The Mick to do Reddit AMA today!

Christopher Kavanagh, aka “The Mick,” will do a second AMA on Reddit on Friday TODAY.

It’s been just over a year since I published Mad Outta Me Head, a year of not thinking about it much at all. But Christopher and I have decided to put a couple months of promotion into it, and we’re starting with another day on Reddit.

To see the first AMA visit:

That AMA was conducted before the book was written, so the new exchange will give readers a chance to ask more about what was in the book. Ireland, Mountjoy prison, heroin, Tony Felloni and the Dunnes, the IRA, Los Priscos in Colombia, Fonseca’s cousin German, M-19, Alejandrina, The Screamers and all the other fun characters from the book.

If you haven’t read it yet, I have marked the price down to $0.99 just for the Reddit promo. Buy Mad Outta Me Head at:

I also went through the book again with the editing pen sword. I cut 852 words, which is over 1% of the book. Many readers told me they read the original in one sitting, so it seemed to be compelling. But the lessons I’ve learned in doing the news for Peru Reports has improved my mechanics even more, so it should read even easier.

Also, there were a few changes, but the most significant had to do with Christopher’s Irish girlfriend. He had said in interviews with me that she was 14 when they met. I contacted her in Dublin and she told me her birth year. She was 19.

Here is the list of chapters to refresh your memory for questions on Friday. Sample chapters linked on the Mad Outta Me Head website.


Mother’s Lie

The Wembley Ball

Father Harry Moore

The Duke

Double-Decker Debacle

The Mechanic

Christy Hash

Uncle Mike

Nutcase Ray Kelly


The Article

The Michelin Man Goes to Jail



The Wexford Connection

The Dunnes


Arbour Hill

The Mockies

Hit and Run

The IRA Job


King Scum

Bank Heist

The Dole



Kicking Heroin



La Modelo

Buying a Cell

Taking Stock

Salón Rojo

La Embajada



Puente Aranda Fire

The Cue Ball Incident

Los Priscos

A Night in Hell

La Patrulla


The Fall of Tachuela

The Banquitas Incident

Hunger Strike

Jack Tamboer

Los Angelitos

Colombian Conmen Community

El Mexicano

The Party Starts

Public Hanging

John Rowley

El Cartucho

Alejandrina La Salsera

Alcohol Abuse

Terraza Pasteur

Bogotá Killers

La Upejota


Monumental Soccer

Lissette / Yisel



El Barne



Cristina the Screamer

Afro-Colombian Rant


More Gringos

Expat Chronicles

We will update this article with a link to the thread on Friday.

Here is the title/bio:

IamA Irish ex-con from Bogota’s La Modelo prison. I got out in 1989 and never left Colombia. AMA!

**My short bio:** I am the subject of Mad Outta Me Head: Addiction and Underworld from Ireland to Colombia. I grew up in Dublin, was locked up in Mountjoy Prison (AKA ‘The Joy’). I knew the Dunnes and Tony Felloni. I was addicted to heroin in the 80s. I came to Colombia in 1986 to haul cocaine back, did time in La Modelo prison where I stabbed an inmate. I got out in 1989, I have no passport. I have never returned to Ireland. My answers are being typed by someone with computer skills.

Support what Expat Chronicles is all about. Leave a tip to keep the laughs coming (and the news, insight and other stuff too).



  1. Robert again, I offered to send you blackberrys years ago. Big fan.

    This guy the Mick. When you write about him it is sublime. I bought the ebook when it first came out and read it start to finish couldn’t let it down. Just like almost all of your writing. I have been online 16 hours a day for 20 years and never wrote someone like this. It means a lot.

    But when other people write about your friend the mick it is douch-ey.

    You are a really gifted writer. Not in a literature way. You are gifted in a Hemingway/Steinbeck way where you spin tales that appeal to the simple folks. True genius. Big fan of your site. Without hesitation the best writing I have seen online (12 hours a day for 20 years)

    WRITE MORE!!!!!


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