All Colombian Women Cheat

Alternate Title: Colombian Infidelity Statistics

All Colombian women cheat – this is a common belief among expats in Colombia. I’ve been hearing it from gringos ever since moving to Bogota, but I dismissed it to sample bias — gringos meeting mostly girls of lower moral fiber. If you make friends partying in La Candelaria and Zona Rosa doing cocaine and ecstasy, what do you think you’re going to get?

In college I met almost exclusively family-type, “good girl” Latinas from the top 1% of social classes in Brazil to Peru. But you’re not going to meet those girls snorting coke at Ceci’s. So I thought the infidelity perception was an anomaly due to sampling bias.

But that changed over time. I think Latin America is a little more unfaithful than what Gringolandia would consider normal, which I attribute to the Catholic Church prohibiting divorce, and Colombia even more unfaithful than that, which I attribute to it being a den-of-sin kind of culture.

Then I came across this hard-copy article in El Tiempo from March of last year: América Latina, territorio infiel. The article says that not only does greater Latin America cheat a lot, but Colombia leads the region. How can I argue with the national letter of record?


Six of every 10 Latin Americans (63%) admit to having cheated at least once … Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region … 66% of [Colombian] men and women admit to having cheated at least once.

The article isn’t as interesting as the statistics, and unfortunately the El Tiempo archive online doesn’t include those. So here are my picks, plus screenshots of the hard copy so you can see them all.

  • 10.5% of Latin Americans would like to have sex more than seven times a week
  • 9.2% of Latin Americans are currently cheating
  • 45.2% of Latin women have never cheated
  • 40.8% of Colombian women have never cheated
  • 51% of Latin men have paid for sex
  • 13.7% of Latin men’s first sexual experience was with another male
  • 47.5% of Latin Americans have participated in trios or group sex
  • 9.1% of Latin Americans currently participate in trios or group sex
  • Colombian trio / group sex percentages are higher than greater Latin America
  • 22.3% of Latin Americans had their first sexual experience before 16 years old
  • 63% of Latin Americans grew up in  homes where sex was never discussed

After reading this article, I started thinking about the dealings I’ve had with Colombian women, and I think a majority had boyfriends. From the very first Colombian girl I made out with to the current booty call.

So maybe there is something to the saying …

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  1. You can’t say all is black or all is white. I am a Colombian 23 years old woman. I’ve had a relationship for more than 5 years and I never cheated on him. I know some people who never have cheat on someone, as well.


    1. Yes, people love to stereotype. Especially people from the USA who tend to feel superior to all others. I’ve met honest Colombian women who are straight up about having a.boyfriend and no interest in meeting or trying to get money from me.


  2. I literally laughed my ass off when you said “your not gonna find girls like this snorting coke at cici’s” LOL


  3. I’ll register later but as for now call me hacker777.

    Anyways, Colombian women pick the best mate possible. You need to be able to keep flossing have great dick game and have $$$. For life. Lol if you don’t or you fall back on one of these, say goodbye to the relationship. I’m a Male 28, American born Colombian parents. I am white though but not pale. I can easily blend in both worlds (American and Colombian). A girl I know set up this American white boy, thinking he was gonna smash she ended up calling her squad and robbed his ass.


    1. So most US or other women seem the shittiest guy they can find? I think most women anywhere, who don’t have psychological problems, daddy issues, or want to be abused by a bad boy, seek the best relationship and a guy making good $.


    2. Yeah, setting up a robbery with promise of pussy never, ever happens, nor has ever happened, in history in the USA. Thanks.


  4. Is a shame, that people that write on this site, must use all kind
    of profanity. Their brains, are so underdeveloped, that they can’t
    complete a sentence without, profanity.

    Sometimes, I feel ashamed to be American.

    Society is really, at the bottom of the barrel , O’reilly from
    Fox news, was correct when he said, Society has to change, if
    we can move forward. Not back


  5. Guys, what a brilliant site! And what horrible stories. I just wished I had seen it two months ago and I did not have to go through all these emotional stress and feel humiliated.

    It is a real cultural clash. I come from a country where honesty is very important, where words are kept and were people are normally telling you the truth, sometimes bluntly. My country is one of the least corrupted in the world (in Scandinavia). Hearing here about a culture where lying is a national sport scares the heck out of me. After this – how could I ever trust any South American woman at all without seeing what she claims to be true with my own eyes?

    I am writing a Colombiana via mail. I met her on a cam site, we came to chat there for two hours. She didn’t want to go on, she felt dirty, used, a piece of flesh, and her mother threatened to throw her out of the house. She didn’t ask for my mail address, but I gave it to her because I wanted to hear more about her story. Never thought she would write, but she did.

    We have exchanged 25 mails by now, almost every night. She writes long mails, three-four pages, using a Spanish-English translator. She is interested about my country, has read a lot about it. That impressed me.

    As she doesn’t know English I offered her to pay for English classes. Would be like 100 dollars/month. She didn’t ask for the money. I said I could pay.

    She works as a dental assistent in the Risaralda area, she goes to college to study psychology. She needs her job to pay for the studies. It was not enough, she started camming to get quick money, many girls do that, she says (and reading the bios on the camsite it seems so).

    She asked me to send her a computer so that she doesn’t have to go to an internet cafe. It was way too much money. I haven’t sent one and will not.

    When wiring her the support for the first month the Colombian bank required the recipient’s full name, address and birth dates. She was hesitant giving it to me as she said I could spread pictures from her camlife and if it comes out in public she would get fired and never get a job. But I got it, she received the money. She said the bank were thiefs and deducted fees, she cancelled the account right after. She wants be to use Western Union in future, which to me is a site with a so-so reputation.

    Already before we started mailing she said her father was diagnosed with cancer. Then he got a heart attack. She showed selfies from the intensive care station with a male person in the bed behind, hooked up with all sorts of equipment, it could definitely be her father.

    I easily fall in love quick, but the first love needs to be supported by honesty, and I am right there now. This story feels to be too good to be true. We discussed if she would move here after finishing her studies. She said she probably will not be able to due to language, cultural and climate barriers. To see each other outside Colombia is too expensive, she did not really press for that either.

    I cannot limit her life and not allow her to see men in Colombia. She said she had one bastard three years ago, who was no good. Why do she need a Colombian man? She wants to get educated, get out of the misery, and live a normal and not luxurious life. Any man right now would just be a hindrance, maker her pregnant and leave her

    Her parents are fighting, she has decided to move away from home to a small room. The extra costs for this ruins her chances to go to English classes. The costs for caring about her parents ruins her savings so that she cannot pay her college bill end of July. She says it’s the last time she will ask me for money, but she needs 180 dollars to pay, otherwise she will be kicked out. I have been angry once before because her indications of money in her mails. I have asked if I am just a bank to her and there is no affection behind?

    So, you guys may wonder, why I am writing her. The problem is that I am brought up to be honest, caring, helping and understanding. That is also a virtue in my culture. I feel perfectly allright helping a poor girl in a poor country to get out of her misery. I hate being used, though.

    Her story is not unlikely, that’s the problem. If you are poor, have to support your family, but like to get somewhere, and are very young you will be out of funds quick. She doesn’t want to back doing sexwork, she feels very bad about it.

    But reading all of you, I feel I am just used. By a very good faker, by all means, I don’t know how she manages to get together a story, supported by pictures, which doesn’t fall apart. What about if she used a friend’s account at the bank? And I have the name of her friend and not hers? What about if she sneaked into a hospital and took a picture of some other dude?

    Just cut it off, you’ll say. Yes. But there comes my honesty into picture again – I cannot cut off anything until I find something which is a lie, and I haven’t. Now I have a hookup when she said she asked me for money for the last time. If she asks again, I can hold that against her.

    My initial love is deteriorating. I would be fine having a regular mail contact with her, to hear how life goes on, to get some nice passionate words. But I don’t want to pay her money.

    Guys, decent Colombian girls on this site, what can I do? Reading your comments ruins my trust in girls altogether. I am glad I stopped before getting into so much shit as many of you.


  6. I read every reply on this thread. It’s too broad of a stroke IMHO. It’s not that much different then any other underdeveloped nation. Yes. Many girls are taught @ any early age to hustle men & work their bodies for monetary gain. These girls are usually the poor & uneducated ones. Many are a simply a product on their environment.

    If you get lucky (like me) you can find an upper-middle class educated women & your age isn’t too far apart. I’m was 29 Marlena was 25. then you can really score a keeper. The key is knowing Spanish or @ least have some handle on the language. I’m fluent in Spanish & French. I live in the US (Massachusetts) Went down for 8 weeks to have some fun & see the sites. Wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or wife. If you’re good looking (or even decent), solid body & have some game, you’re in initially. Just like anywhere.

    I met a French teacher from Armenia who was visiting a friend in Medellin. I was bowling (yes…bowling) by myself & we just started a conversation. I took it very slow with Marlena (like really slow) When she went back to Armenia, I was devastated. I decided to follow her down there without her knowing I was coming. Totally rolling the dice. I showed up @ her flat. She practically ganged tackled me. Keep in mind the only thing we did was make out for her time in Medellin. She wouldn’t let me go further. I was fine with it as I enjoyed her company so much.

    The 1st day I was there…She said this too me (I’ll never forget) “You know what? I said I haven’t a clue. Alex get’s whatever Alex wants” Needless to say it was the World Series of sex. She’s so smoking hot. She’s built like a spider (She’s 6’1″ & I’m 6’5″) She wouldn’t allow me to rent an apartment. She insisted I stay with her for my remaining 6 weeks. Once a decent Colombian girl knows you’re really into her…The sky is the limit.

    I’ve been married to her for over 2 years now. Pure bliss if you can really understand them (Constant affection, the occasional quick temper & sometimes the jealousy) She may be polished (comes from a good upper middle class family) She still has Colombian running in her veins. If you can accept that, then you’ll have the best sex of your life (@ least for me) & yes complete loyalty. Marlena is the exception rather then the rule sad to report. BTW…She found a French teaching job @ a Catholic school outside Boston within 6 months of her arrival. She doesn’t sit on her ass & get fat. They’re are some winners in Colombia. They just aren’t easy to find.


  7. Colin

    Look at the activity on this thread. Look at the activity you got when you hijacked the post on here a few weeks ago and started a new thread. Sex and scandal sells. Your posts about a slice of life in Peru get very little interest as far as I can tell. You should re-open a forum and let people tell their dirty little stories about relationships in Latin America, especially these wild Colombianas. I might pay for that if it gets more active than your last forum, but I’m not buying your family Life In Peru stories.

    As for Charles Brown above who had a Colombian wife, lost his money, then lost his wife – that’s par for the course. Having a trophy wife is not something you can do on the cheap unless you look like Cristiano Ronaldo. I know what I’m talking about. I’m in year 8 of my current Colombian trophy wife. My financial situation is strong and secure so she’s not going anywhere. If you’re living in your mother’s basement trying to romance some girl in Colombia on the Internet, give it up. You can’t bring these women here and expect them to work and help pay the bills. They expect the man to do that. You’ve got to have the cash to play this game. I’m set to retire in Colombia now and I’ve still got my salud, dinero, y amor. Life is good (for me).


  8. Well guys I see no one has commented on my first blog.. But I am here in Colombia now and the crazy hoe is super pissed because I had 2 new girls pick me up at the airport instead of her which was amazing.. in comparison to the gold digger with her mother escorting her.. She showed up at my hotel room the second day I was here. She was acting crazy and I could easily tell she was high on something… But she made demands that if I wanted to keep her I must buy her an apartment for her so her mother and little brother could live with us, financial capital for a clothing business, a new car so I wont have to take a taxi when I come back again, a Iphone7,$400.00 hair perm, money for food, a credit card, money for meds to stop smoking, braces for her teeth, among other things.. I asked her where did you come up with all this crazy BS,, Her answer was her friends have gringo boyfriends and they buy everything they want with out any questions because of LOVE,,, I laughed at her so hard my stomach muscles hurt and this was yesterdays demands. I paid her to leave and she said lets make love I laughed even harder and she started so get pissed so she broke my reading glasses.. I forced her out the door and told the front desk not to allow her to come to my room… She’s still texting me telling me she loves me and that its my fault our relationship failed bla bla bla bla… I have other women I made contact with on and that are ready and willing to meet me. the first Colombian i only know for 3 months, first time I came here to meet her we checked into my hotel room and before I could close the door she was naked and ready to get horizontal.. So to me all these hoes are hoes… Never make any commitment to any of them because the will say they are committed to you while talking out of the side of there face.. Believe nothing they say never give them any money for something they want to buy because I guarantee you that money will not be used as she says she needs it for.. They all have many different social media accounts. I found out more about her on facebook then she told me on her own.. I found several FB accounts she had , I asked her about them and of course she denied they were hers but within a few minutes the accounts were deactivated imagine that. I found another Colombian Cupid account with her photo in her profile saying she was 28 and had a 14 year old boy yea right do the math..,, I showed her , her cupid account on my laptop and she said it wasn’t her because she docent live a catagena. Now do they all tell the truth on there cupid accounts. Nope they are all professional liars and never believe anything they say. If you do your a fool.


  9. I spent an hour reading through this… Paisa region is my experience, and they are easily the stereotype here… If she’s been in your home country a considerable period of time, has a formal education, and an actual career that is based on merit it could be worth considering… Politeness and friendliness, very much so. But, character wise, hands down the biggest cheating and lying women I know. I dated one whom I met at an event that she attended with her family and with my family… Sweated the hell out of me every day for 9 months, facetimed me nightly, WhatsApp all fucking day long.. I went to visit her, great time with family. Was smart and wanted to know the real her, you know, who she is away from her family, so we went to Santa Marta for 5 days. Immediately upon boarding the plane, 180 degree adjustment in attitude and behavior, extremely bizarre. Changed her number upon arriving in Santa Marta, so, she ended up being a hooker, which is what I found out. Now, I exchanged some harsh words with her and didn’t let her walk all over me, and we ended up having a good time despite my suspicions… Had a decent time with her, but it was glaringly apparent this bitch was a hoefessional, so my ego, pride and life plans were crushed because my dumb ass is thinking I’m gonna go live the high life with her and her daughter and family out there, buy a house in a majestic place, crush guts and raise a brown child that’s not mine… But, turns out I was a sucker for love. Womp womp… Now here comes the best part, bitch somehow scores a visa to the states, ends up going to NYC and NJ with her one cousin who I thought wasn’t a hoefessional and her other cousin who clearly is a 40+ old hoesfessional on the backside of her illustrious career (pun not intended). These broads were getting passed around and work a chica circuit in NYC and NJ where they take their prepaga shit from their country, and bring it to mine. Obviously I’m very pissed, so I have a couple dego’s look into their deal, because the bitch costs me money and pride at this point, so it’s a combination of business and personal… I reroute a trip I had planned to LA to go to NYC instead, play it cool when I get there, scope her whole scene out. Staying in one bedroom slums in queens and jersey, sleeping on cots and child mattresses getting busted down on backpage…. I mean how stupid does one have to be. You mean to tell me you finally scored a visa to the great nation and the only thing you can think of is how can I hook to survive and save money for more bootleg clothes? Sad story, but I knew something was up if she came to America without her daughter. Just a ridiculous amount of time, money and emotion wasted…. Never ever do anything more than fuck them, because they cheat, lie, and scam. It is their culture, it’s what they do. It is precisely why their country has more metals, natural resources, and perf cr harvesting climate for anything, but still remains broke as hell and third world, because they permit that type of shit there… Before you criticize or clown, know I told that bitch she owes me every dollar, and I did my research on everything, and I will collect come hell or high water. Furthermore, this does not discount the fact that there probably are some good ones out there, but culturally there are so many differences and their country is so corrupt that it permeates all the way to the lowest rung of classes. Damn shame too, because it is a beautiful place.


  10. My parents were South American, they grew up with experience dealing with Colombians. Basically, it’s not so much that the women are cheating trash, but they are parasitic. They will move onto whomever has the bigger wallet, more success, more material things, etc. At the end of the day, it’s all about them acquiring riches and material things especially as they have generally wasted so much money in their youth on plastic surgery, fake tits, fake asses, new noses, you name it! It’s a superficial culture who “acts” like it’s such a fully devout Catholic society, but they are a bunch of hypocrites who only seek easy money. As for the men, they also love the easy money which is why they resort to making fake passports, selling fake legal documents, making fake money, selling drugs, pimping, etc. It’s a culture and country devoid of any moral standing or ethics. At the end of the day, for the men and the women, it’s all about easy money, easy riches at whatever cost! At my father’s company in NYC, he’d come home telling us about how this Colombian woman or that Colombian whore was either coming onto the CEO or a supervisor or managers despite them knowing fully well that these men were married with children. They just do not give a rat’s ass. To them, fellow humans are just another commodity. Stay AWAY!
    I might be Hispanic, but I grew up in NYC and I learned to depend on ME, my hard work, my job, my credit card, etc., not to ever use a man or depend on someone to take care of me, alas, not everyone is raised right. I never even liked dudes paying my way, going dutch was preferred so you don’t think I owe you shit.


    1. LOL, the US that conducts fake wars, killing millions to enrich politicians and their buddies in the arms business is the height of morality? Wall street suckers taxpayers for Us$ trillion to bail them out..


      1. Whether that’s true or not has no bearing on the truth of this post. I’m guessing you got finessed by a south american chick and you’re still trying to convince yourself you didn’t. Either that or you have no experience with them, in which case your comment is irrelevant.


  11. Hi

    I hate to admit this, but I am currently dating a married woman who is Colombian. So yes, in my experience Colombian women always cheat.


  12. Not only am I currently dating a married women who is Colombian, but 3 years ago I also dated a different Colombian woman who was also married. Why? Colombian women have their faults, but they are smoking hot and do everything sexually; I mean everything!

    Also, if you are dating a Colombian she has at least 2 other guys she is also dating. And finally, she is going to ask you for money – it’s a given. If you don’t give her the money, she will dump you and get it from one of her other fools. LOL.


  13. I agree 100% with almost everything said here… it’s sad but they are chronic habitual liars… I had a paísa woman from la ceja, a small town 45 minutes from Medellin…. don’t believe anything they say… even worse, what they do.. all I can say is avoid women la ceja. Rio negro, medellin.. they are all the same.. liars, gold diggers, cheaters


  14. Just to add a little more… I would avoid all woman on Latin American Cupid and Colombian Cupid… a majority of the girls have boyfriends and have been on these dating sites for 10 years… most have failed relationships with at least 3 or 4 previous foreign men… my girl had multiple failed relations with foreigners.. some super rich guys, some normal gringos like me… the bottom line for these girls is money… you got money, treat them bad, they are used to it… it what they deserve… if you treat them well, they will walk all over you… that’s the honest truth


  15. First off.i am a gringo who has spent the majority of his life in Latin America. I was educated there and of course speak Spanish.

    My post deals with a friend who I met on a web cam site several years back. She is a very nice lovable woman. Cute, sexy and friendly she and I hit it off although not sexually. I had lunch with her and we went shopping a few times.

    When asked by a friend I admitted I had never so much as touched her. We talked and laughed and that’s it. She gave me an abrazo once upon leaving and it came as a shock.


  16. (Continuation)
    She was instructing other models on how to put on a web cam show. In her words the studio owner walked in on her”class” , asked her to come to a private place. He dropped his pants and had sex with her. She hardly knew the guy but knew he was married. In her words it was “just sex, no big deal”.

    I pointed out that it may be a big deal to the guy’s wife and her fiancé.

    A few weeks later she told me their sex had become a daily thing. I pointed out that this is an affair in our culture. Not just sex. People are murdered over affaires. She still didn’t get the gravity of my gringo morality.

    She gave me an offer of sex in the men’s room just to illustrate how Colombianas are free sexually… I felt having sex with her would mess up a nice friendship and declined.

    My true generalization is that most Colombianas will have sex with a man if he asks politely and puts moves on her. There it is in a nutshell. Most, not ALL Colombians will do it any time anywhere. It’s a cultural thing unique to Colombia.


  17. As far as being chronic liars Colombian women can never be relied upon. One beautiful Colombiana I know well lies when the truth would serve her well.

    I was skeptical as a physician when she claimed to have leukemia and being treated with chemotherapeutic drugs. She dodged questions about her health and answered others wrong.

    Finally through enough conversation I determined she may actually suffer from leukemia. 50% chance she is telling the truth.. This brings up an important point when taking a patient history and listing symptoms and diagnosing. Even chronic liars may be ill with a dangerous disease.

    I tend to take patients at their word and I’m always honest with them. Colombianas tend to be symptomatic for serious illness often. They hear about hair loss during chemotherapy and suddenly complain of it. This is the product of friends gossip rather than chemo side effects.


  18. (Continuation)
    Beware of the Colombiana who needs your help paying for healthcare related expenses. This is, to me, always a scam. Always. Always. Foreign men are viewed as ATMs. The necessary lie is the PIN number.

    Most importantly believe about 50% of what she says. If money is involved make it 20%. Many are beautiful beyond belief. They will have sex with you, no questions asked. Their lies and half truths are simply off putting to me. Sleep with them and ignore anything they tell you is factual. It’s probably a lie.


  19. Since this thread appears to still be running I figured I would tell my story. About six years ago I signed up for one of those cam sites. Pretty much the first girl I ever became interested in was a Colombian girl I believe from Bogota. By now I’d say 80% or more of the money I’ve spent on that site has gone to her. My first year I might’ve spent a grand and then years that followed perhaps a couple G’s each year on the shows. I hadn’t been on the site since late last year because I really wanted to be done with all that shit (now I am finally disinterested). And that’s the background.

    So after months of not being on there I decided to come back. I’d had a good month March and one late night at the end of the month (perhaps after a few drinks) I decided to log in. What I really wanted was to find her bc she just gets me going. And perchance she was online. So I can’t quite remember but we might’ve done a brief sex show. And then we talked for maybe another 5-10 min bc she told me she was retiring at the end of April. I told her I couldn’t believe it and that I had grown accustomed to seeing her (believe it or not you develop an affinity for a stranger with enough encounters). She began to cry and told me she had saved up to start her own business. She told me she had thought that she would perhaps cam her whole life. It was a rather poignant moment. I then promised I would come back a few more times before the month ended before leaving for the night.

    I ended up seeing her for a few more months blowing prob about 1.2-1.5k chatting with her and doing little else. At the end of the month she told me she hadn’t gotten paid and was maybe working another week into May. I went away and came back mid month. Somehow I caught her early morning on a few occasions and then maybe once a week for 2-3 more weeks. So maybe all in I’ve dropped 2.5-3k since she said she was retiring (I called it quits finally bc I just don’t care to spend the money anymore and she told me I don’t need to). Blowing any money really on an online whore is is kinda crazy but whatever. I’ll live. Next I’ll tell you what transpired during that time.

    When she told me she was retiring I think we just left it as well I’ll see you a few more times. But it was either that night or when I saw her a few days later that she told me that even tho she could be kicked off the site for giving her contact info that I could message her mine (I’ve yet to receive hers but there’s a policy on the site and she is still under their employ). So I did that. We spent a few weeks getting to know each other and she told me time and time again that once she’s done she’ll send me her info. She said that she would be true to her word on it. Honestly, I don’t see the harm in becoming FB or insta friends but whatever whatever. It’s now June and she’s supposedly gone two months unpaid and moving into a third. She asked me for advice and I simply told her to stop working for free (in my line of work I demand pay for every damn thing but my business is in a major financial hub not buttfuck South America lolll).

    It’s to the point that we talk like serious lovers (she uses the love word but I am rare with that bc I know it doesn’t mean anything). It was so intense I started to believe it tho. But I woke up in the middle of the night thinking how ridiculous it is. I found this forum and it revealed everything I had imagined and expected. I mean this girl is now a front page girl on one of those cam sites. Who the hell knows. She sounds sincere but these girls can bullshit about anything, her whole body is fake.

    There were a few things said to me that were noteworthy:

    She wanted to know whether or not I’d be back on the site seeing other girls.
    She told me she had a much older boyfriend that was unfaithful for a long time (it sounded like she stuck with him for some time) and that was emotionally insensitive (big surprise the guys down there gotta be like lowest common denominator lol). She also mentioned he had a kid with another woman that was born on the same day as her bday. Totally weird.
    She told me that she didn’t think it would be easy to move up with me because her dreams are in CO and she wants to take care of her family (she did agree to be flown up here).
    She told me that she understands what I want. I’m not a customer and she wants something more serious. And that I don’t have to visit her in privates as I’m not getting what I’m paying for anyway. I dunno if she was acknowledging that I like her or that it’s an obvious rip off paying to talk to a Latin girl on a cam site.

    Anyway, it’s now late July and her last message and sign in was 7/5. I exchanged pm’s with her every few days and that was it up to that point. She would simply tell me she missed me. She also let me know that she’ll be paid by end of August now and that she is covering expenses by employing uber drivers. But anyway I really don’t feel like paying for privates anymore. Also, I wanna buy a faster hot rod. There’s just always a bigger and badder car out there, right? But I still wait for her to send me her info (you can see how pathetic I am). I really can’t see the harm in being an online friend, I’m not shipping her out money. But I figure keep her in the reserves if she wanna go boating with me in the islands or be my mistress on one of my overseas trips. I guess you can always fuck it and forget it in international waters. It’s just crazy because for a few mad weeks I really bought it. She seemed so genuine and honestly it still feels legit. Regardless, I’m protecting my balls and my sanity here and maintaining some distance now. And I no longer intend to fly her up to me. Honestly, I can’t imagine even going down to Colombia. Sometimes I talk to people that tell me it’s a great spot for the rich to retire or for well off men to go get off with hot women. I guess that’s fun for people who have just moved up to a two car garage and an Acura lol. But I’d never have even a modicum of an interest if I hadn’t inexplicably become infatuated with one girl down there. I must have thousands of photos of this broad too. What the hell happened to me? Haha.


  20. Jay, she has played you like a fiddle. There are classes teaching cam girls how to be sincere and sound honest to gringos. None of it comes from their heart but another body part.

    Colombia is loaded with beautiful women. In the USA they would be classified as hot lying sluts. In Colombia they are just average women.


  21. If they want to be degenerates in their own country, that’s fine with me. But, don’t bring that degenerate mindset of a sect of that culture to my country, that’s all I ask. I know that sounds very rude and xenophobic, but damn, people are lined up and waiting in line to come to my country so they could have a legit CHANCE at living an honorable life, raising their family and having an actual career based on merit and skill, and Colombia lets fucking hookers come into mine, with no skill sets or ability to speak my language at all, freely. Parasitic and problematic. My experience is with the Paisas. And frankly, they are simply a product of their environment. Few legitatmate chances at an industrialized career, generational poverty beyond our comprehension, rampant promotion and encouragement of prostitution, drug dealing and exchanging of counterfeit clothing, these people really don’t stand a fucking chance sometimes. So part of me sympathized for them, but really they had their hand out like they were drowning when in actuality they were plotting on me. Tough lesson learned over here…Damn near any woman from that country that is in China, USA, Aruba, Spain, Panama, Canada is engaged in international prostitution and/or money laundering on the black market peso exchange with counterfeit clothing being the way to launder their money.Few here and there that are anomalies. And their country knows what these women are up to, they allow them to do it so they can repatriate the money. It is literally a country that is damn near bankrupt morally, and it effects them worse than anything. Certain things they can not grasp because they have been raised in such a distrustful and unreliable environment that their ability for long term planning is based in yearly spurts of plots and schemes… Case in point, when my Ex and her cousin, who are prostitutes in New York and New Jersey, amongst other shady shit they do (and no one seems to be doing a damn thing about kicking them the fuck out for good) came here, I scooped out their whole scene and got to understand their mentality even further… They literally have crushed self-esteem internally despite projections that indicate otherwise… They were living in slums in queens and jersey and getting tossed around various prostitution services that the Latin American diaspora in that area (which does nothing to contribute to the ending of this, but contrary promotes this) is very familiar with… They would rather live like fucking animals, and not contribute to society productively because that would require effort, and self-esteem and intelligence beyond being street wise. Upon my departure after my third time visiting this woman, twice in her country and one in mine, I finally stopped being a vulnerable idiot and told her she managed to fuck it all up with her 35 going on 21 year old mentality and actions… What person in their right mind would rather choose to be a hooker and live in fucking slums rather than a nice house, own car, education paid for and a guaranteed job through my network in conjunction with the sponsoring of her daughter? A fucking degenerate, that’s who… And honestly, I’m grateful I had this experience. It cost me 3,000 in flights, hotels, and money lent to what I thought was going towards college, but I am older and wiser now… Seriously, it’s a bad reflection for the Colombians and Latin Americans that do the right things, have integrity and morals and go about shit the right way.


  22. Thanks for sharing, Sancho. I’ve come to grips with my own foolishness. I honestly can’t tell anyone at all why I was interested in a cam girl other than that she was cute. Prob could’ve put that money toward the car I just bought instead of a unicorn online lol. I’ve been learning Spanish for about a month and a half and have been enjoying it. But it will most likely be used on a trip to Spain not dump hole Latin America.


  23. Three important things in hindsight. One, language barrier is a massive exploitative vulnerability for them. If, you make them step up to your level, which is what I should have done, It would have eliminated everything. As in, when your English is good and you have an education, career and etc… gimme a call. I stooped to her level because I felt sorry for her as I had never been exposed to that level of poverty, which is, they do things for survival, comfortable or not. They have very little if nothing at all to lose. Do not, get overly involved with any woman who doesn’t have shit to lose, cause she doesn’t have shit. This leads to my next point. Sober minds make better decisions. Think in-depth about what you are getting sucked into. I dodged some serious bullets because I easily could have been fucked handing over child support and alimony to a wolf in sheeps clothing, which would have made my life compoundingly more difficult than it was after the fact. Three, use your failures in reading their bodily behaviors and language barriers to your advantage. Learn their language, gimmicks, schemes, plots, pleas, and etc… so you are not duped again. I had ample time to ponder this woman’s schemes and how I got played…. The bitter responses, as expected, were really my own fault in hindsight. If I were living a balanced and sober life at the time, I would have never gotten sucked into the negative vortex of this woman that took me a year to rebound from in all facets of my life… And to her credit, she may so you’re not shit and criticize you, but she knows, that she will never attain your level of comfort, so for here it is about taking out vengeance on those who are more fortunate. Cause she’ll never attain a life as fortunate as I.


  24. After all the negative things I have said about Colombianas I will admit to being in love with several. They have as a group faults just like I do.

    The pretty ones tend to be flat out gorgeous. They tend to be wonderful mothers. They are very skilled sexually. They know how to talk to a man, especially a gringo. To most family is everything…….their world.

    Although dishonest they are great to be around. Good sense of humor and so on. The ones I know do not expect life to be easy. They work at it. They know they are lucky to find a job. Finding a man who earns a living and doesn’t get drunk and beat them up is a lot to hope for.

    In general having them call you a “caballero” means she likes or loves you.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY learn Spanish. This is critical.

    Next, don’t marry the first hot Colombiana who smiles at you. I believe that a gringo marrying a Colombiana is a formula for failure. If it works out fine. But It probably won’t. She is so culturally different than you, well, words can’t express the difference. I have lived with and among latinas all my life. Colombianas have certain customs you will never accept. Party with them; fine. Live with them: fine. Do not get married because she is beautiful and treats you like a king.

    Watch the final scene in the final season of NARCOS. The two hot Colombianas riding a moto to a road block at the start of the episode do the most predictable of all Colombiana things.

    I love them. I consider myself lucky to know many beautiful Colombianas. They are great in bed. About 50 percent of whatever they tell you is true. Anything involving money or sex make that 20 percent. If that bothers you meet gringas only.


  25. Good points, Jim. And it’s admirable that you are willing to defend them primarily by virtue of their beauty. But a culture based around deception is worth not participating in for most of us. Thank you for your insights.


    1. the famed Gulf of Tonkin incident and starting a $trillion war? Or the lie about massive stocks of Wmds in Iraq..? or..?


  26. I have read this article and the comments and would like to post a question to you about my situation. I recently decided to move to Panama. I’m 51 and married to a Mexican American for the last 20 years. The marriage now has no physical love. I have a property in Panama but had come back to the states for work until I can get my work visa to open a business in Panama. I met a Beautiful Colombiana from Cali online who has lived 5 years in Panama and is finishing her last year of College attaining 2 degrees about 2 weeks before I was to make a trip there to check on my property. We talked every day and when I said I wanted to be with her she told me she charges for sex. I agreed to pay and we made an arrangement. When we met we had amazing sex and although I was paying for only a few hours she spent 3 full days with me countlessly making love. She explained a lot about of her life and we have had daily conversations for the last 2 months. She said her work visa had expired and she had to sell herself from time to time to make ends meet. I paid for her an attorney to get her work visa back. I like this girl a lot and made a personal decision to continue to help her financially while I have been back in the states. I have the means so there is no great loss to me. She has told me she has been with no one else since we were together and I believe her. She has given me no reason to distrust her and we talk about serious plans for a future together after I get back to Panama permanently in a few more months. We are to spend a week living together when I’m there next month. And this will be to test our compatibility before I make any decision to end my marriage to begin a serious live in one with her. We talk about having a child which I have not had before and would like very much , I do believe we have a good relationship and that she is different from the others described in this article but would like to hear feedback from those of you who have more experience with Colombian women.


  27. after much experience I can tell you:
    1.She IS simply a prostitute working you
    2.If you marry her she will continue her game
    3.Her promises are written on water
    4.wear a condom or you will catch the last customer’s diseases

    Finally, if you like whores fine! But take her for what she is:a hooker. a million live in Colombia.


  28. The term “whore” is offensive. But your “dream Colombiana” IS ABSOLUTELY a prostitute with an agenda. You are her ATM and possibly the gringo that will get her a US passport.

    Know the Spanish language fluently, and do not get used which is her plan.


  29. Jim, Here is where I think you are wrong but I appreciate your candor and thoughts. Her is a few more points I did not previously discuss.

    1 Although admitting to making money since breaking up with her last suger daddy by charging for sex when she could during the last 2 years to continue to pay for her University education I would consider her having been more of a call girl to a prostitute as she was very selective.
    2 She may be Colombian but she lives in Panama 5 years and since meeting me has a full time job working 70 hours a week (verified), and 4 days a week filled with classes at the university (Varified). No time to play around. And having admitted to disliking what she had to do to survive and striving not to be dependent on any man including me.
    3. She has never made a promise to me, and never asked for the money I give her. Actually refusing it a few times. She lives with her parents and they know about me. I have seen her, her sister and her moms passports (Identity verified)
    4.Started out with condoms, but too late now I have already been in her without. That was 2 months ago and I have been checked. No Disease! That would have shown by now.
    5.No I have never previously been with a hooker or wanted to pay for sex. I liked this girl after 2 weeks daily conversation and felt she was genuinely awkward in asking me initially for money because of a difficult situation she was in. She didn’t even know how much I should pay. I gave her the figure and she was ok with it. I considered it a donation and not payment for a service.
    6.She does not want to live in the U.S and is not interested in getting a U.S. Passport. She is perfectly happy that we live forever in Panama and travel. I own a yacht that is in Panama and of course in addition to life there we will travel the world and can live anywhere we sail and leave the yacht.
    7. I have the means as you may have figured out to afford to pay now what I want and if I find out if I have been used as an ATM as you think the money I have aided her amounts to interest in my account. so I’m not hurting to give her the benefit of the doubt.
    8. A week from now I have rented an Airbnb Condo for a week in Panama that we will live together in 24/7. If she has something going on I will discover it. No player can go a week if they are playing a game. I’m not naïve about a 22 year old wanting to date/marry a 51 year old currently married man. She will either pass my test or she wont. I will let you all know what happens when I get back.


  30. Lee
    No offence to you or your girl.
    Wish you all the best. Good relationships DO happen. Culturally Colombianas are just different from Gringos and many Gringos don’t understand the difference.

    Be a fluent Spanish speaker! Google translate will not do the job. Understand subtle nuance of Colombian Spanish which is a world away from other forms of the idiom. Next do not tell everyone you meet that you understand every word they say. If they don’t know they will use it as a “secret code”. My wife and I even did that to our kids jajajajajaja

    Once again all my best. I love Colombianas and understand their culture very well.

    The correct term for what she has done is “escort” not puta, whore hooker etc.

    Just got a whatsapp message from my current Colombiana. Hope you find happiness and she does too. It does happen!


  31. Lee, one final thing. You may have noticed that Colombianas are very casual about sex, nudity, and sensuality. Plus they are beautiful beyond belief.

    CIA factbook tells us that unemployment among Colombianas between the age of 18 and 35 is a staggering 37%. Colombia is a third world country offering little opportunity for these women. Beauty+unemployment+a possible child at home that needs to be fed.

    They are simply more casual about sex than a gringo tends to be.

    All my best


  32. Jim,
    I just wanted to point out my Colombian Girlfriend, her sisters, brother and parents left Colombia and have lived for more then 5 years in Panama. My girl will graduate from the Panama University at the end of this semester with a degree’s in Electronics and communication. She speaks English so we can communicate without a translator and will be applying her degree for a corporate job in Panama after graduation. I think this sets her apart from most of the girls discussed in this article.

    You are so right, she is amazingly beautiful and very casual about sex topics in conversation. She is also very talented sexually. She did the typical enhancements so treasured by Colombians such as Boob & Butt implants and long hair extensions funded by the really old sugar daddy she used to date a few years ago. After reading this thread completely I did see some tendencies she has which fit this discussion including her constant posing for selfies and posting them online. I’m not really sure why she likes all this attention from strangers that may be one of the culture differences you speak about. I’m not really bothered by it I’m actually flattered all these other guys want her but she is only with me.

    I can live with the knowledge she has had to Escort prior to meeting me. We probably would not have met otherwise, it was very improbable. But once we met, she has been able to get a regular job and focus on her study. I have subsidized her earnings so she does not have to worry about how to pay her bills or any need to have to have sex for money ever again.

    I hope ours is one of the good relationships that happen as you said. Time will tell. I’m grateful for feedback.


  33. Lee,
    Based on all you have said I think we have a great deal in common.

    Even after living years in Panama Colombians are culturally Colombians. And I love that about them. Glad to hear that she is graduating with a serious career ahead of her.

    As you by now know family is EVERYTHING to Latinas. Colombianas are blessed with a very special DNA that makes them among the most attractive people in the world as a group. External beauty is obsessive. Thus the constant selfies and giant market for plastic surgery.

    Sexuality sets Colombianas apart from other Latinas. A very close friend works in a studio as a jefa for the models. She is engaged, and I have never touched her except for an abrazo when I see her. She confided in me that she had a new boss who came to her office after watching her train new girls how to moan and groan and so on. He was turned on by all this and they simply had sex on her sofa. She said it was “just sex”, no big deal. He is married with two kids. I told her that in the US I have treated men and women in the emergency room for gunshot wounds after having “just sex” with someone. Later she told me it became a daily thing. What is considered an affair here was just recreational sex to her. I never thought less of her for it. We text daily and I think the world of her. She would have sex with me if I simply asked but our relationship would change and I don’t want that. Of course she is beautiful.

    One question. Does you lady whistle? All Colombianas I know whistle during the day.


  34. Lee
    Having lived among Latin Americans for decades I can give you one true piece of advice. Don’t judge them for cultural differences. Hope that they return the favor in not judging you.

    Colombianas with a long sexual history are not “sluts”. Americans with money to spend are not “filthy gringos”. We live the way we were brought up. Maybe that is why Colombianas whistle all the time. I have been around them so long I respect and embrace our differences, accept and love them for it.

    I have a feeling your lady and you will be happy. What else can we ask for in a relationship?

    My very best wishes,


  35. Lee,

    Don’t be a moron. You are getting used, point blank period. Have some fucking nobility and keep your dignity and integrity intact… Once a hooker, always a hooker. She is a prepaga, which is a call girl, and is a legitimate popular industry in Colombia. They travel back and forth to Panama frequently for this shit. You are getting played, you are getting played, you are letting yourself get played. Wake up and have some dignity for breakfast. Fell for the same type of shit you are falling for now. There are no boundaries with the lack of morality these women have. None. Zero. There are stories of things going well for years and men getting killed. You have a thread of six years of negative experiences costing an abundance of time, heartbreak, and emotional instability. It seems that you have an abundance of financial wealth and boredom in the sack. Spend your money and time elsewhere, because you my friend, are fucking wasting it on some Thing, not some One. I say this in that this woman has no problem being an object to be used, you however, do. That’s the basic incompatibility. This fleeting infatuation experience and energy wasted on this call-girl, can certainly be used in a more constructive manner towards other endeavors other than an ambitiously malevolent hooker. Wake up from the dream here before it’s too late.


  36. Most American women are definitely the filthiest Whores of them all since all they do is spread their legs for all kinds of men every chance they get. Real very disgusting pigs altogether. Been there.


    1. ya got that right as a fairly decent looking guy ive slept with around 400 women just by talking to alcohol just plain old fashion i have a columbian women in her 30s smoking hot living in my house paying me rent in the usa.she works daily as a sure she has her eye on the prize as i dont sleep with her due to i want the rent(lol)im sure ill give in eventually hahaha as im a man


  37. Lee

    Thanks for posting your story. It’s very interesting. I am married to a woman from Cali for 9 years (my second). I have been visiting Colombia since 1999.

    1 – A 22 year old woman (even in Colombia) will only be with a 50+ year old man for one reason: money.

    2 – If you are not living with her she is seeing other men. Is she going to put her life on hold for months or years while you make up your mind and turn down the handsome or rich men that hit on her daily? No, she is not.

    3 – If you want someone who really loves you pick someone much closer to your age. If you don’t, don’t cry about it here when it goes “sideways” (it will). I just hope she (her boyfriend) doesn’t kill you.


  38. I want to give an update to my previous comments. First to Jim, After living together for a week I can tell you she loves to sing in the shower in the morning but I have never heard her whistle. Sancho, I don’t think you really read any of my comments completely but thanks for the advise all the same. Steve, Normally on point #1 I would agree with you and I’m not naïve about our 30+ year age difference. That being said she has repeatedly told me she is only attracted to older guys. She made Instagram posts to that effect more then 2 years ago. Her previous boyfriend of 2 years was Social Security aged . She actually thinks of me as young I’m 2 years older then her father and 9 years older then her mother. Of course I’m always being told I look much younger then I am, I’m in good shape and have all my hair which is not gray yet. To your point # 2 In 3 weeks I will be living in Panama as a permanent resident on my yacht when I arrive and the two of us have already looked at houses that which I will buy and we will be living together in. As for #3 I do not doubt her love for me is as genuine as mine is for her, I have been given no indication about any boyfriend except me since we met 3 1/2 months ago. I was worried about her Dad wanting to kill me, lol. But after meeting him we became fast friends and I have his blessing to date / merry his daughter. For any other readers who have yet to comment I will offer the following.
    A month ago in December My girl and I spent a week living together except for when she had her college classes and job. I rented a private condo in Panama City and we were able to live as if it were our own home. We were inseparable and did everything together. This time we were much more comfortable with each other and very compatible sexually. We talked, cooked, dined, traveled, went out, everything. Another point is that not only did she introduce me to her parents but I met her sisters, their husbands and her nieces and nephews. I was welcomed into her parents home. We even went overnight all together out of the city to a beach resort where we partied together during the night and spent all day on the beach as a family which I was quickly accepted into. Her mom is already pushing me to Merry her daughter and for us to give her a grand baby soon, to say she approves of me and her daughter relationship is an understatement . This is something my girl and I are looking forward to as well, to start a family together down the road. There has been no games, no deceit and we continue to talk throughout every day about what’s going on as any normal couple would. My experience of this relationship so far with my Colombian Girl has been amazing. Other then still some language barrier everything has been as normal as I would imagine it would dating a young girl here in the U.S.A. except that it wouldn’t happen here. We are looking forward to making a happy life in Panama together now and I see no reason that it wont work out. Again, my experience is slightly different then some of yours maybe and I welcome any advise or comment or feedback.


    1. heres a simple question you should as yourself and thats if you were 25 and she was 65 would you want her??no you would not.your attracted to her beauty and if she was from the usa she would not even talk to you.sorry for reality.i have a columbian woman living with 60 and she is 30.i dont sleep with her she pays me rent.i understand it all as she wants to stay in the usa.shes from poor columbia (bogota) she super sweet but she never offers her opinion but always listens to mine.much like a girl trying to listen and figure her man(prey )lol out.ive slept with around 400 women in life and never married cause i see through the beauty to the (pile) your better saying to her this.if you want to date me fine when i die you can have my shit!! and get a younger guy.myself i have dark hair and a slim workout flat stomach body and still lift weights(not like the old days)lol,eat healthy have a few bucks and live in a nice the type of guy thats not easily fooled and my mother said to me watch out for women they are gonna like a bad boy type anyway and they are attracted to that as they see a weakness and know there they can capitalize on it.i dont actually blame them there no different than philipine women who marry a 65 yr old when there 20 cause there family grooms them that way when young.find and old white guy.there not going to the local homeless shelter seeking out the hot drunken/drug laded guy are they?hahaha or the mcdonalds cute same age guy flipping burgers.there not stupid and sex sells period.always have an always will.she thinks .you can have my small little body and cute butt if you take care of me.good deal if you are smart.hide your money,be nice to here and look the other way when she starts banging carlos the hot pool/mower guy.the one who lives with me works with a guy her agae at night(lol)i dont care or pay attention to it and it confuses here mind.i say john have a good night when he picks her up for work.its comical in my not a fool.i like her paying me rent which i charge her half of what most rent would be here in this she works at night so i have my house daily and she sleeps during the day im sure she will try to hit on me eventually to seal the deal . i dont take it like im cool or hot looking but im sure she has banged older men like me as she tells me her father drinks to much and ran out on them wha wha wha! lol really how sad.your from columbia chicita.she cool anjd i like the arrangement.she never talks about her boyfriend whos picture and her is on her phone and never talks to him when im i met this one and her freind (not really her freind but another women who came here from columbia to work cleaning under the table at night for a corrupt cleaning company(lol) both are super hot body and faces.they wer both going to move in my house.the first one the pushy one was trying hard to get my attention she dressed like a model one night alone with me.i took her out to eat and did my standard interview.she failed and she was confused why i didnt maul her that night at the same time trying to play me like she was a good girl.the second one is super sneaky which i like.smarter and more laid back(hahahahaha)i love this type there usually hot in bed and act like everything is new to them.and im well endowed and its pretty too as women have always told me so i know my deal and i know the art of kissing touching and patience in bed to get them to basically rape me and they always do what ever i want it never matters which i dont look at women as sluts .never some women have told me here in the great usa (we do what ever you like cause we want you to like us)than k you for your honesty.i may some day blow here mind by saying (i was wondering if you have a friend or sister that would like to meet and older man like myself?)as she likes to wear her pink bathrobe in the morning around the house(lol)and dresses in tight close to show here assets daily to me.theres nothing wrong with liking or loving a young beautiful women.just dont be an idiot and stand your ground cause when ya do it makes them really wet.its all good but dont let your manly lonliness get the best of you.


  39. Larry, you have yourself convinced, so I won’t give you any more advice. What puzzles me is that you have a yacht, but you don’t know how to spell “marry”. Best wishes.


  40. Colin, can you fix my last post? I started “Larry”, but I meant to say “Lee”. You could also add this:

    My suggestion is if you introduce your 22 year old webcam girl to family or friends be sure to tell them how she prefers old men, because they are more attractive, not because they have money. I enjoyed that part and I’m sure they will to.


  41. Steve,
    Yes I may have myself convinced for now that she is not and has not been cheating. But I will know soon enough in 3 weeks when we begin living together every night and day in our new home in Panama. I’m not Married ( You are right I misspelled it last time somehow) to her YET so while we have been dating if she has met with anyone else although it would be wrong in my eyes and yours she probably has the right to fool around until she said her vows. What I can tell you is that she swears not to have been with anyone else for the last 3 1/2 months since we met, was hungry for love when we I arrived last month and allowed me to have unprotected sex with her for the second time now knowing she would not be giving me any disease. Of course I have been checked again Nope, still no disease. Also she is not nor ever been a webcam girl. She is in her last semester of college attaining two degrees then continuing to post graduate study for a masters degree and speaks fluent English. Yes, prior to meeting me she has asked select men from time to time for money in exchange for sex when she was in between real jobs including me. But does not/ did not want to do it simply had no other choice but to and I will not fault her for having to make that tuff decision with her body. She works and goes to school trying to get ahead, not look back She proudly has told me she does not want to need support from a man, she wants to be able to support herself and has Never asked me for money. She works and makes money but it is not a lot so I chose to give her money to supplement her living to a better standard so she would not have to meet with other men and to pay her college tuition. She has refused the money twice before excepting my word that it comes with no strings attached. It might be a fortune to her but is a small amount for me of $1,400 per month. I really do not care if she is with me because I’m successful and have money, houses, cars , yachts that would be the same any where in the world but if she (a 22 year old beautiful Colombian Girl) makes me believe she desires me and loves me who am I to say no to that. I’m enjoying being with her for as long as she will have me. And yes I will be happy to show her off that we are in this relationship to all my friends and family proudly I have never cared what other people think of me or what I do with my life. That is entirely there problem.


    1. if she could find a 22 year old hot looking rich guy she would run to him.also columbian women boy friends or husbands cheat on them all the time and they cant say anything about it.they know it as women arent stupid in that area.a 22 year old male in usa who is a smart rich guy and good looking can get alot of women and if he has game he dont need here beauty only to bang and thats it.he will play her like she plays him and sleep with all her freinds to see whos better in bed.i get that at the age your at your happy with the deal but remeber its a straight up when i buy a car or a another house the broker or sales person is not gonna be hanging out with me after the deal unless therse more money in it for them period.they all use there personality to win over your cash like we do here in the usa for sales.its called a business approach.


  42. In all fairness Colombia is a third world country with near zero economic opportunity for the majority of women. Oddly Colombia, a very conservative largely Catholic country has turned sex into an industry. Web cam girls, prostitution, call girls and becoming an escort are all considered normal sources of income. Pretty young ladies aspire to become cam girls, to masturbate online. A seemingly respected job. In addition location near the US and the incredible beauty of many Colombianas make “putting moves” on gringos seem like a natural outcome and job opportunity. Many Colombianas tend to have a rather casual relationship with honesty. They lie without consequences. They tend to lie a lot. All this is a cultural difference gringos find mysterious. Feeding her child and helping with family finances is a natural thing for a 20 year old Colombiana with the looks of Miss Universe trying to live on very modest income. In general I tend to avoid judging these women for all this. I have lived most of my life among latinos. I accept their culture as simply different than ours. Go to Medellin, have a few “dates” and enjoy these women. Give them gifts and a nice dinner and enjoy their company. Getting serious, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, no! Just move on. A Colombiana cam girl with many years experience gave me this exact advice years ago.


  43. Hi ,
    I am talking a cam model from Medellin for last 7 months on streamate .Never did I saw her nude in pvt or exclusive sessions even .I just fell in love at the very first sight .She told me she has an aunt and child to look after and this is the only source of her income .I live 10000Kms away from her .She said me many times that she like me and we have talked a lot in last 7-8 months ,with me spending almost my monthly salary talking her .Last month she told me that her bosses forbid her talking to me because I used to be in free chat also many times talking to her .Sometimes she says she likes me a lot ,sometimes she says she cannot fall in love with webcam .I am too emotionally involved with her .I don’t know if I should think of something in future because somehow she is honest also as she asks me not to come in private because I spends a lot of money .She blocked me also so I don’t see her but then unblocked when I forced her with different I’d ‘s . I really don’t know what and how to do something…I have burnt a huge hole in my pocket in last few months and she says she cannot share her number or mail id with me as doing so her bosses will sack her and she would be left unemployed with a child to take care .Someone Pls help .I am emotionally confused and devastated.



    1. brother i hear your pain.first remember for us men we fall in love with beauty cause we are made that way period.we have to be smart as all thropugh history beauty has taken down great me as you even see on the media.there not very smart with women.women are to be controlled as they appreciate a man who at least tries to do this.its a phycological thing for them and they wont talk about it there just made that way.when i say control i dont mean you control where they go who they talk to or follow them around,thats a coward and a weak man that does control them with out words its just a look in the eyes that does this and usually never a word is say this woman is playing you is something you are not ready to see yet by your thinking.if she continues toi show her snatch to others then she is not really ready to settle down with a man as she likes to settle down with money.take the money away and shes gone.i never give women money ever ill help them with normal things period.or rather ill help them to help themselves


  44. Anki

    Your story sounds hard to believe. Sometimes I wonder if men make up these stories just to get a response, like this one. If your story is real, what do you want to do? Do you want to bring her to the US or go live in Colombia or just keep chatting with her online?

    I have brought more than one woman to the US on a visa, so I can tell you it’s not cheap. But I have enough money. If you are running out of money just doing web cam I doubt you can afford to travel to Colombia and do the visa process and take care of her here in the US. She’s going to want some money to send home to her family and at first she won’t be able to work here unless it’s as a stripper. Is that what you want?

    And living in Colombia probably won’t work for you either. It’s pretty cheap to live there but you won’t be able to get a job that pays much. Are you retired? Do you have much income from Social Security? If not, you’ll get maybe $1 per hour working in Colombia, if you can find a job. So where will she get her money for her family unless she’s doing some sex work?

    And if you try to just keep a relationship on the Internet and never meet her in person what do you have? Nothing. The only solution I see is to learn how to make more money and until then give up this dream and quit wasting your money on a web cam girl.


    1. Hi Steve ,
      Thanks for the reply .It is real that is why I’m so tensed . Why would I post something to get a reply ??I ended up here searching for my queries on google .
      And to your response ,she has a child and an aunt .She is 23 only and I m an engineer .A normal guy who does a normal 5 days job .My age is 30 .Yes I don’t want to keep talking over internet .But I don’t have any other point of contacting her other than the pvt shows in streamate.And obviously I cannot take her pvt daily because doing so takes my month’s salary .Even I don’t have issues spending that ,but I don’t know if the girl is genuine specially after reading the comments here .She doesn’t gives me any other option of being in touch with her .she says she would be fired if she shares any number with me.Even if I spends some time in her room in free chat ,her agency’s moderators pushes me out of room now ,because they believes that I distract her a lot from work .I am sort of not finding a way out .I just love her unconditionally.I know people would think me a foolish guy to fall in love like this and many would consider it plain infatuation only ,but it’s much more than that .I call it love because I never went into her room with any sexual demands ,never ever in almost 8 months .Never did I ever asked her to show a tiniest part of her skin .I don’t know what to do now ….


  45. Anki
    I’ve told you what I think. If you want more opinions you can post your story on It has a forum where men discuss meeting women in foreign countries. I personally have spent time in Bogota and Cali, but not Medellin. However, some of the other readers have been to Medellin. Maybe they can help you. The tuition is free.


  46. A fresh update as now I have been in Panama for full month. What is it with these Colombian women and their jealousy and anger issues? So, I intended to get a place in Panama City and have my Colombian girl move in with me. This still has not happened. I was to fly in and wanted to see my girl. The day before I left Florida she writes me that some other Colombian girl in Panama who had wrote me 3 months ago a few weeks after I had met my girl that wanted to date me and I refused her and ended up blocking her on Messenger had somehow wrote my girl that night telling her we were still talking which was not true. I always thought and still do that this other Facebook account was my girls fake account. Anyway, she claims to be distraught by this and does not want to see me when I land. So, I move onto my Yacht instead which is an hour and a half drive away from where my girl lives with her parents. Everyday we talk I want to see her, and she claims to be busy with her College Thesis. Finally, she agrees to let me take her to dinner. When I arrive to pick her up, she is not there and said she is at her friend’s house and didn’t think I was showing up, what? So, she shows up an hour later while I’m hanging out with her parents and we go for dinner. We eat and, on the way, taking her home in the car she puts my hand in her pussy to finger her and then she gives me a blowjob while were driving thru the city. I get a kiss goodnight and then while I’m making my drive home less then 20 minutes after dropping her off, she texts me she can’t get over that I was talking to this other girl (3 months ago) and wants to break up. Well I almost wrecked the car texting back and forth with her on this one. I write her for days and she is still bothered but talks with me. I’m finally thinking there is someone else she is with or has been with. The following weekend she agrees to come to my place for a day. We were supposed to be alone but at the last minute her sister doesn’t have a baby sitter and she needs to bring along her niece. OK, so it winds up we have a great day together as always like nothing happened we even wind up spending some time in my bedroom having sex. The next day again instead of I had a great time it is back to she is angry because of this girl and she thought I would be divorced by now (which I told her would take 3-4 months longer from now awhile back but now it’s a problem.) And she does not feel good about being with a married guy (which I have been since our 1st date 4 months ago.) Anyway, another week goes by and we talk everyday (to remind everyone she worked and goes to college during the week) Again she agrees to come to my house but this time she wants to bring a few of her girlfriends that have never been on a yacht. I agree and bring them. While everyone is partying again, we make it to the bedroom not once but twice a few hours apart and have great sex and everything is rite in the world again. Then during the next week everything is falling apart in her life and this is the 1st time she asked me for money to help. I have already been giving her a weekly income, paying for her tuition and things as she needs them of about $2,500 per month that she never asked for, but I gave her because I wanted to and can afford to. So, the 1st time in 4 months she tells me she has a mortgage on a house in Colombia (how convenient I can’t really go over there and drive by it) She said that even with the support I have given her she is 4 months behind, and the bank wants to take the house.(OK so she is a 22 year old College student in Panama and I’m to believe a Colombian Bank gave her a mortgage 2 years ago when she was 20 years old on a construction loan while she is a college student in Panama and the contractor did not even finish the house.) So, I agree to give her the money to pay the bank loan current and find out that it is an unfinished house without the finish touches that would allow her to rent it. I agree to go to Colombia in a few months to finish it for her (this will be fun I’m thinking) so she can at least get it rented to make the payments. She is still unhappy and a few days later another problem a sink whole develops in a rain storm and one wall of her house partially collapsed (Now everyone knows were in dry season now I have only seen it rain 1 day in the month I have been here). So once again I step in to give her money for her brother in Colombia to buy materials to make a temporary repair. That brings me to this week. So Carnival week she has 5 days off from her college and I’m thinking we can get together at least 1 of them even though she is swearing she needs every minute to work on her thesis and we will have plenty of time together when she is done. A few days later she decides to take 1 day yesterday off to go to the beach where I live. I wind up bringing her, her parents, her sister with her husband and her niece all 7 of them. I put on a great party on the yacht, we go to the beach, and to my clubhouse pool. We spend all day together holding hands, kissing, but really did not have a chance to be intimate. I was happy until this morning. After exchanging morning hello’s, she starts accusing me of having conversations with some other women on my WhatsApp. She said she saw all these girls on my phone. Well there was no such thing, I sent her screen shots of my conversation pages, nothing. Now I’m getting the quiet treatment all over again where I text her and she does not text back. It’s crazy, her mom while we are eating dinner last night after seeing how much we were in love all day and how she is around me asked me “when I was going to put a ring on her finger?” Her Mom does not know I’m married and working on a divorce, so I just told her within 6 months, and she was happy to hear this. I’m not sure what’s next with our relationship but it has been nothing like I expected it to be or that we had talked about the 2 months I was living away from her in the states. Any thoughts on what the heck is going on here will be greatly appreciated.


    1. The women are crazy jealous are don’t trust anybody because of the assholes they live around But that’s why we look so appealing.

      All South American women are crazy jealous and emotions going up and down in their 20s.

      Do yourself a huge favor, drop it and buy tinder premium change it to whatever country you want. Use that and you’ll meet lots of honest and hot wifey material.

      I have a hot South American chick in my bed right now… and I’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one lol.., don’t get sucked in. Move on, use tinder and be honest to them.


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