All Colombian Women Cheat

Alternate Title: Colombian Infidelity Statistics

All Colombian women cheat – this is a common belief among expats in Colombia. I’ve been hearing it from gringos ever since moving to Bogota, but I dismissed it to sample bias — gringos meeting mostly girls of lower moral fiber. If you make friends partying in La Candelaria and Zona Rosa doing cocaine and ecstasy, what do you think you’re going to get?

In college I met almost exclusively family-type, “good girl” Latinas from the top 1% of social classes in Brazil to Peru. But you’re not going to meet those girls snorting coke at Ceci’s. So I thought the infidelity perception was an anomaly due to sampling bias.

But that changed over time. I think Latin America is a little more unfaithful than what Gringolandia would consider normal, which I attribute to the Catholic Church prohibiting divorce, and Colombia even more unfaithful than that, which I attribute to it being a den-of-sin kind of culture.

Then I came across this hard-copy article in El Tiempo from March of last year: América Latina, territorio infiel. The article says that not only does greater Latin America cheat a lot, but Colombia leads the region. How can I argue with the national letter of record?


Six of every 10 Latin Americans (63%) admit to having cheated at least once … Colombians seem to be the most unfaithful in the region … 66% of [Colombian] men and women admit to having cheated at least once.

The article isn’t as interesting as the statistics, and unfortunately the El Tiempo archive online doesn’t include those. So here are my picks, plus screenshots of the hard copy so you can see them all.

  • 10.5% of Latin Americans would like to have sex more than seven times a week
  • 9.2% of Latin Americans are currently cheating
  • 45.2% of Latin women have never cheated
  • 40.8% of Colombian women have never cheated
  • 51% of Latin men have paid for sex
  • 13.7% of Latin men’s first sexual experience was with another male
  • 47.5% of Latin Americans have participated in trios or group sex
  • 9.1% of Latin Americans currently participate in trios or group sex
  • Colombian trio / group sex percentages are higher than greater Latin America
  • 22.3% of Latin Americans had their first sexual experience before 16 years old
  • 63% of Latin Americans grew up in  homes where sex was never discussed

After reading this article, I started thinking about the dealings I’ve had with Colombian women, and I think a majority had boyfriends. From the very first Colombian girl I made out with to the current booty call.

So maybe there is something to the saying …

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  1. Lee, You want advice so that you can ignore it again like last time? No more advice from me. I don’t believe her story and I’m beginning to not believe your story, either. If you want advice a better forum for this would be a real forum like the one I re-opened: where we discuss dating and marrying foreign women. I’m sure you would get some advice there.


  2. True! They are masters at narcissism!!! It’s quite interesting to see 40 year old Botoxed to the hills, huge eyelash extensions, while dressing like a whore or child. They hang all over men, men beware don’t even think of talking to another female!
    And once married (most illegal for a green card, divorce and then remarry)
    Nothing is ever good for them , they treat you like crap once married and it’s all about them and them only.


  3. Just a heads up for those that are unaware. In hindsight I would avoid at all costs engaging in anything with any woman in the paisa region if you are not living there and currently fornicating with them on a regular basis, hopefully with minimal expense to your pocket book. The paisa region (consisting of Periera, Armenia, and Manizales in conjunction with Medellín), are notorious for raising hookers who travel to Europe, USA and China for sex work. So if you happen to be in any of the aforementioned countries/continents and you come across a Colombian, chances are she’s a hooker or a stripper (see hooker) 75% of the time. Get your rocks off if you want, but let them eat each other alive instead of swallowing you whole (pun not intended).

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  4. Stupid fucking incels you give money to random whores because you suck at meeting a girl in your home country, then you complain about getting played?

    Why don’t you help someone in need like another guy in the us and you would be appreciated.

    Some of you are sending social security $ over? Fuck you. just die from covid boomers


    1. Dear Fuck, Although I’m a boomer, I agree with you. Giving money to women who aren’t putting out just drives up the cost of pussy for everybody else. JUST DON’T DO IT. They should either get on a plane and bang the chick for money (if that’s what it takes) or just watch porn and try to get their old dick hard. There’s plenty of free porn nowadays. In my case, I’m not fat and I never smoked, so I’m not too worried about Covid. I’m off to the gym with my Colombian wife. Later.


  5. Hello,
    I went back and read almost every comment. I just want to say thanks to Steve, Sancho, Jim and the other bros for the advice. You guys just saved me a lot of money.

    Here is my story if you guys care to read…
    Back late last year I went to Cali to get some cosmetics done and met a young Colombian girl on a dating site. The first night we drank and fucked and she slept over… all seemed well. My mistake was introducing money… saying I would give her a little because she was working 12 hour days at a clothing store… this I found out is normal in their culture and the majority of employed people in Colombia are working 12-16 hour days for peanuts. I gave her $75.

    The second day she came over again I thought we we’re going to drink and fuck but this time she wasn’t interested. She wanted to talk and hang out and eventually she brought up the idea of me buying her a $2000 motorbike. I was this close to considering it but lucky for me I’m a broke and cheap person haha. I told her I would think about it.

    The third day (and last day there) I had messaged her in the morning telling her that we just met and that I couldn’t help her buy the bike because I didn’t know her well. She said it was cool and that she was going to get off early from work (it was Sunday) and she would hang with me again. I thought we we’re going to drink and fuck again but her attitude was different. She definitely didn’t seem interested and she left telling me she was going to come back later on to sleep over. She ended up blocking me on whatsapp and the next morning she unblocked me and just straight up told me lies. She was probably sucking some other guy off that night.

    I got caught up in her lies and once I left back to the states I ended up WU her some money ($200) because I said I would haha (I’m an idiot). The next few week after giving her money she then told me all the basic lies… she was robbed… she was in the hospital… she needed money for her nails… her birthday was coming up etc etc etc… I just ended up blocking her. Good riddance.

    I’m not that bad looking and still young (mid 30s)… the girl wasn’t all that pretty but her body was banging… her body sucked me in so good. Incredible sex skills you guys already know. If she was super pretty I might have been a sucker for way longer.

    I read the comments and I would advise to make an ironclad rule not to give them any money… it will change the dynamics of the relationship… just tell them you can’t help them… it’s not your problem it’s theirs. And also know they will keep pushing the boundaries on this. They will ask for money not expecting you to agree so don’t give in and agree to giving any money… it’s a simple no I can’t.

    Any time you give them money or buy them things you are emotionally investing in them. You are giving them a piece of your heart. Protect your heart at all cost. Don’t give in until she gives you a piece of her heart.


    1. Bob, giving her $75 after sex isn’t bad, but sending her another $200 for nothing is a desperation move. She clearly is not a good wife candidate, if that’s what you were looking for. If you were looking for a wife you should have said good night and started chatting with chicks on Colombian Cupid or something like that. If you were just looking for sex, the correct move was when she didn’t want sex, tell her then it’s time to leave because you are going out to find someone who wants sex. That will either spark her to try to keep you with sex or you will be free to go find willing pussy, which is abundant in Colombia. Don’t waste time in Colombia.


  6. Greetings to all of you,
    I am an Italian living a similar story with a 20 year old Colombian cam girl from Bucaramanga who is also beautiful who started being a cam girl in July 2021.
    I’ve been dating her for 2 months only on cam and she seems very busy.
    From what I can understand she works perhaps for an agency as she always performs in different rooms but equipped with bed cameras, computer etc. etc. probably because she cannot afford to get involved and therefore she is under agency.
    The relationship after having had sex at a distance a few times has shifted to a strong attraction to fall in love for both of them (at least I think seeing her attitude and her words).
    Precisely for this reason you ask to be in private so as not to be disturbed by other folowers who are connected on cam.
    I don’t know if there are moderators who follow her and write for her and this is a doubt, but I see that she always uses the keyboard to answer me (I don’t speak Spanish), I have heard that these agencies have organized themselves in this way to keep under control le cam girl. (is it also up to you?) Of course in private the cost is 12 tok / min, so about 25 euros x 10 min. I would like to be able to talk to her even off the cam in order to deepen different speeches.
    From what I have read in this forum I have been discouraged, your positive comments are rare, and a really bad image of Colombia and Colombian women comes out.
    No love, only paid sex, no feelings for men, and no mercy.
    Are you sure not to overdo it?
    I also believe that men are sometimes just looking for understanding or listening and being told nice things when at home this hasn’t happened for a long time and European women don’t have the warmth of Colombians.
    Ultimately I would ask someone who follows this forum to bring positive contributions from Colombian women, I believe that as in every other country there are also clean girls, who have feelings, even as cam girls, they too have a brain and need to feel at the center. nice attention from a man.
    Clear when you go looking for sex and you find something else in a cam girl you have to bill the costs.
    From what I read many of you are sure that Colombian cam girls are just prostitutes ready to have sex with multiple partners at any time and in any place.
    Is it possible that none of these have a slightly different morality? Is there just no hope for true and loyal love?
    Thanks for your comments, in particular I look forward to those who may have a more positive view, clearly if there are any as I would hope.
    Thanks to all of you again.


    1. Web camming with a woman for money is not dating and it’s not a relationship. If you go to Colombia and she spends time with you, then you are dating. If she has sex with you without setting the condition that you pay her for it, then you have a relationship.


    2. If what you want is for people to legitimise your ‘relationship’ with your 20 year old cam girl then that isn’t going to happen, is it? What positive view can you have? If you had a daughter, would you want her showing her bits on cam to a man twice her age half a world away? And the answer is obviously ‘no’.

      If you want people to say ‘well, your relationship is a positive one’ is not living in the real world, saying that, you can do what you want with whom you want. As long as you’re getting what you want out of it, that is all that matters.


    3. I have some familiarity with the cam model and porn world because I make affiliate money from it. It’s even possible (though not likely given the amount of models out there) that I make a percentage of the money she makes! So here’s my thoughts.

      She isn’t into you.

      First off, she probably does work for an agency. Not all of them do but plenty of people from “lesser developed” places like Colombia, Russia, Romania, etc., work in agencies. It’s often because of either lack of money to have a laptop and/or they still live at home with the parents. Plenty of people in Latin America (though not all and it is changing) live with their parents until their older 20s at times. It’s not uncommon to see.

      Would be a bit uncomfortable for a cam chick to put a dildo in her butt when the parents come knocking telling her that the grandparents are coming over for a visit, no?

      Second, you say that she insists on going private to “not be disturbed by other followers.” Knowing what these websites are like, I can tell you what that means: You probably are sending her way too many messages in public chat saying stuff like “oh baby, you look nice today” and she doesn’t care that much for your comments.

      To be fair, it could be you are a funny guy and she does enjoy reading the messages. That’s only likely though if they’re not 100% erotic fiction about how you’d like to fuck her like most men write to these women. Still, even if she does enjoy reading what you say and assuming it’s not entirely focused on what you’d do to her sexually or begging to see tits, she still is there to make money.

      Especially if she works for an agency. She might appreciate a nice conversation that isn’t overly focused on how big her ass is as it helps pass the time when nothing is happening but talking with you about what Italy is like or any other normal topic isn’t the main motivation for why she is in front of that camera.

      And if she is pressuring you to go into private, she probably does get tired of you writing her in the chat about what you’re theoretical dates would be like and spending however long sitting there waiting for someone to tip already.

      Sure, she’ll laugh it off what you’re saying or smile to be nice. But given that money is the main reason why she’s there, she ultimately just wants to get on with it already.

      So she insists on taking things private. Not because she wants your intimate conversation to be private from everyone else. She just wants to be paid for her time on cam. If she’s not that popular (say under 100 users in the room), then she has her moments bored as hell waiting for someone to send money.

      Third, let’s talk about the room size and her tokens per minute for a private.

      She probably doesn’t have that many people in the room does she?

      if only started two months ago, unless she got lucky in her first week of cam modeling, I would bet she doesn’t even have a 100 in her room. These chicks have to build a following and that doesn’t always happen overnight (for the lucky ones, it does).

      Also, if she is charging 12 tokens a minute, that also implies that she doesn’t have too many people in the room. That’s pretty low for Chaturbate (assuming you are using that website since it’s the most popular one and 12 tokens a minute is an option cam models can charge on there).

      I guarantee you that the moment she becomes more popular, the fee you are paying for a “private” with her will double, triple and maybe even more. Maybe 90 tokens a minute one day? When that happens, ask yourself “if she really loves me, why is she now charging me 3 times or more what I used to pay? Did I not compliment her hair enough?”

      Fourth, as Dazza said, if you are happy paying for “internet intimacy” with her, then go for it. Just know she’s having plenty of “internet intimacy” with other men online also. And, if someone comes along who spends significantly more money then you do, I guarantee you that she’ll always be happier to see that person in the room than you.

      Which would be odd because you two have a relationship, no? Why would a woman be happier to see another man more than the one she is dating?

      Let’s paint what that would look like.

      You two will be talking about whatever and she occasionally tries to get you into a private but it hasn’t happened just yet….

      Then Mr. Gigachad who spends 200 bucks or more on her once a week comes in. Her smile goes wide and big and she says loud in excitement “HEEEEY FootFetishFloridaMan059884, how are you my love?!”

      Maybe she’ll even whip her titties out for a second to greet him to the room or tell him about how she just sent him the used socks he paid for at a price of only 29.99 (plus shipping).

      Now, let me ask you, did she ever send you her used socks?

      All of a sudden that person becomes the man she spends more time sending messages to trying to persuade into a private at a token per minute cost that will be more expensive than 12 a minute.

      And, if she really gets popular (like 300 to 400 people in a room or more on average with moderators), then I guarantee you that any excessive writing in her public chat about your sexual fantasies will lead to you getting silenced in the room because she doesn’t have to sit through that anymore and also because it could discourage other men from tipping.

      Now that’s not what a real girlfriend would do, right?

      But maybe she really does love you?

      If she does, ask for her Whatsapp or Telegram. If she charges you for it or won’t give it away at all, then you don’t have a relationship. Any real girlfriend would gladly give you it. She might say something like “oh, the studio won’t let me,” that’s bullshit. She’ll be able to give it to you. If she’s not comfortable giving it to you, then is she really in a relationship with you?


      1. Matt, You don’t seem to understand what a relationship is, either. If she gives him her Whatsapp or Telegram, that doesn’t mean they have a relationship, or they are dating, or she is a real girlfriend. They are web camming, that’s all. Even if he met her on Facebook and they were just web chatting, that’s still not a real relationship. A real relationship is when you are in the same place with a woman and you aren’t stalking her. Understand? In a real relationship you can hold her and kiss her. Isn’t that what you want?


      2. Steve,

        Yeah I get that. You didn’t read right. Just giving the dude some clues to help him realize it’s not a real relationship because he seems confused and too attached to her.

        Like if she wouldn’t even give him a phone number to her being more excited to see other men than him (among other very obvious signs that she doesn’t see herself as being his girlfriend). Or how, as you pointed out, she wouldn’t even do anything for him sexually online unless he paid for it.


      3. Matt, OK, it sounds like you get it. My point to him and others who may meet a woman online and think they have a relationship, is that until you meet a woman in person you do not have a relationship. When you meet in person is when you can really know there is an attraction. Until then it is just a fantasy.

        I met my wife online in 2009. We talked a lot on the phone and even web cammed a little, and I didn’t send her any money. Then I went to Colombia to meet her. But even after spending weeks talking to her I still had backup plans in case there wasn’t an attraction when I arrived. I had other women lined up, but I never met any others because we clicked.

        Elio (the man besotted by the web cam girl) needs to go to Colombia and meet her, if that’s what she really wants, or recognize that he only has a fantasy (for money) and decide if that is enough or if that is all he can afford.


      4. Steve, you might be a bit confused, he hasn’t met a ‘girl online’ he wants to enter a relationship with a camgirl who’s job at the moment is to sell her naked wares to whoever is interested on the internet. It’s nowhere near anything like your long-distance relationship with your wife – who says she wants him to come to Colombia?


      5. Dazza
        You’re right, his situation is very different. I met my wife on, a sister site to We were both looking for a partner/spouse. If Elio wants to meet a Colombian woman those might be good places to look, but some of the women on those websites are also scammers only looking for money. And that was 12 years ago. Today there may be better websites to look for real love. I cautioned Elio against thinking he was in a relationship. As you and I know the women in the web cams are 99% just looking for money and it would be very rare that they begin to feel love for their customers. She is probably “leading him on” to get more of his money and he should open his eyes and not believe that she is really feeling something for him. But if he goes to Colombia and actually meets her in person, that would be a first step and (almost) anything is possible.


    4. Elio – I am kind of in the same situation as you but maybe I see things differently in as much as I do not think that actual sex (physical intercourse) takes place too often between the cam performer and the client. I say that because I am aware of how closely these girls are monitored. I have seen some banned for exchanging address details etc. It is extremely sad that many girls are there doing cam work simply because they have no alternative. There is no work available for many of them and even cam type work really pays a pittance for many of them.
      Cam is a very lucrative business in my opinion and I also see it as exploitation – if the performers were given a small retainer I could view it slightly differently. A girl performs as best she can and might have 30 guests in her room and only 2 or 3 pay tokens and rest watch a free show. A bit unfair I believe.
      Maybe it is true that some of them will take you for a ride (gold digging etc) but it is a jungle out there – dog eats dog.

      Good luck.


  7. Thanks to all of you Matt, Steve, Dazza, for your contribution, I know perfectly well that I am not currently in a relationship this is clear, she is not the first woman I date, it is being able to understand if it is worth one day to go to colombia to meet us and see if it can go on.Currently it is impossible to cause covid. Thanks for the advice to ask for phone number for wasapp, but if he works for an agency you think he can give it to me, maybe it will be checked? you certainly have more experience than me in this, what do you think? Basically, however, as I wrote in my first email, I would also expect someone who has had positive experiences.
    If it exists come forward, the site is open to them too I believe.
    Thanks to all of you again I really appreciate your help.


    1. Hi Elio,

      Some things come to mind here:

      First, you wonder about the Whatsapp. I’d argue it should be OK for her to give you some form of communication away from the cam website. Especially as some wouldn’t give a shit and some of these cam models with the agencies even sell their phone number. I doubt the agency is going to stop her from giving it to you for free. It’s really her decision at that point if she likes you enough to give it to you. Even so, let’s assume they did have an issue.

      If the agency itself won’t let her give her phone number, then you basically have 0 chance of ever meeting her. Why?

      Because what’s the likelihood that they’ll approve of her setting up a time and place for you two to meet each other in person if they won’t even approve of her giving out her phone number.

      So if the agency prohibits that (which would be logical if they don’t want her giving out her contact info), then I don’t see you two ever meeting up and having a relationship.

      But, on top of that, if you don’t ever get any contact information from her, then eventually you’ll lose any ability to communicate with her online. Perhaps sooner than you realize.

      You see, most cam models quit being cam models within a year or two. There’s reasons why, including but not limited to:

      1. Making all the money she was hoping for and not needing anymore.
      2. Realizing that she wasn’t going to make anywhere near as much as she thought she would after signing up to be a cam model on a blog with affiliate links owned by some dude from Iowa telling her that she’ll make thousands when she’s only made a few hundred.
      3. Getting sick of the horny dudes messaging her and maybe feeling bad about herself for the work she does.
      4. She got a real boyfriend in real life who doesn’t approve of her work or she knows he wouldn’t and so she quits.
      5. A family member found out about what she does.

      Or whatever else!

      Either way, as I said, eventually most people quit being a cam model within a year or two (often earlier than a year). So if don’t have her contact info, you’ll eventually lose any ability to talk with her.

      There will be a day where you are watching her flash her tits and sucking a dildo. Then she finishes her show for the day, waves at the camera and goes “bye guys! Love you! Thanks to the people who tipped the most! Follow me on Twitter!”

      And her show is over.

      You think it’s over until tomorrow. It’s over for good and she didn’t tell you.

      Most cam models are not going to tell their viewers that it’s their last day on show. Some do but most don’t. So you wait a day. A day becomes a week. A week becomes a month. A month becomes 3 months. Soon 6 months. Now a year.

      She’s gone.

      The girl you felt affection for and you thought maybe she felt affection for you? Gone.

      And you don’t even have a phone number to keep in touch.

      So without the phone number, your hope for anything with this girl vanishes and you didn’t see it coming. So ask for the phone number if you want.

      As I said — if the agency somehow prohibits numbers, they’ll prohibit a real life interaction obviously. And without the phone number, she’ll eventually within a year or less (maybe 2 years at most) vanish one day and the agency replaced her with a new model.

      Then you can try your cam model game on the latest model! Round 2.

      Anyway, let’s move away from cam model stuff and focus on the other 2 things you asked about. “Positive experiences” and “should I travel to Colombia.”

      Well, I have had experiences with Colombian (and Latina) women in general. Though I have never been married like Steve and most of my experiences have been casual. But I have had some formal relationships also down here since I live in Latin America.

      When I was in Colombia specifically, I had one Colombian girlfriend named Marcela. Was it a positive experience?


      Granted, I don’t think she was better than any of my other ex girlfriends. I’ve had girlfriends in the US and in other countries like Mexico. She, as a Colombian woman, didn’t seem better simply because of her nationality.

      Was she faithful? To me she was! I never caught her cheating.

      But, years later, she now lives in Mexico and sometimes messages me out of the blue every 6 months or so. To keep it short, she’s cheating on her current Mexican husband.

      When we were together, was she sweeter than the average American woman? I would say no. She was sweet but American women are cool too. But you’re not American. I don’t know how Italian women are but whatever.

      On that point, I would encourage you anyway to ask why you seem focused on Colombian women as being better than the women from your home country? I have no experience with Italian women but I can say that I thought my own home country had plenty of nice gals to date also when I lived up there.

      Personally, I wouldn’t travel to another country specifically to be on a wife hunting mission.

      And so that goes to the next topic — should you travel to Colombia for her?

      Honestly, I’d say no.

      First, I laid out various things to keep in mind in the last comment and this one here about why, in all likelihood, she isn’t into you.

      Second, as I said before, is it really that difficult to get a good gal back home? Or at least from somewhere in the broader European Union?

      Third, keep in mind reality. You said this girl is 20. How old are you? If you were 20 yourself or maybe 30 at most, I could maybe see a connection between you two. I have no idea how old you are, what you look like physically, etc.

      But assuming you are at least 40, I’m going to say that it’s not as likely she’ll be into you for you.

      Yes, you have wider age gaps in Colombia when it comes to dating. At least it might be more common than back home. I’m not sure how it compares from Colombia to Italy so I’m just making that assumption. Regardless, you have to be realistic.

      If you are a noticeably older dude or one who isn’t the most physically attractive to young women in their early 20s at your age, then how likely is she going to be into you? Some younger chicks do like older men but I’m just saying that you should keep an open mind to the possibility that she’d be with you just for money basically.

      On top of that, what’s the likelihood you two would have much in common or a real connection if there is a significant age gap?

      Furthermore, from some of the studies I just took a quick Google search to find, apparently the risk of divorce goes up if there’s a significant age gap. For age gaps of over 20 years, there’s a 95% increase in risk of divorce and that goes up if the age gap is even higher.

      Just all something to keep in mind if you want to marry a 20 year old and if you happen to be noticeably older (which, to be fair, I don’t know how old you are and none of that could be important if you are young yourself).

      Fourth, I would have you ask yourself honestly — do you want love or just a hot younger chick to fuck? I only throw that out there because some men do get confused. Yes, it’d be nice to have both but, as I pointed out in the previous comment, it’s trickier when you have a significant age gap to find real love in my opinion. Hot sex with a younger gal? Just open the wallet and there you go! Colombia is great for that as plenty of men go to Colombia for that purpose.

      Fifth, as Steve pointed out in his comment, he apparently had various women in mind before going to Colombia. So if you just have to go to Colombia to find love, I’d strongly encourage you to not go there for one specific woman and keep your options open.

      Sixth, to keep your options open, try online dating! Stop trying to date cam women that only want your money. Try Colombian Cupid and Tinder Plus (no, not Tinder but Tinder Plus where you can swipe with women anywhere in the world).

      Granted, I don’t know how well Tinder works for older men so you might want to discard that. Being a much younger guy, I have met plenty of women from it and even met my last ex from it.

      Colombian Cupid? It’s not perfect but it does have women a little more mature and also younger ones too if you want to stick to that. Just keep in mind that there’s plenty of scammers on that website also looking for you to send money. Don’t send money obviously. It’s not the best dating website in the world but it has specifically Colombian women if you want to stick to that nationality. And they’re not all web cam models so that’s a bonus.

      And that’s all that comes to mind.

      What’s my final bit though on going abroad to Colombia for this specific chick?

      I’d say absolutely not. It could turn out to be love but I don’t see love here with the signs that she just wants your money and also complications from mentioned above.

      Go to Colombia to find love in general with any Colombian gal?

      Well, to summarize, I wouldn’t go to another country to find love but I’m not against the idea if you genuinely just happened to find love there somehow and tried to make it work.

      After all, I’ve been in relationships down here and, as I don’t see any exit from Latin America anytime soon, it’s all quite likely I’ll marry someone down here.

      I just wouldn’t have started traveling down here specifically to find love. If you found love already, great.

      One involves going to a completely random country on a wife hunting mission with plenty of women back home with little to no motivation to actually stay in Colombia (yet alone knowing if you even like the country). The other involves following your heart for someone you already have history with.

      I also hesitate to say the former is good (going there to find love in general) because of complications that I see along the way.

      Complications that can and have been overcome by many. Complications that I’m sure Steve and even the author of this blog would know much better about than I do given their experience and how I’ve never been married.

      But complications that involve things like bringing her back into your country, getting her the legal right to work, having to fly back to Colombia internationally to get her and your potential kids to see the grandparents whenever possible (sounds expensive) and whatever else that hasn’t crossed my mind.

      Other complications that I’m sure others could fill the blank on if they choose to do so with their real experiences on the subject that I lack when it comes to marriage.

      Many of those issues not really being an issue if you married a local gal in your own country or maybe the broader European Union. If we like Latinas here, could Spain offer you what you want? They’re Hispanic but speak Spanish nonetheless! And I do like tapas!

      To summarize everything that I think is important here since I wrote a little essay here:

      1. No, this girl isn’t relationship material for the reasons I and Dazza have brought up.

      2. Get her phone number. Otherwise, disregard the idea you two will ever meet and accept she might likely vanish someday.

      3. I wouldn’t travel to this country specifically for her.

      4. I would reevaluate your preconceived notions as to why Colombian women are better than your own home country’s women. Not against international relationships as I’ve had several myself and might likely someday get married down here. I just think there’s a difference between pursuing an established love that is realistic versus going on a wife hunting mission.

      5. Ask yourself if you truly want love or if your desire for hot sex with a younger chick is what’s motivating you.

      6. If you have to find a Colombian woman, remember the complications with age in mind.

      7. My own experience dating (not married) to Colombian and Latina women has been positive but not insanely so that I would have moved down here specifically for that.

      8. Also keep in mind any legal or even cultural complications with marrying a Colombian and bringing her back home (or consider if you want to live in Colombia instead and the complications surrounding that like if you’d even like the country, how you’d support yourself, etc).

      9. If you have to go to Colombia to find love, I’d practice what Steve did and have various options before going over there.

      10. Make sure to utilize online dating tools like Colombian Cupid or Tinder Plus. They might not be perfect and I’m not sure again how well Tinder Plus is for older men but either one is surely better than a cam model website.

      Above all, have fun! Wish you the best (sorry for any typos).


      1. Do they even speak the same language? Spanish and Italian have some similarities but they are still completely different languages. Does Elio speak fluent Spanish? I doubt the cam girl speaks Italian.


  8. Dear Matt,
    I thank you for your post, very comprehensive, and for the time you have dedicated to me, I really appreciate it.
    I’ll ponder what you wrote to me and make a decision.
    For clarity I tell you that I am a 59-year-old man but with an athlete’s body due to my many sports. I am very govile and open and have had affairs with younger women several times.
    However, never with a 39-year gap.
    As you pointed out, often the age does not matter if your biological part is still totally active both physically and mentally.
    I have a great job as a manager of companies and I travel a lot.
    Of course what you say I often agree with and it is clear that the chances are low for a woman to take to Italy which I believe may be the only option to give a comfortable life.
    Wondering why I ended up in a cam girl chat?
    A friend told me to come in and register to meet girls, I am talking about those who work in their own right and initially I thought of Italian or European, I never thought of meeting Colombians, whom I have never met and frequented and not even above all that there were agencies that they make these girls work and exploit, I had never been on cam before.
    And for fun this girl has conquered me even if she is not a super beauty she has other qualities in the soul that interest me very much (I know you will say that I’m crazy) but for love I have already divorced and traveled 1200 km by car for 1 year and a half, to fuck a girl I flew Italy – Poland every week for 14 months, in short, for love and good sex I get involved.
    Now of course COlombia is a 9,000 km challenge, 35 years of difference, different culture, other related problems, I have to think about it Matt and you have been as precious as the other Steve and DAzza.
    Thanks again from the heart.
    But how old are you? and where do you currently live?
    Thanks for your kind feed back.


    1. Elio

      If you have an athlete’s body and money (good job) and you’re not married, you shouldn’t need to fly to Poland (desperate women) or pay money to look at a Colombiana (desperate women) on the Internet. You should have local attractive young women chasing after you. You may have yourself convinced that you are still attractive to women, but actions speak louder than words.

      I remember a great guy who used to post about Colombian women on an Internet forum. He was in his 60s, but always telling us that he looked much younger. Within a few months he was dead from sepsia after an operation. A typical old guy’s death.

      Maybe you should just look for a local sugar baby and negotiate a monthly allowance if she sleeps in your bed. That’s what I would do if I was single. If she leaves, just look for the next one. And since you asked, I’m 65 and my Colombian wife is 45. I wasn’t going to push the age gap much further than that. It’s worked for over 10 years.


      1. Dear Steve,
        Thank you for your contribution,
        certainly you are right about how difficult it can be to bring home such a relationship, but I like challenges and especially at this stage I’m just defining the problem to face it in the right way or leave the field.
        I can understand you when you say you are skeptical about my appearance, but I confirm that my body is of an athlete who has been doing triathlon at a competitive level for years and has a non-strenuous office job, travel etc. On women I have just gone through 2 divorces and many stories with other different women even younger than 20 years of me, I don’t have to hang posters to come and look for me.
        But the story is always the same, Western women have forgotten the sentiment and ask even more than what these Colombian women ask for, indeed they demand it without even thanking you.
        This girl seems different, of course I have no certainties, but who has it with women, the% of betrayals today in all countries has grown strongly because everyone always wants more and you are not satisfied even when you are well you want more, and women if you say you know them are no exception.
        I have no intention of getting married yet, but I would like a woman who knows how to treat her man with generosity and gentleness in and out of bed.
        I did not start with the idea of ​​finding this in a cam girl, it happened with this one and I want to understand if there are objective possibilities.
        I gave European women a chance who cheated on me even though they said they were fine.
        See your example shows us that you have found a Colombian 20 years younger and she after 10 years she is still with you and I think she is fine.
        Did you have other women then why did you choose a Colombian one? I don’t believe only because of her appearance, am I wrong with her?
        I am sure that if I had told a friend about this woman of yours at the beginning of the relationship she would have advised you against and she would have probably told you what you said to me.
        The truth is that each of us has a character of her, her own way of seeing things and also different probabilities given by the way we approach people, especially women.
        I don’t need a bed woman, I find one when I want, even without paying, she’s not my style.
        I have read this forum and I have reported my experience to get the points of view from people like you who apparently know the subject more than my experience all here.
        But I would like to ask you why are you in this forum too? What prompted you to bring your experience? , I don’t think there are teachers and pupils in the forum but people who say they have certainly had negative experiences as far as I have read.
        But I am also sure that there may be men who unlike you and others may have also had positive experiences.
        Do not you think? IF I had to take everything I’ve read literally, Colombia is a whore nation, with women who tell you stories to extort money and if you go wrong they’ll even swamp a knife in your chest.
        Ok but this I personally have found in many more advanced Western countries, I have fucked women in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Holland, Poland, not to mention Ukraine, Lithuania.
        Maybe on cam you can find more Colombian or Romanian but the approach is identical don’t you think?
        What changes, you slip money because your bird goes into ecstasy.
        Do they lie? why do other things do?
        My first wife and also other women I have had did the same things despite being from the well-deserving Western world.
        The only difference is that at the beginning you do not have a physical relationship on cam, you pay as if they were an entreneuse of the past.
        Even with the entreneuse many men, but many paid money just to talk and never reached a bed.
        I just want to say that I don’t find much difference between the cams, the ringers, or the entreneuses the purpose is always the same to draw money.
        In my case I am at the beginning of the story that maybe it will not go well, but this does not mean that I have to condemn a girl who at the moment behaves well with me.
        Only words ? Certain .
        You are playing? she may be.
        Do you have a feeling for me? she may be.
        Do you pay for it? of course she is her job, but I can also tell you that she has been on cam with me many times without receiving a token.
        I think it’s okay to give her a chance as I gave it to other women, don’t you think?
        Thanks I repeat for the words you wrote to me, they help me understand even if sometimes I disagree, but they express a precious point of view for me that sooner or later I will have to make a choice.
        Thanks again Steve from the heart.


      2. Elio

        I’ve seen other old(er) men saying they are still in great shape and they can get whatever woman they want but the women here don’t have values so I fell in love with a web cam girl with good values (showing her body to strangers for money). Sure, I believe you. Feel better now? It’s as if those men (like you) care what other men think about them. Men they will almost surely never meet. Why? You are making desperation moves – fool’s moves. But do what you want. It’s your money and your life. I like to say, you can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.


      3. Being athletic doesn’t make one ‘s face or skin look younger. Still quite a bit of hair is turning grey or white I ‘m sure. On both head and body hair. I’ve seen athletic 60 year olds but you can see their skin doesn’t have the elasticity of youth.


  9. Steve,
    always thanks for your advice,
    I understand and I also give you probable reason that he sees the situation with falling in love, and this covers all other reflections.
    She knows how to do it even when young.
    In your opinion, it is probable that the agency has undergone training
    to her ?
    You say that owning yourself is too expensive for equipment and so on. and there are so many taxes to pay.
    I recommended it to her.
    Now I would like to ask you for advice for your experience, and that of your wife, how can I free myself from this story, or rather, in your opinion what would be the best way not to hurt her?
    You know in the end she did her job, I can’t blame her for it, I’m probably the one who got too caught up.
    I am sure that she will suffer but if the alternatives are what you say I have to reflect and sooner or later give up.
    Thank you in advance for your feed back,
    Thanks again Steeve


    1. Elio
      I don’t think she will suffer except she will be sad that she lost a paying customer. But if you want to give it a try, tell her you are through with the web cam sessions. Give her your email address and tell her you would like her to write to you. If she maintains a relationship without you sending her money, maybe she really cares. But if you don’t want to travel to Colombia, better just to tell her goodbye.


      1. Thanks Steeve for your advice,
        I will try an attempt you can do and I will wait for the outcome.
        For the moment I don’t feel like going to Colombia for various reasons including the covid, but above all because I have few absolute certainties.
        If these certainties are confirmed or even expanded then I will start a possible travel planning.
        Thanks again for your advice Steeve, sometimes we deny ourselves some truths because they are convenient to our emotional stage of the moment.
        But your reflections and advice serve propio to better understand the situation.
        I’ll call if anything else happens.
        Greetings from Italy to all of you.


    2. Steve has a 20 year difference in age with his wife. You have a 40 year difference with the camgirl..40 years is much different than 20 years. Sure, you’re athletic.. Also he married her when she was 35, that’s a more mature age than a 20 year old.


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