Public Urination in Peru

Public urination in Peru is common. I saw two incidents this week, both worthy of mention.

One night I was riding the combi home. The driver (a male) said to the cobradora (a female) that the little girl sitting up front (about six years old) had to pee. It’s common for the children of combi workers to ride the bus with them all night after school; not everybody can afford child care. The driver and cobradora may have been married, or maybe just one of them was the little girl’s parent. Anyway, the cobradora took the little girl off the bus at the next stop. She didn’t take the girl’s pants down or anything. The little girl just stood there on the sidewalk while the attendant waited for her. After a few moments, the attendant picked the little girl up, got back on the bus and put her in the front seat. Maybe she got shy. I hope that’s what happened.

Another day I was walking past a bridge that goes over Avenida Ejercito. Under the staircase leading up to the bridge, I saw a bare ass squatting. Then a stream / explosion of urine came out the other side. I was overcome with shock as the figure stood up and turned around. I was an old Indian woman urinating under the bridge staircase for all to see.

I told this story to an arequipeño friend. He told me about some French friends of his who visited Puno. When they were on the bus they saw a chola woman do the same, but she was going #1 and #2.

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  1. Hey, I was wondering what happened to this blog! I subscribed in G Reader and when you changed the design I guess the RSS feed changed. Cheers. Glad you’re still out there.


  2. I found your site through Expat-Blog. I am an American Expat living in the Philippines.
    I enjoy reading blogs by other expats and reading about their lives.
    Here in the Philippines, public urination is everywhere, but mainly by men. Even in cities where it is illegal, it still happens, including the police who are supposed to inforce the laws.
    I have joked that “I believe equal rights for women in the Philippines, they should be able to pee on the side of the road with men.”
    I try to write about the life of an expat living in the Philippines. I hope you will visit and enjoy.


  3. At one time I was working up a list of things I don’t enjoy about being in Perú. Whilst I don’t care if people piss in the woods or even random locations in the street, in Piura the 5 bridges seemed to draw them in en mass and the smell was awful.

    Although there are plenty of notices preventing these acts there are few if any penalties or restrictions, a pity in an otherwise mostly law abiding population.


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