year and haven’t been working with barbells much since 2014. Most of that time since I’ve done bodyweight exercises or modified CrossFit routines to emphasize bodyweight over barbells, doing weights no more than once a week.

I’ve said all that to prevent you know-it-alls from critiquing my technique. I know it’s getting a little sloppy, it’s fuckin heavy!

Now the dickhead has been hueveando in the back corner since moving the plates around behind my wife’s set, but there’s no way he hasn’t seen me barging through my first set squatting 155 kg. At 0:29 he finishes his work and tries to get out from the corner. You can hear my wife saying, “No, no,” as in “No, no, dickhead, we’re recording.” He squeezed behind her.

After I racked the bar I shouted, “This dude needs to WAKE UP.” He didn’t understand but I think he knew I was talking about him. It made him uncomfortable again. Dude needs to wake up.

Wife’s fourth set of squats. She did one more for 5×5 = 25 total reps at 60 kg.

My second set of squats. Last rep wasn’t convincingly low and the third set I didn’t even get five reps, so I’ll stay at this weight when I squat next week. I’d say I got 5, 4 and 2 = 11 total reps.

My first set of overhead squats. Again, this is a lot of weight for me right now. And this exercise usually gets a little easier from first set to second as you grease up the wheels, but I didn’t record my next set.

Deadlifted 155kg for a fiver with a whistling hold on the last rep.

So I go light on the upper body after the strength work. I’m not trying to do as much weight or as many reps as I can. I’m trying to knock out five and five for speed. Press five, drop and jump five, wait 60 seconds and repeat.

Tomorrow I’ll do some jumping work, maybe some sprints, and on Thursday I’ll Push Press and Power Clean heavy (sets of 2). Maybe I’ll update this post with some more videos.

I embedded the short version of these training videos. For more info on how Maca Nitro helps, see Maca Nitro: Organic Caffeine for Power, Performance, Sports.

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