The Mick Gets Knocked Out

UPDATE: The Mick’s memoir is published. See

The Mick’s been drinking. He went real hard the last half of March.

Friday March 25 he showed up at my place. He’d just head-butted a guy in Plaza Lourdes. The guy tried to steal his cell phone the week prior. The Mick saw him in Lourdes, approached him with all smiles, then left his face a bloody mess and cycled over to my place. He was drunk and flush with ass-whoopin’ glory.

Just after he arrived my American buddy Rico showed up.

The Mick was getting obnoxious and belligerent. He made a big mess out of a bowl of eggs I’d offered him. I told him if he didn’t clean it up he’d have to go. He cleaned it up and I went in the kitchen to wash the bowl.

When I got back The Mick was on the floor in a fetal position. Then Rico gave him one of those MMA kicks to his lower back. The Mick hollered in pain. I was shocked, and told Rico to chill out. The Mick’s an old man.

What happened? Rico told me The Mick head-butted him. Blood ran from Rico’s nose. I picked The Mick up and led him toward the door. He had to go. His eye was a bloody mess. Blood covered the puffed up black eye.

Rico grew up in a tough part of New Orleans. A high school gang banger, he’s been scrapping all his life. He’s been stabbed. Now he stays out of trouble, but he trains in kung fu and other martial arts. He’s not a guy to fuck with. You definitely don’t head-butt him if you’re an old man.

There was a lot of blood on my floor. Mostly The Mick’s, but some of Rico’s.

The Mick called me the next day. He asked if he’d been in a fight. I told him what happened. He laughed it off. I went over to his house the following Sunday. His eye was still fucked up, and he was still drinking. He asked for Rico’s number so he could call and apologize. But he kept drinking.

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  1. just last week a friend of mine and i ended up kickin seven shades of shit out of each other at a bbq at a friends house and the next day neither of us could remember what we were fighting about…. its just the Irish way sometimes we snap and start swinging punches…. so Rico shouldnt take any offence of The Micks actions


  2. uhuh… But if I was that guy I would be very damn careful around The Mick. Being a killer isn’t really about big, fast, and a bad ass. It’s about will, determination, patience, and cunniing.


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