Sell My Books for 75 Percent

Sell my books for 75% commission.

They’re all the shit. Reading them will change your life, and all your dreams will come true.

Jake at Nomadic Hustle enjoyed Lima Travel Guide so much that he wanted to post a sweet YouTube video showcasing it and the city. But being a good capitalist, he wanted a cut on any sales he generates.

So I’ve set up an affiliate program. Sign up on e-junkie, get unique HTML code and every time someone buys a copy from your link you get 75%, paid out every month.

Become an Expat Chronicles affiliate.

If you already bought a book and want to become an affiliate, post your review or whatever, send me the link and receipt and I’ll send you 75%. That should be worth a beer anywhere in LatAm — or a 10-pack of zannies in Peru. Whatever floats your boat.

Below are my blood, sweat and tears. Another one’s coming in the not-too-near future.

Support what Expat Chronicles is all about. Leave a tip to keep the laughs coming (and the news, insight and other stuff too).



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