Colombia Reports Controversy #2 – The End

In June 2011, Colombia Reports included Expat Chronicles with the other Colombia blog feeds on its website. Controversy immediately ensued when my first article to appear involved a lot of snorting coke. In fact, my whole front page at that time had stories about coke, bribing cops, cheating Colombianas, or something offensive to bleeding-heart types.

See that FB thread arguing whether or not Expat Chronicles should be linked from CR.

I published an article on the ordeal, Colombia Reports Controversy Part 1. From that article:

I told the managing editor I understand if he wants to take my posts out of the feed. The first one caused backlash, and it’s going to happen as long as I’m writing. I’m so sure of it I put “Part 1” in the title of this piece.

Soon after that thread they created a CR FB group to discuss its format, policy, and complaints. For three months Expat Chronicles articles were linked from the CR site and FB feed with no problems. Then I published How to Break Proper-Actin’ Latinas. It’s a quick read if you want to catch up. Here are the bullet-points:

  1. Wrap her up.
  2. Grab a handful of her hair.
  3. Point her lips at yours and put your tongue in her mouth.

This sparked the second Expat Chronicles controversy on CR (6 months ago, just a couple months after the first controversy). Here’s how the FB thread started:

Yesterday, a Colombia Reports “fan” was offended by one of Expat Chronicles’ posts about women. These posts appear, because all blogs on Colombia appear on the facebook page. Do you think we should keep the blogs on CR’s facebook page or remove them?

As opposed to cocaine and partying, this thread argued the treatment of women. Unfortunately, the first guy to complain and primary plaintiff, after arguing back and forth several times, deleted all his comments except the last one. So the thread may not make sense at a few points where it’s missing this gringo’s feminist arguments. Here are screenshots as of today:

Note: I’ve blotted out last names. If anyone would like to be even more anonymous, email me through the FB account. I’ll respect your wishes and I’m nothing if not accessible. That also goes for anybody who left a comment anywhere on this site, just email me if you’d ever like your name / link removed.

This controversy played out nicely in that I didn’t have to argue. My arguments were made before I could make them. First, let’s look at the female comments from my original article. This one from Maria:

I actually enjoy reading Colin’s stories and hey if it works for him… good. He’s not re-writing the Constitution here, it’s a blog and it’s entertaining… Even though I am one of those ‘proper’ Colombian girls 🙂

Here’s my favorite, from Judith:

God, those commentators over on the Colombia Reports FB are a bunch of whiny little bitches.

There’s nothing over-aggressive or rapey about those tactics as long as the girl has shown clear and sustained signs of interest. Most women I know would react positively to a man she found attractive acting in such a manner.

And here’s the third and final female comment, from Jessica:

That’s hot. ‘Nuff said.

There were NO female commenters on the Colombia Reports Interaction thread. Not one female voice – Latina or gringa – complained. Why? Maybe it has something to do with an inarguable aspect of Latin culture: traditional gender roles. Samuel makes this point:

ah, the glory of Latin culture, where the women require the men to be MEN.

I like it. It fits a lot of my theory. I wonder… what do you think of the machistas, the guys who run all the macho bullshit? Latina women say they don’t like machistas, but it seems that they sure do respond positively to most of it.

And they’ll damn sure eat a guy alive, if he doesn’t have a good spine and brass balls.

I would imagine this sort of behavior where they wont kiss is so that they dont feel like sluts or come off like sluts, so as long as its “forced” they don’t have to be responsible. Its all a game, but I get it. It also weeds out the spineless dudes. In fact, most romance novels, until more recent years, all involved the guy taking the girl forcefully at first, like a captive or outlaw and having his way… because not only do girls all have fantasies about that, but then they can enjoy it without guilt, because the ‘poor girl’ who was captured had no say in the matter and wasn’t complicit.

Watch the first season of Mad Men and your jaw will drop at the sexism just last century. Feminism has empowered women in magnificent ways. In some ways, however, it’s gone too far. Feminism and Hollywood morals have culturally neutered gringo men. Look at gringa women who go after Latin men. These gringas crave the aggression they’re not getting from the gringo pussies in their worlds.

Here’s one from Enrique on the Colombia Reports Interaction FB thread:

Gringos in Colombia try to force gringo logic and life on others which simply won’t work.

This comment spawned a new saying of mine: “Keep your gringo values in Gringolandia.”

We obviously want to export some gringo values: good governance and the rule of law, customer service and better business practices, egalitarianism, reading and writing, etc. But don’t try to change the entire culture, especially where gringo “progress” went too far.

I’m a product of Gringolandia and Hollywood morals. Almost until I completed university, I was gentle with women. I didn’t start playing rough and manhandling until well into my 20s. I learned that spanking, pulling hair, and choking women during sex makes them fall in love. I don’t know why, but it does.

My St. Louis buddy Joey got a culture shock in Bogota. The main reason I wrote How To Break Proper-Actin’ Latinas was because of how surprised he was whenever I did it. He saw it work with three girls in two weekends. His shock bordered on hating. He tried calling me out in front of other gringo expats a few times, none of whom cared.

Joey’s been in Bogota over six months now. He has a beautiful, estrato 6 girlfriend. He has recanted his previous hating. He told what he’s been doing to his girl sexually. He slapped her once, and she asked for it harder. So he smacked the shit out of her. He smacks her during sex, and even fish hooks her with his thumb. She loves it. She’s sprung.

So there may be something about Latin culture, or Latin women, that will change you before you change them.

In Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera (great book), there’s a costeña woman who’s raped as a young girl. She confesses that she loves the stranger who raped her, and he’ll always have her heart. No matter how much feminism or cultural forces try to change our psychology, women’s sexual experience is very masochist. I’ve thought about what it’d feel like to be penetrated, and I can’t imagine anything pleasurable about it, even with a little one. And women like it hard with big ones. There’s an inherent submissiveness and masochism in female sexuality. No gringo progress or feminism can change that.

I’ve never raped a woman nor been accused. I’ve never hit a woman intentionally. I’m not abusive. But I’m not delicate or pretty and never will be.

I don’t only use  that tactic because women like it. There’s another reason that didn’t come up in the comments. Forcing the issue also serves to let me know where we stand. As have most men, I’ve been sidelined into being “friends” by playing nice with women. A heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman can’t be just friends – not hanging out alone anyway. One will eventually want the other. If she wants him, the man will either give it to her or cut her off as a “friend.” Women, on the other hand, will string a guy along forever if he keeps hanging around. She’ll even convince herself they’re friends. These are the women who say things like, “All my friends are guys.” Yeah, right.

Years ago I got strung along for a few weeks and decided it’d never happen again. I take the risk of getting slapped or pissing a girl off with my tactic. Either one’s fine with me. At least I won’t waste any more time. Go find another friend.

Managing editor and friend, Adriaan Alsema, defended me during the first controversy, but this article seemed to offend his liberal sensibilities. Expat Chronicles is out of the CR feed. Here’s the first complaint from the first controversy:

I’ve read this guy’s blog and while I find some of his entry’s interesting, the profanity and content doesn’t quite “go” with what I though CR was all about….just sayin’.

I actually agree. Colombia Reports is a reputable news source, cited by both Google and The New York Times. Reputable news sources generally don’t link to sites like Expat Chronicles. I can’t blame Adriaan.

And I got significant traffic from CR’s huge readership, but I can’t complain because Expat Chronicles is still goin’ hard, and traffic’s up since getting removed.

Screenshots of the first CR FB controversy (some comments were deleted from this thread as well):

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  1. “Feminism and Hollywood morals have culturally neutered gringo men.” Great line man! This is something I try to impress on my semi-feminist gringa wife, and happy to say she’s coming around… now if only she’ll let me choke her!


  2. This reminds me of the crack up of Poor But Happy. Colombia is a place that provokes strong opinions and feelings from outsiders, and these produce a lot of conflict. People who want different things should probably just avoid each other.

    Latin American culture has its macho aspect, but at the same time has a lot of feminine aspects, and seems to be female-dominated in some ways. But then I’ve never slapped an estrato 6 girl and had her ask for more.


  3. Ah, liberals — they’d be kinda cute if they weren’t so good at persuading people to actually implement their ideas.


    Don’t let the bastards get you down.


    Colombia seems to provoke strong opinions and feelings that produce a lot of conflict among Colombians, too. Great country, though.


  4. I sometimes forget the long-reaching arm of feminist poison.

    I am amazed that anyone would srsly have an issue with your “How to break proper-actin latinas”, especially a GUY

    Feminism is a lie, my friends. As much as women want to piss and moan about the evils of abusive men, they DO love and respond to aggression and masculinity. There’s no need to abuse women, of course, but there IS a need to show some caveman tendencies sometimes.

    I think it was obvious, in the offending post, that the girls in question were showing attraction, so to suggest that there was something abusive is ridiculous. Acting “improperly” is sometimes exactly what is needed to break through, including the fact that a lot of women will consciously or unconsciously REQUIRE this kind of thing, as a form of test, to make sure only manly men have a shot at her heart.

    I can’t understand how someone could enjoy all of Colin’s other blogs and exploits, and then get hung up on THIS?

    Where I come from we call that “chickenshit”

    Girls like it rough, and everyone knows it. Anyone who wants to whine about that should STOP whining and see the TRUTH

    feminism is a lie, and all the evidence reveals that.


  5. Colin, like your posts. Don’t really have a problem with what you write here even if I don’t agree with it all. To each their own, what works for you might not work for me etc etc… Just wanted to clarify because I’m only actually commenting on a comment.

    “feminism is a lie, and all the evidence reveals that.”

    What the fuck is that. Doesn’t even make sense. Women are equal, and that’s what feminism pushed for. If some women like it rough, good on them. Some men also like it rough. Some women don’t like it rough. At times they’re linked (as in, women should be able to express themselves sexually without fear of judgement), but don’t confuse sexual preferences with feminism.

    Keep up the writing Colin, always a good read.


  6. ” I’ve thought about what it’d feel like to be penetrated”

    Oh yea bro? Jaaaaaaaajaaaaaa!!!!!! Lmmfao!!!! J/k…

    Anyway, I think you guys are exaggerating bigtime by saying that gringos are less macho in the way they treat women. I’ve lived around gringos and latinos of all classes and I just don’t see it. Alot of my gringo friends behave like STRAIGHT UP DICKHEADS to women and more often than not they end up getting positive responses from it. And I know plenty of latino men who treat women all soft and overly respectful.


  7. “Women are equal, and that’s what feminism pushed for.”

    No they’re not, and no it wasn’t.

    Women and men are equal in the sense of human dignity, worth in the eyes of God, and so on, but not in any real-world, practical sense. For instance, there are major physical, mental, and emotional differences between the sexes. Men are taller, stronger, faster, smarter, more aggressive and more independent.

    More importantly, the sexes thrive in different environments. Feminism is nothing less than an attempt to reshape society to reflect women’s preferences at the expense of men’s.

    To the extent that feminists advanced their policies under the banner of “We just want equality — we’re just rolling back injustices” they were lying. Particularly relevant to this discussion, they were also lying when they claimed that there were no generalizable differences between the sexes in general, and that women didn’t prefer dominant men in particular.

    Hope this cleared things up for you.


  8. You’re right, I didn’t mean to blankly say ‘equal’, my bad. I actually meant in terms of worth to society, human dignity etc. I acknowledge we’re different in physical, mental and emotional ways (generally speaking). Smarter though? Really?

    I think you’re wrong, also, when you say ‘Feminism is nothing less than an attempt to reshape society to reflect women’s preferences at the expense of men’s.’ Seems like a huge reduction of an important movement that still requires work since women earn a significant amount less for doing the same job as men in many professions where there’s no justification for that. Feminism also influenced other important movements such as gay rights, which again seeks to gain equality (in the sense that I meant it before).

    Again, no problem with the idea that some women like it rough, like a man to be a man etc. That doesn’t make feminism invalid nor mean all women secretly want to be treated like whores nor even prefer dominant men. It changes, as it does with men.

    I’m sure there could be an argument made that society has dictated that our inclination towards man-dominant, female-submissive thing all along, and we’re still just acting out those roles. Not sure I’d go with it or not, but there’s the other end of the spectrum.

    Sorry for the bad writing, I’m using a french keyboard and they’re well difficult.


  9. “Smarter though? Really?”

    Yes, really.

    “… women earn a significant amount less for doing the same job as men in many professions where there’s no justification for that.”

    That is so much bullshit.

    “… there could be an argument made that society has dictated that our inclination towards man-dominant, female-submissive thing all along, and we’re still just acting out those roles.”

    When people say things like “feminism is a lie”, this is the sort of nonsense they’re talking about.

    I don’t want to take over Colin’s board, so if you want the last word you’re welcome to it.


  10. I was well aware of this tactic a LONG time ago having a rather different upbringing than you Colin 🙂 And I must say it worked beautifully on Monday night again. I got things started like that, and then I actually had to tell the girl at 4am to back off so we could get some sleep cause I had to work the next day. At 7am we were at it again.

    I consider myself the most feminist guy I know but when people really don’t know what they really want sometimes they have to be shown. There is a BIG difference between that and rape.

    I dunno about the gringos exporting “reading and writing” to other countries though. I think somebody ought to show THEM first hahahahahaha!


  11. What kind of weenie gets upset at this stuff? I think there’s a certain kind of neutered gringo that thinks this white knight “protect the women from bad macho men” attitude will get them laid. Instead, they’ll get strung along, while Mister Chauvinist gets the chicks, including the feminist ones, who will do whatever mental gymnastics required to rationalize liking a guy who’s not as feminist as the nice guy in their friend zone.


  12. Women are excited by this behaviour because 2500 years ago they wanted a stong man to protect them from maurading gangs of males who wanted to rape them and abandon them.

    Pencil Necks like Bill Gates are now culturally and economically ascendent, but our DNA remains unchanged from our primitive ancestors. Young girls are attracted to bad boys like gangsters and football players. As they mature they see the wisdom of marrying Bill Gates.

    Smart girls from the suburbs are advised about this by their parents and use their feminine charm to rope in the best possible provider. Girls from the housing projects do not see this as a possibility and get knocked up at age 16 by the nastiest gangster they can seduce.

    If choking and hairpulling are not an option I suggest literally sweeping a girl off her feet and carrying her away, possibly to the dance floor. The girl will experience similar excitement, albeit not with the same level of intensity.

    This shit is more complicated than taking apart the transmission on a Mercedes Benz.

    Throw in the religious element about love and obedience. Throw in that women and men are so different. Throw in Gringos marrying latinas.

    While the topic might be provacative and tittilating, it is clearly a factor in all our lives.


  13. I don’t think women and men are that different. We just lie to ourselves about it. Men are attracted to women they think are beautiful. Women are attracted to men they think are beautiful. If a man tries to conquer a woman with nice words or money, she may give in for cultural reasons, but she’ll always be faking it.

    The symptom of being attracted to somebody is you tend to put up with whatever you have to to be with that person. This is why men tolerate women who take their money and give it to another man, why women tolerate men who bring home disease, beat them etc and KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE.

    If you want success in relationships, you have to make sure you are REALLY attracting somebody. If the degree of attracion is sufficient, you have carte blanche with that person.


  14. Rubio I don’t think you’re right there.

    To some extent as a gross oversimplification, yes, people like attractive people. That is a given. But you can go anywhere in the world (regardless of race, culture, religion) and find young and attractive women with men who are older and most definite (age aside) much less attractive and fit than their female counter parts. Could these women just be attracted to an older, fatter, balder man physically? Absolutely. People are attracted to all kinds of things, however women are more turned on by money (you don’t need to be a millionaire, but decent pay day just as a sign of ambition, success and ability to provide, for the woman and children if need be) social power, a smooth talker, a more domineering man etc.

    In other words yes ugly guys can get laid for a myriad of reasons, and on the same token even if the man is Brad Pitt physically, and has 0 charm, 0 social points, 0 masculine behavior 0 etc etc he will still get looked over by women for the next guy who may also be attractive but also has more of the things I just mentioned.


  15. Without getting too much into any of these feminism arguments, I just recommend you guys watch Mad Men for a shock how things were not so long ago.

    But I think we’re all with Jimmy’s point 110%.


  16. You didn’t have to blank my name out at all. I stand by what I said to those guys. If someone doesn’t like your posts, then don’t read them!! I think alot of what is written on CR is piss poor amateur reporting; but I dont talk shit about it… I DON’T READ IT!


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