An American Prison Rape

Last May in St. Louis I saw a high school buddy for the first time since he’d been locked up four years ago. We were troublemakers in high school. I went my separate way for university, but he continued in a life of crime. He was caught moving over 100 pounds of marijuana from Arizona to St. Louis. He did his time in a Southern prison.

At our friend’s wedding he told me prison stories. I told him about this blog and that I’d like to publish them. Our plan was to publish each of the six fights he got in. On the day we met, he started with the stories and I took notes, asking questions along the way. After two stories he got bored and said fights aren’t the most interesting aspects of prison.

Did you find this page by Googling “prison rape”?

Are you facing a prison sentence?

I wrote this just for you.

“What are?” I asked. How drugs are smuggled in. The gangs and politics. The sex – sex between inmates, sex between inmates and guards (female or gay), the rapes.

“Rapes?” I asked. He said he saw one guy get raped. The story he told was more compelling than the fights. It had implications of race, prison politics, and street smarts. So instead of telling the story of each of his fights (4-1-1 according to him), here’s the story of a peckerwood getting raped.

“Peckerwood” is a derogatory term black guys call white guys. Aryan race gangs have adopted the term as a rite of passage. My friend saw “PECKERWOOD” tattoos across the backs of not just Aryans but bikers, Irish Mob and other white guys. He never found out exactly what it meant, but he knew the tattoo had to be earned, most likely for some violent act against a black inmate.

Peckerwood showed up to prison with the PECKERWOOD tattoo across his back. However, he’d never been to prison. This caused a scandal, especially with the Aryans who run the prison and award the tattoo.

My buddy heard through the grapevine that the Aryans pulled Peckerwood aside for a talk about his tattoo. He is 100% positive they gave him a chance to earn it. He didn’t know what they asked him to do, but he knows they gave Peckerwood a chance to earn his PECKERWOOD tattoo.

A week went by and Peckerwood hadn’t done as he was told. The Aryans got a hold of him one night and burned the PECKERWOOD tattoo off his back.

The next day Peckerwood requested segregation housing. I’ve never been to prison but I’ve heard you do NOT request segregation housing. It’s the equivalent of going to the guards and saying, “I’m a bitch, I can’t protect myself.” They put you in solitary confinement where you don’t interact with other inmates. As much as you might not like the company you’re forced to keep in prison, imagine not having any at all.

Peckerwood was locked up for a minor drug charge; he’d have been out in just eight months. However, that deal’s not available for segregation housing. If he wanted protection, he’d be locked up for two years. After a day or two in segregation he requested to be put back in general population.

In states like Texas and California, I’ve heard you have to join a race gang the day you go in. Even though I get along well with blacks and Mexicans, there’s no mixing. You stick to your color. This prison wasn’t that extreme, says my friend. There were independent crews of five to 10 guys down to defend each other, not just race gangs.

The Aryans, bikers or Irish Mob weren’t Peckerwood’s only options. Small groups of normal guys stick together too. My friend formed part of such a crew. Around the time Peckerwood left segregation housing, an Aryan told my friend that nobody was to take Peckerwood in. They put the word out with all the white crews: Peckerwood would have to finish his time alone.

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Anybody going back into general population after segregation housing would be labeled as weak. Every bully and tough guy in the place would fuck with him. My buddy says Peckerwood still could’ve finished his time without the situation getting worse. He would’ve been slapped around, tripped, had his food stolen, etc.

But then Peckerwood made his gravest mistakes. Despite being shunned by all the white crews, he thought he could salvage a decent time and make friends. He started hanging out with infamous black gang, the Crips. He sat with them at meals. They shared cigarettes and snacks. This went on for a few weeks.

Then one day my buddy went to the bathroom. He was a Crip himself as a teen, and he was friendly with some of these southern Crips. One of them was watching the entrance to the bathroom and greeted him, “Wassup, cuzz?”

Thinking nothing of it, my friend greeted him back. As he went further into the bathroom the guy at the door asked, “You see anything tonight?” At that moment my friend saw Peckerwood bent over a toilet grunting, while a homo Crip was fucking him.

Apparently Homo Crip had another punk. After Homo Crip fucked Peckerwood, he had his other punk fuck him. Peckerwood got fucked by two black guys consecutively. Talk about hard time!

The Crips threw a party for Peckerwood afterwards. Everybody got together for cigarettes, snacks and drugs. He was brought into the family. He didn’t get fucked by everybody in the gang, only Homo Crip. But Homo Crip fucked him his whole time in prison.

My buddy added that Peckerwood is the type of guy to complete his parole with flying colors.

I read this story to The Mick, a prison veteran of three different countries. He said Peckerwood probably began to like it. That’s what happens, he says.

More on prison rapes:

“Guys like us don’t get raped in prison. It’s the bottom 2% to 3%,” my buddy told me. “The guys who go in visibly scared, trembling. Dudes in prison smell fear. Some guys are just born punks. They get to prison and see a crew of punks, and they immediately flock to them. They’re born bitches.”

He added that another group that gets raped are guys who were gay all along but never realized it. When they get to prison it just works itself out naturally. They diet to lose weight and muscle mass. He saw guys smear their lips with whipped cream. He said he saw an ass massage once. He said it was done with as much love as he or I would do to a beautiful woman. These guys go in thinking they’re straight, maybe they even had girlfriends or wives. But once they’re in that environment, their true selves emerge.

Finally, he said NEVER BORROW ANYTHING. DON’T GET INTO DEBT. To run a store in prison is a tough job. It takes hustlers among hustlers, and given the clients it requires violence. So if you borrow something (e.g., one Snickers today in exchange for two next week) and can’t pay it back, and your debt builds up and it’s clear you can’t pay, the seller has to save face somehow. He’ll rape you to collect his debt.

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  1. I was a teacher in a Southern prison for many years so this story is not hard to believe. It is a completely different world behind bars.


  2. Dang, man. I have a friend doing hard time in Colorado right now. Getting raped in prison is a serious nightmare.

    I did some time in county a few years ago, and while it was safe and clean, I developed a fear anyway: living in a cage.

    Even in the best environment, you are living in a cage, and life is going on outside. You get no love from your girl, no hugs from your kids. Your life ticks away, and falls apart on the outside. When you get out, you are a vagabond.

    I am a bit of an outlaw, but I will do everything I can to avoid that cage. Especially the kind of cage where rape and assault happens.


  3. in cali we do soft time for sentences under a year. we can click up with other races when doing soft time, i’ve never done hardtime.


  4. Never came close to prison. Went to county jail for alcohol related offenses like DUI, public intoxication, and disturbing the peace. I was extremely ashamed when I had people I knew guarding me in jail. My fellow prisoners urged me to use my connections to smuggle weed into the jail. One trick was to pass along the address of the guard and see if he parked his car outside his home. If so, tape a bag of weed inside the bumper. Prisoners on gardening detail would then sneak over to the vehicle and grab the weed. I never participated in any such schemes. By then my Irish Catholic guilt had shamed to the point where I hit bottom.

    Jimmy Huero


    1. I did 2 years in Alabama and only 2 fights and I’m only 5’6 170. I’m muscular. I give respect and mind my own business nothing even almost happened


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  6. Whoa. I wasn’t sure what t expect of this entry coming in (I worried for your safety, heh) but this was a seriously fascinating read.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  7. Good article and it sounds accurate. The funny thing is that guy in his story was such a bitch he took a dick just for protection but it still was not actual rape. The worst story you could tell a kid is about some big scary dude raping you while you fight and claw to get simply doesn’t happen that way.

    Funny thing about Prison is that it always sucks regardless, but depending on your race and where you do your time, it makes a world of difference. Some states are 80% white pop while others like lets say Alabama..are 70-80% black.

    Here in the city of DC the jails are packed with majority black probably 85-90% and it sucks for hispanics or whites…this is just city lock up. But since DC is a Federal zone and not a state, these DC blacks run shit locally until they get shipped off to do their time in a Federal Pen sometimes that means Montana. Arizona, New Mexico etc where the blacks are drastically outnumbered by whites and Mexicans and boy the brothers aren’t so tough and alpha anymore. Oh and pretty much nobody but nobody likes blacks. I mean leaving political correctness and what we are “supposed” to say asside, blacks are really not welcome by most cultures and especialy not in a locked up kind of culture.


  8. 3 months in county…was supposed to do 5…but it’s kinda crowded in California. You see all kinds of shit in jail. I was lucky enough to get put on a detail crew…so I went to work to pass my 90 days. But the race shit in California is 100% true…and it really makes no damn sense what so ever. If a fight breaks out, you gotta fight, if you are seen not fighting your own race does a flight on you…two hold your arms…and every person in your race gets like 10 seconds to beat the shit out of you. If you are in a dorm with 60+ people…at that point being a ‘wood isn’t bad…not too many of them in jail. so prolly not alot in your block. But you got the brothers…who usually stuck together wether they were crips or bloods…though they had their own little spays internally. You had VERY few Northsiders..Mexicans from Northern Cali…I was in San lots of Southsiders…and Pisas…Mexicans from Mexico…and the 3 don’t really get along. There was also a block just for the trannys…which was always a spectacle when serving food….although one did have a REALLY nice set of tits…jaja…shit is completely political/racial on the inside. And it makes no sense to me what so ever. But I did get a chance to read a shit ton of books…


  9. Honestly, whites getting rape in prison is so funny. They steal, rape, kill, and fondle young boys and girls, so the pain they get in prison is well deserved. A lot of cultures hate white americans. Almost every eastern culture hates whites…native americans, asians, indians…africans. So to be PC about this, please don’t think that YOU are accepted by every culture because we despise you. True blacks are looked upon too well either, but I can’t sand whites. Oh, I’m Asian!


    1. I’m white been to prison in California, and I can tell you one story that sticks in my mind, we were on the yard it was like my second day and I see some Asian guy get his stomach slit open He was in stock and couldn’t talk he just kept looking at his stomach trying to put his intestines back in it felt like forever until he got help. He died


  10. Once worked as a prison guard. Saw both sides of the fence, those who didn’t like it and those who did or learned to like it. No matter the case, it was and is a dangerous problem. Not to mention the various diseases that spread within and without the prison walls. Although the inmates are where they deserve to be, they are still humans with rights. No “matter” what they did. Something needs to be done to correct the situation or society is going to have even more dangerous criminals.


  11. i was one of the lower percent. i spent some time for stealing cars. i ended up as a”wife”to my cellmate. i performed oral on him several times a day. he saved my ass for special occasions,like lockdowns. i was also used by other inmates if my”hubby” made any deals.

    I was 20 when I went in. I knew I had to submit to someone,so I figured my cellmate was my only choice. I told how it was my first time in and he understood what I was leading to. We”sealed the deal”that night and said he would let everyone know I was his. He wasn’t rough with me,and was always there if I had to”close a deal”with another inmate.He was also careful who he let use me. It may sound strange,me talking positive about him,but if it wasn’t for him,I’m not sure I would have made it. He alway praised me,telling how nice it felt inside me or how great lip service I gave him.I don’t know if he was falling in love with me,if he took our role as a”couple”to a whole new level or if he wanted me to feel good about what I was doing. After I got out,I talked to a therapist and he told me I did what I did to survive. Before I went in,I was somewhat bi-curious.There were even times I almost offered myself to my guy friends.After I got out,I was open with my guy friends about my sexual orientation and had relations with one of them.

    I see two things had happened to me::
    1)Me being used sexually while inside.
    2)Me opening up sexually when I got out.


  12. For Chad, I feel sorry for you that you have so much hatred towards another race. Have you done your lineage and sure you are you 100% of Asian(that’s a broad ban)? Have you thought about going back to your homeland or are opportunities not so good there.

    As for the whole Prison Rape, noo one deserves that kind of treatment. It’s a pecking order just like dogs do. So have really come that far in our society?


  13. This story is sooo mild compared to those you hear from South African ex-prisoners. 50% of “clean” men entering the prisons, leave having contracted HIV.

    The only sure way to leave a South African prison is if you join the 26’s or 27’s within “The Numbers Gang”. It is very hard to become a 26 or 27, to become a 26 you need to have been a high ranking gangster or have enough “friends” already in the 26’s who can vouch for you. To become a 27 its a bit easier, you have to be is a proven assassin on the outside or kill a prisoner or guard upon orders of a high ranking 27.

    If you do not meet the requirements to join the the 26’s or 27’s you have another option, you can join the 28’s this level is intended for rapists….sex is the requirement you need to meet to join the 28’s, you can beg the 28 to let you join as lower ranking member, low ranking members of the 28 have to work in the kitchen by day and at night, they perform sexual acts on each other as a form of entertainment and a sign of respect for the higher ranking 28’s. IF you are a white dude and not a member of the number gang by the times lights out on your first night….your life becomes a living hell in most cases you will be raped….not by just one guy but all 50 guys squeezed into your cell intended to house only 10 inmates. The South African government does not acknowledge the existence of homosexuality and therefore refuses to provide condoms in prison.

    The Numbers Gang is purely prison gang, but every gang on the outside kisses their ass and shows them the highest of respect. This means that prison guards and wardens are targeted and trapped by gangs outside the prisons. Their family members are regularly kidnapped and held hostage. For a guard who has been targeted their is a way out….they can show respect by willingly bringing a female family member as a visitor to the prison and offering them for 1 hour as a sexual tribute to a high ranking numbers gang member.

    So you guys in the USA think you know about rape culture in prison’s……..LOL


  14. I don’t think I would take a dick in my mouth or asshole. I would rather fight maybe die than be turned out gay.i am personally gay myself and its a hard life to live in this world.i would rather be straight. but we are what we are. I don’t think society will ever accept gay people. because we judge what we cant understand negatively.


  15. to butch collans i have a friend in prison. he couldn’t fight so he took a dick in the asshole and mouth. he said after the pain getting broke out as a virgin. it began to feel good he was fucked for two hours. after that he was gay he said it was something about the sex he couldn’t explain. he believes that’s why most men wont try it. fear they will learn they like it. and scared of getting there anal cherry popped the pain. and they fear what society would think. and its taboo sex.


  16. myself personally am not wired gay. i don’t hate gays or my gay friend. like i told him he respects my boundaries. and i will respect his. i can think of better sex practices for pleasure. than getting dicked in the shitter that has to be extremely painfull ouch, ouch, ouch. no way not getting m asshole stretched. oh lord. but i wont judge what i cant understand. but i don’t wish to know………..


  17. I’m sure I am one of the guys who would turn into a total fem and before a week was up I’d be wearing slutty panties and lip stick and slave to some huge black guy sucking his awesome cock.


  18. I had a Nephew that lived in Brooklyn. He was never out of trouble. He bullied the smaller kids and the punks that couldn’t fight. He became a Drug user and felony offender. He soon found himself doing Jail time at the age of 15 in an upstate youth detention center. He had a friend from the same neighborhood of the same age unlike himself. This kid was fat, blonde, and ran from any confrontations. He was arrested as a result of being in the wrong company. His first night there he was sharing a prison dorm with my Nephew and about 20 teen Black Inmates as they were the only White ones there. My Nephew caught beat downs and fought back which kept him from being Raped. His friend was another story. As his friend lay on his cot this bigger black inmate approached him and demanded to know if he had any hair on his Ass. His friend panicked and just answered “NO” repeatedly until the big boy slapped him across the face making him turn on his Stomach and bury his face in his pillow. The Black one then pulled down his briefs and threw them on the floor. He then removed his own briefs and Anally raped him. As he was being Raped he just moaned into his pillow as the other inmates formed a line waiting their turns. This continued for about two weeks until one night when suddenly he turned his face out from the pillow and silently began smiling. When the inmate that was fucking him saw that he began to whisper to his ear ” Yau my White Mama”. His friend began to like it and with that this inmate became his Husband. His friend was released and now lives a Homosexual lifestyle with a Black Husband as well.


  19. in prison most young boys first time inside. they usually get there anal streched. but they alot of times at first squeal and yelp. how it hurts. after a few minutes once they guy goes up in the youngman. he starts to like it. a friend of mine got raped in prison. he siad once they busted him out. he siad it was not bad. he enjoyed it. so much for being straight when he went in. he is a friend of mine.i feel for him. but he knows i dont get into that. he wanted to put his thing in my butt. i said no way. he and i respect each other. and i dont hold him getting turned out against him. i mean look he was in prison very young.


  20. Luckily I just had one guy when I was in.
    It was a choice of either one fairly nice guy or getting beat up and fucked by who ever.

    It hurt quite a bit first time but within a week I was liking it


  21. 1st of all…IF this tale is true the so called crips who raped him were bitches themselves. NOBODY in prison condones homosexuality unless they fags themselves…in CA. at least…straight up. also…the aryans..peckerwoods..etc..dnt demand tht they’re dope fiend members do ANYTHING to join…they’ll literally except ANY whiteboy jus to boost their #’s. they NEVER committ violence towards the blacks…ever. all they do is prey on each other and old senior age white guys who hv nothing to do with racist ideologies or beliefs…again…in Ca. prisons at least…despite wut history books(about prisons) may lead u to think the white prison groups(in Ca.) r the least feared in the system…black guerillas and la eme own them due to drug debts….




  23. I was a prison bitch also when I first got in the pen I fought every day but it got tired of it one night a good looking man came in and started to feel my dick and ass and said turn over I want to fuck you without hesitation I did and you no what it felt good after he fucked me in the ass I sucked his dick to get the shit off his dick since then I became a prison whore and now I am very rich I charged a lot of money to get this fine ass emmmmm do I love that dick in my ass


  24. Funny because I got turned out by a black man named John I’m white but for every white sissy there were 10 black sissies in our stable so don’t think it’s only whites way more black n Mexican queens than whites I was there sucking black cock right next to them. Only I enjoyed it from the biggining and they treated us well nothing more important than the booty my man would say. So be ready my black n Mexican friends for every white boy queen there are ten of you in the stable hope you like cock as much as me 😉


  25. I am hot sexy submissive white sissy bitch ski
    it who loves sucking a sexy black studs dick and then letting him fuck me all up in my sweet lol slutty ass until he blows his hot load in my ass or my hungry mouth Umm Good


  26. To Gary,
    What happened to you was what happened to my Nephew’s Friend who was Housed in an open Dormitory. He was a Fat, Flabby, Blonde, Fair Skinned, Pretty Faced 16 year old with no Body Hair except for his Pubic Hair the concealed his Genitals that were unbelievably small. He had the Chest and Fat Ass like a Woman’s. Every Night the 5%ers all stood on line waiting to Fuck him. After about 3 or 4 days they held him down on his Cot and painted his Finger and Toe Nails making him look even more Female. That night they not only were Fucking him but one of the Black inmates tried to make him suck his Dick but he wouldn’t open his Mouth so another inmate began to Tickle the bottom of his womanly looking Foot making him Giggle. It was then that the inmates were able to get their Dicks in his Mouth and more then 20 Inmates were able to Fuck him in both ends at the same time. Soon after, his White Friend began Fucking him too.


  27. i did 3 years in Louisiana state pen, 19 when i went in. tried to stay to myself, but that didn’t work. i know the bruthas could tell i was weak & scared. since i chose not to have a “daddy”, within a few weeks there i was fucked almost every day & night. i’m black, so don’t think it just happens to white dudes. but i learned how to submit to the bruthas, although, in the beginning i did get hit a few times. i just learned it was much easier to give it up. after a while, i must admit, it was ok. it still hurt a lot though. once, six bruthas all took turns fuckin’ me. i didn’t want to die there, so i learned, i do what i’m told and i would be alright. bein’ raped is tough. but it’s easier if you don’t fight, at least in my case. since i been out, i have gotten my life back on track but i still crave the penetration i got. i love black prison dicks-what can i say?


  28. I was tried when locked up by some black men they Rt me go said I had heart. I went back the next day and asked I the offer was still there


  29. When in prison I was raped by 3 blacks and learned to enjoy it daily. Pleasing black docks ….. Loved taste of fun !!!!


  30. Wow these stories sound rough compared to mine. I went in at 24 for stupid repeated selling of weed and got caught with too much. 5 to 7 year sentence in Michigan but was told if I am good would be out in 3. I was straight in outside and fucked girls, but a lot of people thought I might be gay. I wore tight clothes and I was only 5ft5 about 140 lbs with a bubble ass. I also didn’t have the biggest dick so I didn’t keep girls around very long. I was only about 5 inches down there and my balls were rather small too. When I got to prison I knew I would be a target and I was right from the get go.

    Cat calls from mostly the hispanics and blacks. Not so much the whites as they seemed to be more secretive about their desires. My cell mate was much older than me. He was 51 Years old and very big. Was 6ft4 and about 250 lbs and very manly. He didn’t waist much time getting at me. He told me I had two choices. I could fight what I was going to be for my time there and experience a lot of pain or I could embrace it and have no pain. I knew already what he wanted so that night when he came into my bunk I went down on him. He made me shave my legs as he snuggled in a few plastic bic razors. Shaved everything else too. I had little body hair anyway so was easy. I was told to grow my hair not cut it and after about a week or so of giving blow jobs he finally took my anal V card from me. Was gentle nice and would go super slow first few times and kiss me whole time. I was on my back first few like a female would be and just tried to close my eyes but it was not bad.

    After About 3 or 4 months he had me start taking hormones and I began to grow breast and I also at same time got caught with meth but was not using was selling but my lawyer managed to not get added time but I would have to serve the whole 7. After a year of taking hormones my dick had shrank to prob 4 inches when and if it got hard and I had virtually no balls. This is when my cell mate turned me out a few times for money. During free time a guy would come by once in awhile and fuck me why my cell mate and another stood guard. This went on for a few years but it was usually the same 8 or 9 guys but many times over a 3 year period. I learned to cum from being penetrated hands free. I never stoked my dick and because of hormones they kept making me take I could never get hard anyway. My ass got bigger my tits were a solid B cup, my waist got smaller while my hips got wider. My parents stopped coming to visit even though I told them it was survival. They disowned me at that time.

    By this time I had been locked up for 4 1/2 years and my cell mate used me how he wanted. Was not as nice as first year anymore. I ended up getting out on parole about 8 months later so only served a little over 5. I got out and now 10 years later life my life fully as a woman. I have since had Breast implants to enhance my natural B cups to 34 Cs and my Adam’s apple removed. I still have my man parts but my micro penis has not been erect in over 14 years and is 1 inch limp. I have no balls either as it is flat now since I had the hanging skin. I weigh the same 140 but look a lot more curvy these days. I’m also married to an older professional in a upper class neighborhood and hang out w all the other housewives and they have no idea I was ever a man. I’m legally 100% female, emotionally 100% female and physically 99% female. I have my cell mate to thank for that.


  31. This is hard for me but I will tell you my story. I was 23, a skinny white boy from the suburbs. I had gotten popped for possession, I was looking at 4 years. When I arrived I was terrified all the inmates we’re yelling at me telling me they were gonna make me their woman. When I got to my cell my cellmate(who was a black man) didn’t yell but he eyed me up and down. He explained to me that unless I made a “friend” I wouldn’t last long, so in fear I asked him if he would be my “friend”. He agreed and later that night he went easy on me had me suck him off. I’d never did that before so I was nervous but a deal is a deal, I didn’t want to get raped or beaten. The next day the other inmates left me alone they knew I was protected. That night though he decided to fuck me. He had me grease up his cock first with my mouth then with some lube, then he bent me over and fucked me. I was ashamed and it hurt. After awhile though it stopped hurting and began to feel good I came into the matress as he fucked me after about an hour he came to. After 3 weeks he didn’t make me do anything when we were alone I’d start sucking his cock without any hesitation, I used to say “please Daddy make me your white bitch” ( he loved hearing that). I got out on good behavior after 2 years, the reason this is hard to talk about is that I don’t want to like men but I do now, I went out and met a black guy at work he took me to his house and fucked me. I want to like women again.


  32. I did Fifteen years as a young man… never got fucked or turned out… lucky i guess for a white guy’. Yet, I am now finding self liking men!


  33. Wow
    Man alot of people opening up about their lives, the shit sounds almost unbelievable.
    I did time as a youth in Cali
    Never raped or raped another kid. Never saw or even Heard of another kid raped. And I WAS a Crip, a Real One. We had looked at homosexuality as unnatural and it was SHUNNED.
    As a grown man, I went temporarily Crazy and ended up incarcerated again, this time for Bank Robbery and did Hard time in Illinois, which has some of the Oldest , Deadliest, well known prisons in our country. Stateville, Menard, Pontiac. Places that are Hell on earth to Any man. Places where you forget you are human, because you are caged like an animal and sometimes you need to be primitive to survive.
    I did my bid in depression. In fear that my mother would Die while I rotted away behind bars. Afraid my Son would forget my name. Afraid some Idiot would Force to me to defend myself to the death and in turn take my life, by receiving a murder charge.
    I passed my time in deep contemplation and focus. On myself, where I had gone wrong. I had to Admit and take responsibility for my decision, To MYSELF, not the world.
    I began to turn my anger into Fuel and I tuned my body into a strong unbreakable machine. I Sharpened my mind and put away All stupid thoughts of Frivolous Bullshit.
    I didn’t think about Fucking any dam MANs fuckin Butthole. Im a fucking Black American Soldier and Patriot from a Line of Black American Warriors. My fathers father would come from his grave and attempt to kill me if I were to ever exhibit some Homo desires. It was bad enough I disgraced myself and my family with my Fuckery. Sex was the farthest thing from my mind. When I did cross my mind I would borrow some porn from the other Brothers. The GDs,BDs, Rangers even,the Almighty VL nation, CVL, Travelers, the 4s. They wer all there doing their thing. Doing their bids the way they did. The White gangs are non existent in Illinois State Pens. They were in the Feds when I got to Pekin when my time was short, but they were off to themselves, Definitely weren’t seeking Violence, no disrespect to my White bros, but the Aryans would have been hard pressed to survive a race war in those joints. But no one was on that Anyway. I don’t know why mothafuckas always want to try to act like they highly feared. If Anyone is to be regarded as a danger its the Mexican gangs who have UNLIMITED numbers and will commit murder Anytime because they’re gon be Deported at some point Anyway. Thats MS13, not to be mistaken for Mexican Americans who Resent being confused for illegals, and I agree with them on that.
    The ONLY Men being BUTTFUCKED and SUCKING DICKS, were the ones who Wanted to. I Never evwn Heard of a rape. I asked my Older homies who had been down since the early 80s about how shit like that happened and did it still occur and he told me off tops that shit stopped in the early 90s. No one rapes anyone anymore. Some guys go to prison and find out they were Lying to themselves for years. Some guys find out they have a Mental Disorder that makes them like men. Some dudes find out they like their prostate diddled, which Still doesn’t make a man Love other Men but, hey… To each his own.
    If you’ve never been to prison, stay the Fuck out. It is NOT a rite of passage. It is NOT cool, it is Not FUN it is like being dead for a number of years. Your life will never be the same, you will have a label. It leaves scars on your spirit, and God forbid, my fearsay happen to you, you may lose a loved one while you’re locked up and not even get to attend your family members Funeral.
    Think Brothers. Think


  34. I spent 12 years in prison in Michigan and, though young and white, I was never turned out… BUT since I have been out I have sucked off several black guys in a bookstore and enjoyed it very much!


  35. I spent 12 years in maximum security prison for armed robbery and assault to comit muder. I did time from the 18 until I was 30 (paroled in 1983) and NEVER got touched by snyone! Maybe because we shot a cop….or because I’m crazy!! Nevertheless, i.made it through without any real sexual pressure!! Maybe I was just lucky…


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