Introducing The Mick

UPDATE: The Mick’s memoir is published. See

One day I was walking through Plaza Lourdes when an old man called to me in English. He asked about my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. I assumed he was a panhandler and tried to brush him off, but he managed to slow me down and introduce himself. The Mick, from Dublin, Ireland, has lived in Bogota for over 20 years and hadn’t met a gringo in a while. He invited me to coffee. We sat down in a cafe and he told me his story.

The Mick came to Colombia in the 80s to bring cocaine back to Ireland. He was caught his first attempt and spent four years in Colombian prison. He said Colombian prison was great. He said you just pay the guards whenever there’s a problem. He said Irish prison was harder.

The same day he went into La Modelo, a major Nicaraguan drug dealer walked out / escaped. This Nicaraguan’s cohorts showed up with pockets filled with US dollars. They paid off enough guards to open six gates for the narco to pass through. The Mick emphasized that six gates had to be opened. This CIA article may include that escape, scroll down to Juan Ramon Rivas.

The Mick learned Spanish in prison. After getting out he stayed in Colombia. It was the 90s. Drugs were cheap and it was a great time for a degenerate. He smiled and said, “There was no control.”

The Mick wants to write a book. I told him about this blog. We agreed to write his story together (meaning I’d write it).

The Mick emphasized that he led a life of crime, lying, cheating, and stealing. But all that stopped when he started using yajé. He must’ve mentioned yajé at least 6 times in explaining how he realized what he doing wasn’t right.

See all The Mick’s stories.

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  1. Sometimes, I think that Colombia needs to require visa to visitors. Nobody knows their real intentions to come the country. People like is not good for our problems. He should be deported!!


  2. The ‘Mick’ as you call him sounds like an interesting man to speak to :). Mad bastard. I’d say he has some stories alright.


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