Mad Outta Me Head Published

Mad Outta Me Head - Colin PostThe Mick book is finished.

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I set up the Mad Outta Me Head website not only to sell the PDF, but also to provide extra, in-depth looks at themes from the book. For example, there was a major prison riot during Christopher’s incarceration at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin. He did not play an active role in it, so I move the story along. But at the end of that chapter in the book, I insert this link for those who want to know more about “The Joy” during his stay:

Christopher’s first Colombian girlfriend, Alejandrina la Salsera, enjoyed small-time fame. In La Modelo he befriended the Medellin Cartel assassins, Los Priscos, as well as extradited American trafficker, Jack Tamboer.

In addition to these features about subjects from the book, the Mad Outta Me Head website also has newspaper articles I quoted but are not published anywhere on the web (and thus cannot be linked to). I republished these dead articles in case anybody wants to read them in their entirety. For example, see the Irish article about Christopher being busted with 15 kilos of hash or an old AP article about the yearlong delays for Colombian prisoners to receive a trial.

Read an excerpt from the book on the old El Cartucho district of Bogota.

Purchasers of the PDF can email me (colin at expat-chronicles dot com) for the MOBI file to read on Kindles and tablets. PDF purchasers will also receive the audiobook when it is recorded.

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The book has already received two 5-star reviews. Blog readers who leave a 5-star review on Amazon can email me to receive a complimentary bottle of Maca or Chanca Piedra.

In addition to an audiobook, a Spanish translation is in the plans. Any professional translator interested in the job can email colin at expat-chronicles dot com. Do you know a translator? Tell him to send me a quote.

I want to thank all the patrons once again. Without you it would not have happened!

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