Marrying Milagros

I married Milagros on April 28, 2012 at San Agustin church in downtown Arequipa, Peru.

By the time I moved to Colombia, the partying was taking its toll. I was depressed and quit drinking. I even entered AA. In those months I constantly thought about her, all the things she said, the moments we shared.

In October 2011, I needed a new visa to reside in Colombia. I chose to apply for one in Peru specifically so I could visit Milagros. The very first night, we were back together just like before. It was like we hadn’t missed a day. I told her I love her and we were going to be together. I didn’t know how, whether she’d come to Colombia or I’d come to Peru, but we’d be together. I also told her about this blog and my past. She had to know everything. She accepted it, but on one condition: “Nada de droga.”

Then I was pseudo-deported and couldn’t return to Colombia for the remainder of 2011. It honestly didn’t bother me. I looked at it as a sign that God wanted me to be with Milagros. I went back to Arequipa and we shacked up. The contrast in lifestyle was sharp. I went from a hectic, urban, bachelor lifestyle in Bogota to being domesticated without even a place to go every day. I ate home-cooked meals. We went to bed early. We watched movies. Nights out were either us going out for one of her cousins’ birthdays, or me drinking with her old man.

I don’t remember how the marriage discussion was brought up. But with the detox, a stable home life and a great girl, I decided to go with my gut. I love her. I married her.

I went back to Bogota in January to pick up my things that were left in the apartment I had continued paying rent on. I brought it back in February and we’ve been living together ever since. A wild night these days is a big meal with dessert and a DVD. Eating Peruvian food every day!

Here are some wedding pics.

P.S. Her father is a career police officer. I told him everything before the wedding, and we get along great. He’s a hard man, hard face, hard life, and I think he’s perfect to help keep me in line.

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  1. I love you every day of your life , I love you every time when you are sick , when you are bad I love you for the rest of my life , I LOVE YOU COLIN ……… YOU ARE MY LIFE AND THATS ALL I NEDED I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU


  2. Letsee:

    1.) Congratulations!

    2.) She’s cute.

    3.) Some of those skirts are scandalously short for a church. Tsk-tsk.

    4.) She insisted on one editorial change. Way to tease the readership, Colin. Whazzat?


  3. does she need a good bull whip and lessons on how to use it on you because I can instruct her in proper use of bull whip when I was a teenager it used to be my way of fighting some like guns some liked knives me I chose a bull whip maybe her and her father need lessons lol I need to come visit to make sure all is ok lol so I can teach her tex mex I am truly happy for you


  4. I sure do like this, man. I did not realize it was Milagros you had married. i do recall your early blogs regarding her and I recall your sentiments for her. I knew she had really made an impression on you, and never saw you write of anyone else similarly.

    I am really pleased for this development.

    I know many players will criticize this choice, but I understand it fully. I know that it can be good for a man to travel the road you have begun, and can lead to a great deal more satisfaction with life overall.

    Further, having chosen a traditional Latina bride with a good father is as strong a choice as a man could possibly make for a wife.

    I’m just pleased as I can be about the whole thing. I’ll miss some of the crazy times you have written on, but I look forward to the posts ahead. The world has plenty of darkness in it, and every little snippet of news that involves people actually being happy, loving each other, and succeeding as a family is a welcome post in my day.

    Given that I believe in God similarly, I look forward to seeing you explore that element some more, as life progresses. Your commentaries on society are likely to become all the more poignant with that element in play.

    Cheers, brother. Bienvenidos a la familia, Milagros


  5. Congrats! I got married myself a few months before you did. To me it requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and gritted teeth but it’s extremely rewarding and helpful at the same time.


  6. Congratulations Colin. Looks like a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride.

    It´s funny you set yourself a marriage age limit at 35. I did the same exact thing a few years ago. I´m 33 now so the clock is ticking.

    I´ve been in medellin a little over a week now and I´ve already seen and done some crazy shit. A few nights ago I saw some guy get beat the fuck down in a downtown strip club by a gang of guys. I got harassed by the cops last night for smoking a joint in parque lleras. I got lost walking downtown and somehow walked down a street literally filled with crackhead zombies. Daily skirmishes with bums begging for change. I got jacked by a conman/crackhead. I went out to a discoteca and drank way too much tequila and kinda made an ass out of myself. I was so drunk I could hardly walk. Luckily some preppy colombiano helped me get back to my hotel. Last night in a taxi I passed by some all black, ghetto-ass discoteca. The taxi jokingly asked me if I wanted to check the place out, I was like no thanks. I wondered what would´ve been the chances of me getting out of that club without getting jacked or beat up. I swear medellin has some fucking scary looking places and people.


  7. A minimun? Whoa! I´m almost the oldest guy I know who doesn´t have kids yet and I figure if I have one at 35 I´ll be 53 when he/she graduates high school. That´s something you gotta keep in mind. Plus you want to be able to enjoy your grandkids.

    I´ve been thinking alot about the proposed peace talks with the farc lately. I´d bet you already have a good article in the works as I type this. I haven´t read much on it yet but didn´t they already try this and it blew up in their faces?

    I was wondering today also when you were actually gonna have the forum up and running. I´m gonna go check it out right now, thanks.


  8. Yes 35 was the minimum. I also want to play sports with my kids, but I plan to stay in athlete conditioning the rest of my life. They’ll be well into their 20s before they start schooling me 🙂

    I have no article on the FARC negotiations – primarily because I doubt it’d be better than what’s on Colombia Reports. You’re right in that peace talks have collapsed and resulted in more violence before, but this time I think it’s real. The government has the guerrillas on their knees, and they’ve completely lost all political credibility in the minds of Colombians. I think they just want a respectable way out and their own political party, which given there are 8,000 of them, is not necessarily a bad idea.

    See you on the forum!


  9. Poor Milagros, marrying white trash! Do yourself. A favour girl: do a HIV exam because white trash can give you little things like that


  10. Looks like you got yourself a hater, Colin.

    Wonder what she is, though. Obvious guess would be a Colombiana, but syntax is weird as hell. “Do yourself a favour girl”? Looks like she can’t decide if she’s British or American black. And “white trash” is, as far as I know, pretty much a regionalism of the American South.

    What’s GeoIP have to say?


  11. Twenty: I am a man; I am a expat; I am Colombian; I work for multinational IT company HQ and relocating next week to the Middle East again. I am Lilly, I am Milly, I am whoever you think I am . And I reset my router to get a new address wherever I want to. I do not hate Collin, actually : Collin you have good material to write an unprecedent novel re: deported Colombians. Go for that and good luck and think before acting


  12. @Mily

    Resetting your router won’t make any difference as far as GeoIP is concerned (and may not even fetch a new IP from upstream DHCP), but thanks for playing.


  13. I just found your blog. I used to live in Arequipa. I went to a wedding in the same church and the reception was in the same place as yours. It seems all weddings in Arequipa are the same. Did you guys have the crazy clowns guys? I read some of your other posts and it seems I live fairly close to where you used to live in Bogota. Is the De ja Vu bar still around in downtown Arequipa? That’s the only bar open on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. We used to call it bricherlandia. I had some great times in Arequipa and also fell in love with an Arequipeña! Good luck


  14. A little piece of me died after reading this post. I guess nothing gold can stay, but congrats anyways. Let’s be real, you probably couldn’t go on living the way you did for much longer anyways haha. Mazel Tov!


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