Canciones para hacer amor

Alternate Title: Sex Playlist

I take extra steps to set the mood. My apartment has a fireplace, so in addition to candles I have a big roaring fire in the background. It’s warm naked. I get vanilla smells going, I light candles, maybe spark a little cripy beforehand, and I play these songs from my iTunes playlist, ‘sex’. It’s also important to turn on loud music if you have roommates or slim walls. The music provides cover for the girl to holler out and the sounds of the bed creaking and bodies slapping.

Queens of the Stone Age – Little Sister (Contradictator Remix)

Queens of the Stone Age is probably my favorite rock band from the last ten years.

Funkadelic – I’ll Stay

Santigold – My Superman

Definitely keep an eye on this super-experimental artist, Santigold. Check out my favorite by her, Shove It (Switch Remix).

Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs

Lou Reed was an aficionado of degenerate culture way before it was cool. This ode to S&M makes you think of one thing, and one thing only.

Do Or Die – Lil’ Sum Sum

Representing the city of my birth and best of the midwest CHICAGO.

Ludacris – Splash Waterfalls

He’s been in the game a long time, but I still think Ludacris is underrated as an artist because of all the whack top 40 hits he puts out. This track sounds profane but if you listen to the words, it’s an intelligent exercise in contrasts in each bar. Yes I play this for girls because AIN’T NO SHAME IN MY GAME.

Missy Elliott ft. Nas, Eve, Q-Tip – Hot Boyz Remix

Mos Def – The Easy Spell

Mos Def is the best of hip hop in the last ten years, and this album especially because of how he incorporated guitars in over half the songs. The radio track was Ghetto Rock.

Truth Hurts ft. Rakim – Addictive

STL stand up! Produced by Dr. Dre. If you like this check out The Truth ft. R Kelly.

Tweet – Call Me

Girls singing about cheating’s always hot. Like Tweet? Check out her anthem to masturbating, Oh My feat Fabolous.

Hooverphonic – 2 Wicky

From the soundtrack of a little-known, highly underrated flick called “Permanent Midnight” starring a young Ben Stiller.

Dawn Penn – You Don’t Love Me

Johnny Osbourne – Nightfall

If you like heavy dub reggae you have to get Linval Thompson’s Can’t Stop Us Now compilation of remixes.

Heart – Magic Man

Led Zepellin – Whole Lotta Love

The Rolling Stones – Miss You

Also sexy by the Rolling Stones is Gimme Shelter, but it’s a little played out to embed.

Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire Remix

Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You

Those of my generation would know the N.W.A. cover sang by Eazy-E.

Ginuwine – Tell Me Do You Wanna

This entire album, Ginuwine’s The Bachelor, is a sex album. Also the album that put Timbaland on the map as a producer. Timbaland did two tracks on this list (Hot Like Fire Remix above).

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing

Of course Marvelous Marvin.

Montell Jordan ft. Master P & Silk the Shocker – Let’s Ride

TLC – Creep

Women singing about cheating make sexy as hell songs. This was an instant classic.

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  1. Bootsy Collins and Chris Isaak for sure. There would be one of numerous Maxwell songs on my playlist for sure! Lenny Williams “cause I love you” is also a favorite. That’s just off the top of my head, would have to look at my playlists to get more.


  2. “Sabor a Mi” by El Chicano.
    “Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero” by Rene y Rene
    “It’s a Man’s World” by James Brown
    “Suavecito” by Malo
    “Cowboys to Girls” by The Intruders
    “Try Me” by James Brown
    “Danny Boy” Jackie Wilson version

    Jimmy Huero


  3. What no Prince? After Marvin Gaye and maybe Barry White no one makes more music to get your groove on. Prince can get nasty and explicit, or be subtle with great innuendo. Even after converting to a Jehovah’s Witness Prince can still bring it.


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